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Make that a triple

Hahaha get with a label and create a large following then ask different companies.
Come on dude HL2 all the way!
Wow I can't believe no one brought this up yet....
Isn't the Vox Valvestate?
If they both are or you're not interested in tone then I'd recommend the Cube.
AMERICA!! Fack Yeah
To wake up if I've been up really late on a school night or something then I'll plug my Ipod into my 5.1 speakers and set the alarm for when i wanna get up.
Usually about 5 or 6 hours later I get blasted by drop B guitars and Corey Taylor scareaming
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I haven't laughed yet. I smiled a bit at the Rock one, but I've already seen it so it lost it's greatness..


Not the best, you might laugh if you've never seen them though

Hehehe bitchfish....
ANOTHER one of my favourite names to call people! I actually made it up on the spot about two and a half years ago

I'd say any of the following:

Line 6 POD 2.0
Line 6 Floor Pod - If youre gonna be using it at school or at a friends place or gigs a couple of times a month
Vox Tonelab - fairly expensive, maybe twice the price even, but tons of features AND a valve preamp!

I only have my AVT-100X and a MT-2 and their doing it for me, but for christmas I'm getting a Line 6 Guitar Port XT heLLO riffworks!!
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Still waiting for somebody to turn that into a "You're doing it wrong" pic.
Yeah just take it to the shop, thats what I did, they won't charge you for screwing and unscrewing two bolts and they'll probably even show you how to put them on the strap.

I personally use these strap-locks and highly recommend them! They can hold up 300lbs, apparently!
Well this isn't my band, it's my friends' band and they're doing really well!! Check them out if you live in Sydney, Australia:
(The Lead guitarist, Max, is particularly shredworthy )

Seymour Butts Wasn't that one obvious?
Oh and theres a girl in my year called Eliza Cox. It's really funny when we have a sub and they do roll call and their like "Uh how do you say your last name?" and people make all kinds of jokes
Its been done....
But what the hay!

Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation - Trivium
PC gaming FTW, better graphics and best control over your movements.



I hate that program SO much, im always giving my music teacher **** about us having to using that program.
Its a cheap unco-ordinated version of powertab.
oh come ON you guys,

Nemisis - Arch Enemy
(+1 to all those angel of death posts though )
oh come ON you guys,

Nemisis - Arch Enemy
(+1 to all those angel of death posts though )
BYOB (dont know any other songs )

Children Of Bodom
If your left hand is warmed up and youve been playing guitar for 20 minutes or something and decide to go and do something else such as type, then the movements your hand needs to make changs and your hand isnt used to what you were doing before.

I really suck at explaining things.
Its like when im playing GH and i finish a song on hard and I grab the remote and turn the TV up my hand needs to get used to those movements again
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only for Americans.

For us aussies:
Its really oudated though....
I have the X-530s from Logitech, got them for $100AUD, but I want the G51s now....
Their on my top 5 best $___ I ever spent list which also includes my BOSS MT-2 , GH2 and my $13 headphones
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WTF? DOn't post your **** porn on my thread. >=[

umm do I WANT to know what i missed?.....
worst i ever had was my amp bleeping a bit from my phone being to close
OMG why didnt I think of this?? Haha this is my sort of thread

Model: Medion MD8188 Media PC
Operating System: Windows XP - Media Centre Edition
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86 Ghz
Memory(RAM): 1GB DDR2 (2x 512mb 533mhz?)
Hard Drive: 320GB
Video Card: Nvidia 7650GS (Factory overclock, HDMI, S-Video, Scart & Composite connections)
Other: 22" Samsung Syncmaster 225BW monitor (DVI connected) & Logitech X-530

My friend bought his new upgrades the other week, Q6600, 2gb DDR2 667mhz RAM and an 8600GTS He should have got an 8800GT or HD 2600XT
[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']..and it also paved the way for the upcoming sequel, which is bound to suck.
Nah uh! They had to hold back on the violence and gore in AvP and even then it got an MA15 rating.
This time round with AvP2:Requirem their not holding back!

Look it up on youtube, this guys face get melted off by Alien blood/acid while hes still alive!!

90's n1gger rap???? GTFO!
Get a new disc drive, uninstall the old ones drivers take the drive out and buy a fast dvd burner for $50.
None of your n1gger rap, white boy!
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Matt Belammy or Alexi Laiho

+1, Seeing as Matt Belamy has been labeled the next in line to hendrix, van halen, jimmy page etc by Total Guitar and Alexi Laiho voted Worlds best guitarist by Metal Hammer
(8) To the left, to the left! (8)

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Definitely going to do some kind of pasta then.

Probably fettuccine with a variety of sauces. Bolognese being one, carbonara maybe? any other favourites?

Garlic bread as a side is also a fantastic idea.

I also do I mean lemon-meringue pie....going too far?

In case Aussies haven't caught on, this is for our schoolies trip.

Oh yeah i forgot about schoolies, glad i live in sydney! haha
Dont forget your Bindeez!
Well im off for the night, EXAMS tomorrow
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I found it amusing when I was traveling this summer, when people in the eastern part of the world said "take-away" as opposed to "to-go," which is what is said in America.

Well mate....
Its annoying when Americans come over and theres like a group of them and their all like *in heavy stereotypical american accent* "Hey theres and AUSSIE kid, lets give him a PIE!"

I might be going to America next year though so it should be interesting....
Haha i must admit i saw the title of this thread and thought "this is gonna be naughty "
Im glad its not though, theres been some really nasty ones lately....
Yeh come on man you cant go wrong with take-away!
Haha well ask about maths homework or something like that then!
Whereabouts in sydney are you?
Im pretty sure youll have to have a computer in between the garage computer and router.
Alternately you could use a longer Ethernet cable between your modem and router, I have a 15m one that i use for such things or when i want to download a large file faster with the cable rather than wireless.
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i cum blood

beat me to it!!
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Yes, the guitar is scratched really bad, and I'm a REAL lefty, screw Hendrix and Iommi with their crazy real life Photoshop skillz.

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is it just me or is that axe really scratched/dirty?

No i thinks a quilted top or something to that effect.

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so this guy is playing a an upside down left hander with reverse logo and the picture edited?
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What chance does a half Mexican, right handed guitar player, that wears his guitar at about his belly button have?

hahaha "THATS PUNK"

the other day in music we were doing some cmoposition and a friend of mine who plays bass is into into mainly punk and hardcore was playing all these dead notes on a classical guitar and my best mate goes "now THATS punk!" and we just broke up laughing, being the badass metalheads that we are
First off, get laid by every hot model and pornstar i could think of.

Second, throw a massive worldwide concert and play every part at once (duplicate myself) and play lik 200 songs (6 or 7 hours?) and give everyone from the pit their choice of a really nice fender, gibson, esp, dean or schecter and some PHat pedal board and spider valve stack or mesa triple rectifier stack.

Ill finish the rest later...

A Line 6 Spider Valve 60w combo! The best of Spider 3 amp-modelling + a Bogner tube amp!

hahaha k but in girls?
umm, light brown hair & sky blue eyes
Im reali depressed and slightly high from the fumes from our floors that just got polished on friday and that video made me feel even worse.

I think Ill go kill myself.

Nice knowing you guys.....kinda.

EDIT:Jokes jokes, im not really *raises flame shield*
Wow it always interesting finding the very very first versions of your favourite shows.
Here's the more modern version of that video:

And something I found at school last year on limewire:
(It was in english when i first watched but its been over-dubbed for different languages)