Hey I'm kinda new here, been snooping around the pit for awhile, just found this thread. Can anyone recommend a record player for me? I am a little lost on where and what to look for.
yeah mine does the same thing. so its just how it works?
We may have found a singer/bass player guy to jam with, except my douche friend gets all defensive around other people. Thanks guys!
Hopefully we can get some results!
His sister is hot, but not home for this...
what wrong with being born in 96?
And we only have the two of us now...
So two years ago, my first band thought we were bad*sses for being able to play half of Enter Sandman, so we desided to play at my friend's annual 4th of July family party. He was in the band, btw.
Anyways, as you could imaging it sucked majorly. 3 guitars and a drummer... pretty bad...

So after that, the guy who has the party switched to drums, so me and him left the "band". Anyways, we started to practice and got a few solid songs down over the winter. And when June comes up, he tells his family that we're gona play again... I'm thinkin, ****, why am I even doing this. This had put sooooo much stress on me over that month.

It went much, better because we actually knew maybe 6 or 7 songs, but still had no singer or bass player. People actually clapped

Afterwards, he told me that everyone loved it. Since then we kinda went on a hiatus from playing with eachother. I really missed playing music with him, and he asked me to do it again this year. I feel like its kinda pointless to play just guitar and drums to songs written by full bands, and that people would get rather bored.

He also told me that 4 or 5 more people are coming this year because of it...
Im sure its good experience, but I'm becoming skeptical of doing it.
Any ideas with songs we could play? Is this even a good idea?
my nickname was fatback...
and the 96 is just a number
My cat's name is Robert. Our service door in our garage slammed shut form the wind, causing his tail to be basically severed from his body, just hanging on by some skin. His tail was flopping around so fast, like faster than Walking Cerberus fast, andthen bood started to drip everywhere!
Hey Ill try this.
Ive been playing for almost 3 years, and never to actually seem to finish a song. I always learn a big chunk of a tune, but never the whole thing...
I definitly need to practce leads, and I love RHCP, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, everything rock.
Definitly an intermiediate playing level.
Im sure the Chili Peppers at Slane Caslte was crazy, and Foo Fighters at Wembley.
The craziest show I've been to was Primus, and it wasn't that crazy.
I love tingle...
Star Wars Battlefront 3 would make my year.
My friend said they should make a Skyrim movie, but I don't see how they could make that into a movie nicely.
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is $700 USD new, but cleans is all it's good for. Drive is crap though.
You can find them used for $400ish, then get a really nice OD/dirt pedal?
So I've decided to just get a pedal or two instead of a new amp, as I am saving for a new guitar, thus resulting in major GAS for a fuzz.

I've become rather infatuated with some Analogman pedals (Sunbender, Astro Tone, Peppermint) along with a few Earthquaker devices...
Anyways do any of you fine people have experience with Analogman? They seem rather pricey, but are they worth it?
Billy played with a Russian Big Muff, if I'm not mistaken...
Devi Ever makes awesome stuff!
I've never heard of someone actually having one
I swear our world is on a downward spiral into utter chaos.
My only pedal, EHX Small Clone, $80...
I need to build a rig...
My Epiphone LP cost me $400 and new SD p'ups with another $150ish. GC valued it at $300, then it fell and the head snapped off. After i put it back on with some wood glue, I'm sure it decreased tremendously. I bought some straplocks, so add $20.
Then i forgot to lock my case when i picked it up. I was running late, so I was rushing. Anyways, it flew across the room and it broke off again.
Ill probably never sell it.
Pretty sweet sounding!
Cool little amp!
I too was waiting to see something cigarette related...
I ate 1,200 calories a day and was doing P90 (not P90X, the first, easier version) and I dropped the weight like crazy. It was like 2 pounds a week. Went from 215 to 170 in like 3 months.
Sure it sucked majorly but by far the best decision I've made in my life.
I stsrted out on 9's, then I moved up to 10's, and now Im at 11's.
9's feel like cooked spaghetti now, too thin and flimsy. Bends are way easier with 9's, ala Jimmy Page on LZI.
Something Marshall esque would be good. If you can stretch your budget a little bit a used MI Audio Crunch box would be a good buy...
Quote by matt bickerton
Wow, not really looked into them before but they sound exactly like the kind of thing I'm after. Will a pedalboard sound good through something like that though?

It sure wont sound as good through the Laney, but it'll get the job done.
Ever since my Epi LP fell and busted the head right off
Nothing some wood glue and clamps wont fix...
I got some Ernie Ball ones from a friend but they are super bulky, but work like a champ.
Wow, That thing is just fabulous!
Congrats Man!!!!
I love my cleans with this thing, but I stil can't stomach down the drive channels...
Maybe I need to try it with some single coils though...
Anyways, HNAD!!!
The Rothwell Heartbreaker looks like a pretty sweet pedal. Im not sure where you live and prices but its about $240 in the US. There's not a lotta info on it but I always hear great things about Rothwell.
So you want the amp to stay clean when it's loud? Or you just don't like the sound of a cranked tube amp?