yeh get a daisy chain for the power and a pack of half a dozen jumpers.
american idiot - green day

thats when i changed, got into music then guitar and eventually became cool =]
that was around yr 6-8
HOLY ****
I saw this thread and thought of our amp at school and was about to ask about it!

We have a peavey envoy 110 at school with the exact same problem.
Its my favourite out of all the amps there (a stereo jazz chorus that doesnt even have really say its a roland and an ashton ) because its a hybrid
When you use the dirty channel and press the thrash button gives out this really high-pitched sound that doesnt stop when youre playing or anything.
i tear a tendon on the bottom of my foot this morning and couldnt go to school
so i got to stay home and play css all day!!
i havnt heard the song in ages, but im pretty sure the bass plays 12 bar walking blues.
haha yeh ALMOST
im reali reali sneaky though
but once i didnt hear mum get home and she walkd into the kitchen area and i was sitting there naked and i managed to throw my towel over me, she came in and saw me from the belly up and just started laughing and said "ill give you some time to organise you're self..." and started up packing the shopping.

but i managed to convince her id just got out of the shower and was checking out sum gear.
woh sweet!
anyone want to help me with MY maths homework tonight?
watch the slipknot one:
warmness on the soul - avenged sevenfold, brings a tear to my eye everytime:cry
seize the day is also fairly emotional too but, warmness on the soul just has that feel from the instruments used.
vox valvetronix 30 and a treble booster?
omg FINALLY some aussies on UG!
was really starting 2 get sick of seeing all these "yanks"
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Wait. A man is saying he was used for sex? And is bothered?

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cause i'm retarded

Yeh if it fits in the case then it'll be fine.
You may need to upgrade your power supply for such a card.
if thats in american or australia dollars then it sounds TOO cheap....
mine were $30 australian for bout 45 minutes.
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Why do you want a girl, then, seeing as how you're so in love with yourself?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I don't know, do a barrel roll or something? Or, for actual advice, suck it up and talk to her. Have you had a girlfriend before? It's almost always awkward and difficult the first time. Relax; the worst that could happen is rejection, and honestly, in the scheme of things, that's nothing. Also, keep in mind that all the good personality traits in the world mean nothing if you don't just talk to her.

Im not sure how to actually show her what a good person I am.

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You sound like you're so full of yourself I want to puke...

Im actually quite modest, i just like to take advantage of being able to just say it straight out on the internet
If you puked reading this you'll develop some horrible mix of cancer and chicken pox when you meet my friend.

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being a guitarist is still a plus for girls?... maybe it's just my area where thats no longer true.. we have an abundance of ****ty guitarists... I blame my school for having a guitar program.

Haha yeh she was actually kinda impressed when i played to her over msn.

Hahaha well puns about my ego aside Some of you said things that were actually helpful (mcwoot in particular... )
i meet them ALL over the internet/through friends myspaces, all 20 something of them lol.

but theres one i really like, help me out here:
Yes another romantically tragedic UGer comes to the pit for advice at 2.45am.

Im no good at openings so ill just say it.

Theres a girl a like who goes to another school, its a private school which makes it even harder for me to talk to her, having left a private school for a creative arts state school. They kind of look down on us as scum.

I only really got into girls and started talking to them since i changed schools.
I know something should have had happened by now, but i just dont get it.

Im tall, dark & handsome, very intelligent and funny, easy to talk to, i have a job thats pays really well, i treat girls with the diginity and respect they deserve (which is far more than most people around here) and on top of all that im a GUITARIST, what more could a girl want????

I guess what im asking is how do i get her to like me? I talk to her all the time but i dont know how to say it doesnt feel right yet to say "do you wanna go out with me?" and if i ask "if she wants to go and see a movie" she'll think im not serious or i have no idea what im doing.

(Sorry droan on like that, bad habit)

EDIT:My account says i joined 2 years ago but i never used it up til about 2 months ago, so im kinda new to this and ill remember to post in the realationships thread next time.

Seeing as its now 3.35am i might leave that with you guys til later today
umm i think u mean teenager rather than kid
it sounds familiar...maybe im thinking of that show on fox kids that was pretty similiar to this one...

haha who remembers fox kids?? this used 2 have it on foxtel but scapped it for *shiver* nickelodeon
i seriously cannot remember dreaming since the day i went 40 hours without sleep about 2 months ago, is there something wrong with me?
iv only just realised this and im kinda scared now....
eternal rest - a7x
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Avril Lavigne is fit. I don't care.

Fergie on the other hand is ****ing ugly!

i heard fergie got plastic surgery before they became big
holy **** dude i feel exactly the same way, exactly what you described.
except i dont do pot, ur a dumbass!
yeh i just turned 15 yesterday and in the last couple of months iv sorta bin desensitized i gues.

yeh i heard ppl who smoke pot r 40% more likely 2 get sum form of psychosis or go crazy altogether.

anyway good luck
theres a lot of famous guitarists who are only well known because of their band, most of which are fairly overrated eg. slash, angus young, the edge, billie-joe armstrong, kurt cobain, its the catchy riffs and sounds that make people think theyr so good.

ive probably made a lot of enemies just now lol....
lol that shut everyone up
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well...a rooster still has a's just not that large, since a chicken is a relatively small type of bird.

hahaha a **** with a small penis? kind of an oxymoron
chicken hole ABAHAHAHAHAHA!!
omg its like that part in the movie the last kiss goodnight.
im reali sorry man
name it something after the sound or the way you feel about it
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Hey, dose anyone have the rest of this video? OR at least know where I can find it, online.

thats really not funny...

THIS on the other hand
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Gently rinse your hands in cool water. Then prepare a warm but gentle lather of icy hot and goats milk with a ratio 3:2. This will soften the harder song and you can then tackle it with little pain.

this guy knows what he's talkin about!!
my fav band at the moment is trivium, and i can kind of think in matt heafy wording, so yeh it does happen. same thing happened when i was into green day *shiver* bout 2 yrs ago.
I saw on youtube the other day whatshisname from arch enemy, the guy with the ESP signature model, said that EMGs tend to pick up a lot of little sounds, harmonics, strange hums etc. so he uses passive Duncans instead.

Not me though. I want an 81 set in my next guitar.

EDIT: It was Wayne Static talking about HIS signature, i watched them after each other.
mmmm rosewood is most commonly used, i cant remember the pro at the moment, but ebony is said to give more sustain.
Jim Dunlop Tortex 1.0mm's used them all my career.
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Use a purple pick.

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yeh i turn 15 in 2 weeks and i think i look pretty badass, my hairs not long but theres a lot and just looks really sweet
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Grow a beard, and if you can't do that then cut your hair for sure.

yeh what i mean is you need to look harder and MORE masculine.
HAHA teens FTW!!