my mim deluxe strat came with a case, trem arm, two manuals, and a few allen wrenches
whose aadam jones
anyone know anything about his new cd or another summer tour?
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Only one person can stop an apocalypse

sorrrrrry jesus
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I have a couple of times requested the worship band to play some hard rock or rock music in general.
They've ignored me and said that I was crazy.
Yes, Christian metal and punk are real genres but they aren't that popular.

I don't think a christian band would want to play hard rock or rock music while others are trying to pray. you might just have to suck it up and deal with it
quick question here. i just got a bariton ukelele and i just want to make sure i can use a capo without worrying about ruining the strings, theyre a lot weaker than guitar strings so i dont want to bend them, so will it be okay to use one on my uke
thanks in advance for the help
ilove those late 60s acoustic sets. what do you guys think of canterbury? its love
how would you keep the wiring from getting tangled up after spinning
i definately see where your coming from. should i send it seperate through my amps effect loop input
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if you get a good fuzz face type sound, you can nail most hendrix tones with a fender.
alot of people dont realize that jimi used fender amps extensively in the studio.
i get great band of gypsy tones from my silver face bassman. with out a boost of any sort. (of course i run it on 8 lol)

yeah not to mention the marshalls he played were made to replicate fenders. ill definately check it out, theres always the fuzz face pedal to go with it too
alright cool. how would it sound if i was messing around with the ban of gypsies machine gun type of sound?
haha thanks a lot guys. yeah i try out a lot of different orders but i know the rotovibe has to stay last so i was making sure any other ones didn't have to stay in a particular order. i can get some cool hendrix tones but i'm also looking for either a new amp or a new amp head so i can try out some other stuff. im thinking about a fender super reverb or if i can save enough, a vibroverb. any suggestions on that'll help too. I'm not really looking to copy hendrix, thats just the style of music i play.
okay right now, my rig goes in this order

(fender strat)
Dunlop Crybaby
Dunlop Octavio
Ibananes tubescreamer TS-9
Dunlop Rotovibe
(blue voodoo amp)

is this the right order, i just want to make sure i can't make it sound a little better
all help will be greatly appreciated
get a dunlop rotovibe. its supposed to copy the univibe but sounds a lot like a chorus. adustable speed and intensity via footpedal
is old black that 30 year old one that used to belong to some other famous guitarist
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well, what's that Metallica song that goes "na na na na, na na na, na na na na na"?

is that.. enter the sandman?
i love em all but i alwaays go back to mcdonalds or jack in the box.
i just thought of something
i dont think he has a signature guitar, but wouldn't that be cool if they made one. in my dreams i guess
im always happy. i have bad moods and all that but im never depressed or anything
thanks a lot guys. its 4am and im going to bed but ill check em out tomorrow
keep em comin tho
1984 is lifechanging. also catcher in the rye.
im about to read one flew over the cuckoos nest and im looking forward to it
it sucks. id say thats a decent argument
wrong forum too

i don't know much about the stacks, but those little combos are horrible, the clean channel the same quality as plugging into a kareoke machine
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I mean really... You can't just tell me?

i was gonna tell you but then i went to try and figure it out but i didnt even know
i cherish every single journey... its the closest ive ever gotten to a road trip, but jsut as exciting
^^ brinks on youtube!

moms got a date with a vampire
hang the remote from the ceiling by a string and hell jump for it and finally get it, but youll plan for that and the string will trigger a gun to go off which will hit him and kill him
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Good idea... I'll do it!

thanks a lot man

anyone got any good "dood were effed up lets go to jack n the box (or something)" stories. theres nothing better than hanging out the window in the jack n the box drive through waiting to puke and getting ready for your tacos, which are undoubtedly the worst possible thing to consume in said situation
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awesome show. has anyone recently watched these old channels? everything has gone WAY downhill, except for nickolodeon, it isn't as bad as the rest.

they have WAY less cartoons. the only thing nickelodeon has left is drake and josh, and i believe that got cancelled

little bear and franklin were my pre kindergarten BFFs
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Can I do a poll with like 50 options... ? Haha

good point
just pick out the more popular ones and have an option for other, well just combine the less popular ones into one option
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Nickelodeon was beast.

Remember the old All That?

may favorite all that was when the girl said pass a note and he thought she said pass a goat so he got a got out and passed it. lulz. but take that discussion to a nickelodeon thread

edit: whatevs, all 90's kids show discussions can take place here. except courage the cowardly dog
haha oh and gotta kick it up
si se puede! si se puede!
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What the hell is Chick-Fil-A?

Between this and sharting, I'm becoming very unsure of my vocabulary.

sharting is the act of expelling fecal matter when one only intends to flatuate

to TS: im pretty sure most places stop at 10:30, but thats the best time to arrive becasue then you get breakfast and lunch. my best mcdonalds experience was when i got hash browns and french fries in the same order
If you were born early 90s/late 80s, then theres a good chance you spent hours upon hours watching disney channel original movies, and not movies like alladin and the brave little toaster, im talking about movies like smart house, johnny tsunami, and brink
so pit, what was your favorite DCOM as a kid

mine was brink
fire away
angry beavers was epic
ohhh and does anybody remember kablam?
TS can we have a poll to find the pits favorite fastfood restraunt

ohhh, and after work tomorrow, im gonna swing by and get me some jack in the crack tacos. my mouth is already watering
i can't believe metal just died in the pit, and i was the one who got to kill it
gooooo blues
Rock 182
Blues 133
Metal 0 hurt 5

bye bye metal