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Trust an AUSTRALIAN to post **** like this

STFU kiwi boy! go do the haka or something =P
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8 seconds?!

christ, i was thinking i might get tickets later...


holy ****! i better mine asap then!
whats the difference between gold and silver? is gold up front and silver at the back? meh ill just jump the barrier
FPS Banana
i was into the spice girl when i was 6
but my first one with an actual band was green day in december of 2005
tears dont fall - bullet for my valentine, awsum song!!
sixpounder - children of bodom love that riff
rose of sharyn - killswitch engage

take your pick
rubgy=glorified wrestling
I for one like hickeys
theyr tasty and feel good

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i knew this girl...she seemed to be turned on by biting and scratching people.

She bit me in the arm numerous times....and she bites her girlfriends.

i have to admit, its somewhat arousing...and yeah she is a bit of a scene girl.

im guessing you wouldnt want head from HER then

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Your Mother

beat me to it!!
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Ask her to join.

i do! i do!
pick me! im australian too
The Blister Exists - Slipknot - Drop B, i personally love just chugging openly
Rain - Trivium - Drop D, develop your speed wrist!!
Walk & Im Broken - Pantera
Redneck, Laid To Rest & Black Label - Lamb Of God
**** GnR, revolver FTW.
axl rose, get a decent haircut and a dayjob.
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At least 75% of people who read this will try to lick their elbow

I didnt!
you have to go to my computer then right click the cd drive that the disc is in and click open then go into files and look for the videos.
get the plan with optus as follows:
you get 7GB on-peak (12pm-12am)
and another 14GB off-peak (12am-12pm, but you lose the off peak if you use up the 7GB on-peak)
all that for $50 p/m =]

works for me, i watch my fair share of youtube vids AND im a gamer so i download mods, updates, etc. and i sometimes go over the limit (like now lolz ) but even at the 64K speed its still usable.
Im trading mine to my best friend now that i have 3 guitars and he has 3 basses, he got a Musicman Stingray 5 2006 limited edition model last month for $3000 (its $4000 retail he tells me) and i got a Jackson js30rr the other day for $550 after the 2nd hand one in the shop was sold for $450


since i went 2 practice my skills at bass and he wants 2 do fiddle round on guitar we'r swapping my crappy ESP ltd m-10 for his Samick somearather.
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No, no he didn't.

The guy you were all ripping it into was saying that people who are like "rock on! I can play the intro to Sweet Child of Mine!" are the wankers who will never get laid.

I thought it was quite obvious

god, youre are stupid people! grow a brain or GTFO
in my part of sydney theres HB, hornsby boys they have at least 100 members and are all aged 17-23 i think.
chavs if youre anywhere in the UK
here in australia we call them lads

their such drop kicks, you can always pick a lad a mile away if theyve got that stupid no-sideburns-strip-of-hair-in-the-middle-with-a-mullet haircut or if they use the word **** a lot and/or while threatening you.
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I want to do it now, to see if I could argue the case well.

dude im still waiting for that thread
About 140 when i got that official test last yr
"What doesnt kill you only makes you really pissed off"
Punch Me I Bleed - Children Of Bodom
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im really annoyed by this chick right now
any guys have thing to add about this. vent, comment, share stories

mate, if you wanna start a thread you need to tell elaborate more.

as for me, i have a stalker
and its really starting to get to me, shes a girl btw =p
now that ive found my phone:

"Funky stuff man. Shape are last again. MOSH PIT"
from my friend floyd (real name richard lol) he was at a local rock band comp.

and before that

"hey baby get a buttplug!! xoxo"
from my stalker sum girl
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im tellin you girls love it when you just grab her bootie and pinch...go try it...

idk bout THAT but about 4 girls iv had a thing with have all told me it feels better on the boobs
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"hehe made u look to read this"
From my mom...

i luld SO hard at that!
i wish my mum sent me txts like that
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"You look like someone who listens to [insert band name]."

They'll either say yes or no, and either way a conversation should ensue.

wow thats honestly the best pickup line i have ever heard!
im gonna use that, thanks man
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I have one word for you though, Speedo.

or you could bare it all!
jks jks

2 of my friends do it and it seems to be great! makes you stronger, fitter and its great for your skin and the chlorine lightens your hair if you spend enough time in the pool
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Story might be pretty fun, the Beta was decent. I'm looking forward to CoD4, Assassin's Creed, or Mass Effect.

Assassins Creed is gona be soooooooooooo awesome!!

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That sucks! Really?? Dude you need to order like a variety pack on ebay or somethin and skip school and devour them

im gonna add that to my "before i die" list

we only have the normal ones and the normals ones with cocoa(?) filling instead of plaing white.
dude, search "tourettes guy" FUNNY AS!!!!
ah the tourettes guy.......may he rest in peace

oh and get that 38 minute children of bodom concert, search "children of bodom tuska 2003".

hope this helps, i use the html cheatsheet for myspace and this caught my eye.

Children of Bodom, Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine.
ROFL id hate to be one of her parents during an argument...
1 457ft
13 and 3 months!

i work at a post office.
its not a real paycheck job but i get paid cash in hand, its really good, im still at it!
Vermillion - Slipknot