nah some sort of handshake or call?
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I'm pretty sure any child raised near the Pit would be the most disturbed individual ever.

i always thought i was disturbed, now i know why.....
lol im 15 and joined about 2 years ago haha

my friends myspace account id, i was looking for someone in his friends i met on halloween
Camo Hummer FTW!!
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Oh my God. You are an absolute delinquent. It doesn't happen all the time and the events you just described (apart from the riots) are most likely falsified.

Check your stuff before you go giving this fine country a bad name

Actually that incident hes refering to with the 50 or 60 lebs did actually happen, it was on the news for a couple of weeks and a current affair interviewing the victim.
He was in really bad shape

But the kinda people that rolled your friend are refered to as lads (or chavs to you poms )

Try and find out what gangs exist in your area and how big they are and let the cops know whats happened.
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yer lol maybe, how old are you?

im goin with my cousin
its gna be ****in awesome

Im 15 (big for my age though so i can hold my own in the pits)
Im going with 3 friends from school.
I sent you a message, see you then
Sydney Thursday night!


lol at TS, a girl at black crusade?

Doolz you wanna meet up sumwhere? ill pm you
Line 6 look like a very good brand nowadays with their Variaxes, Spider Amps and Pods. I'd really like to get my hands on a Toneport, a Pod and a Spider Valve Head

The Spider valve series comes out early next year here and they look absolutely amazing!!
Its literally a spider III + a Bogner tube amp in one, the Spider Valve head is really cheap too, $1700AUD.

Also the Pocket Pod, Pod X3, Pod X3 LIVE and Bass Pod X3 LIVE Floorboard come out at the same time.

Digital Effects, way of the future....
Jackson RR24 Rhoads
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Spider Valve Head
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EMG 81, 60, Single coils x2
5 Guitar holder

Stingray 5 Bass
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Line 6 Lowdown 300
im pretty sure the Jackson JS30 series all have the same bridge, i for one have the JS30RR (randy rhoads, think alexi laiho) and its a marvelous guitar, i tried the kelly in turramurra music yesterday and its a horrible shape, get the King V or Warrior or even a JS30 Dinky.
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My brother has that right now.

what an insightful comment......
omg you redneck hillbillys! you people and your guns, "their for self-protection" you'll end up shooting each other.....
one time, i was hungry.......

so i walked round the corner and i saw sum guy just sprint out of the servo and into a car and take off, so i went in and apparently theyd just bin roobed, no one hurt or anything but yeh
Alexi Laiho!

You DO have long hair right? Dye it blonde.
sorry to hear that guys.
all i know is its not even bushfire season yet and we've already had about 3 or 4 blazes in NSW
i rememba about 3 yrs ago the SES were at door in the middle of the night telling us to get ready to leave.

Marshall AVT 100X if that counts? If you want high gain go for the BOSS MT-2, best $150 i ever spent!
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LMAO. When it falls. I lold

are you KIDDING????

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Best thread ever.

Infinite lulz.

By far!!
I checked out every single pic in here, but i have yet to get photoshop
Oh well....helLO limewire!!
Youre joking right.....
Those things are from like the early 90s!!
now i dont know what computer dealers you guys in canada but the new nvidia 8 series cards are out and you get an a basic 7 series card for $80 or so AUD as well as ATIs new cards came out recently and their absolutely amazing value for money.

if she has AGP:

if she has PCIe:

Both are Australian Prices.
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I remember when I was a kid I thought telling someone they had a big penis was an insult.

It seemed that saying they had a big anything-else was insulting.

hahahahaha!! yes! exactly! my sisters do that to me and im just like but theyr 10 and 11 so they dont get it lol
Grow some balls and listen to real music?
All the stars wars movies and books put together
But i seriously havnt read them, i went to primary school with this guy, i went over to his house one time and he had like 2 dozen star wars novels that are parallel to the main storyline and im like "WTF" and he said "yeah ive NEARLY got all of them"

It's not a new discovery, it's a fucking dead dog.

So if I found a dead fat guy in a red suit, should real scientists be summoned on the off chance that it might be Santa Claus?

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my grandpa said he saw a chupacarbra in puerto rico once so idk

Apparently their Mexican lizards.
Red vs Blue anyone?
"Feark of the dark! Fear of the daaaaaaaaark! I have a constant fear that someone is watching me!"
Iron Maiden in Febuary! Going to the 2nd show, pm if youre going too.
Haha as this is the pit, its understandable youve gotten no sympathy so far.
Go with zzsounds next time maybe?
Heck I live in Australia but zzsounds gives me a better vibe. Musicians"friend" just has the big well known name.
But yeh, you have consumer rights, use them.
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how long do you think it would take me to reach my goal with this plan?

maybe three weeks? i go to the gym for sport every week for two hours, everyone has to do cardio for at least 30 minutes before moving on to weights and im feeling pretty good
six six six PACK!
hehe fatty!

1.anything really, fruit, sandwichs, biscuits, anything with carbs or of nutritional value.

2.pack your own lunch, that way you can eat what you want/need and however much you like.
see, this is why im getting one with eSata or firewire
i feel your pain though man, contact the company's technical support maybe?
Trashed, Lost And Strungout
Children Of Bodom
Need I say more??
Bar Rafael or GTFO!!
well i actuali have MUSIC playing when im in the shower!! yeeeh GTFO noobs!

i plug my ipod into a 3.5 jack to 6.5 socket adapter and then onto a patchwork cable and into my crappy old 15 esp amp that i use as a speaker for just about anything.

put me down for css, i have 1.6 and cz as well though (hehe valve complete package!)

xfire and steam names: dunda130

put me down for admin as well, i help organize skirms in my clan

can we make it a gungame server?
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disk defragment and cleanup. delete cookies and temp. internet files etc... thatll get it faster if theres no virus

ALWAYS works for me, sometimes it in my registry and i find them with the spyware doctor trail virus scan and manually delete them. to open the registry type regedit into run.
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Wrong answer.

Whenever anyone asks a stupid question, the correct response is to mercilessly rip the piss out of them, until they realise that it's not a good idea to ask stupid questions.

haha boy did i learn that the hard way...
haha i made it into the majority age group by 1 & a half months!
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humanity > war criminals > hitler > courtney love > lars ulrich

thats how it is

Ouch dude, you just made yourself a lot of enemies, namely nazis...........and metallica fans
takes all kinds in this world....
even crazy psycho-bitches like her
i reali hate it when i get on the wrong side of a girl, having done nothing wrong and they began accusing you of this and that