My band i called AKCIONI HEROJ (Action Hero eng.)
used you can find guitar and an amp,but new i don't think so.
try to buy guitar,and when you save some more cash by an can find better deals in second hand stuff,but if you don't have any experiance or someone to help you when you are buying,go for the new
vintage v100
squier afinity series
yamaha pacifica
those are solid for that amount
does anyone know something about this amps?i found some website,but nothing usfull
hi,everybody! i need info on how to make power supply for pedalboard.what can I use and what should i use (something just for start,and upgrade it later).i want to build it myself.i have old power supply from my there a way to use it for this project
I want to buy guitar made by SOUNDSTATION company.i can't find anything online about it (that's not payd commercial).so if anyone knows something please help.
and there is major discount on ENCORE E6 guitar.i found something here about it that bad?
i want to have a guigar that is playable and if i want to record something i want it not to sound like it's playing from a transistor
I have only one band to recomend to you DISCIPLIN A KITCHME.
notice:If you don't speak Serbian look for the albums on English
good names:
pearl jam, nirvana, burning spear, partybrakrs, desturbed, metallica, whitesnake
bad names:
him, slipknot, limp bizkit
the worst:
cannibal corpse
Use the force