50w laney valve amp and 100w Marshall. Metal. No budget.
I just bought an ltd ex-50sw , always loved the explorer shape. It looks good beside my 1991 Gibson Sg cherry red.

It plays well unplugged but when its plugged in it sounds very crunchy and has slot of treble. I've tried changing settings on the amp and on my effects , my compressor seems to sort it and give it an amazing tone.

But I now want to Change the bridge pickup to something with a lot more kick to it , I play metal on it. So would anyone be able to recommend me a good pickup?

I'm aware that its a basswood body before anyone starts.
Okay, thanks a lot guys
Hey , just made this account to ask a quick question.
I'm an average player, and can usually play just about anything that I like. I'm a firm believer in practice makes perfect.

But I'm stuck with the sweep picking section in the intro solo and was wondering if anyone can give me advice? I just don't have the speed.

I can play it just a little bit slower than the real thing. Just can't find then last burst of speed I need.