oh an apparently the artist is Tsuneo Imahori not sure if that's just the composer or what tho
I'm a guitar newbie so I really can't figure this out and I know no one with any real talent, so I'm asking this community for some help: I'm trying to find tabs for a song off of the TRIGUN OST(its subtitle is the first donuts) so the exact title of the album is TRIGUN: THE FIRST DONUTS. Specifically I'm looking for tabs to track 4 called Knives its a theme played in the show often during action scenes that I recently was reintroduced to thanks to Mr. television. It seems simple and I think it would be excellent for me to practice with. If anyone can help that would be awesome. I use Guitar Pro 6, so if you use it as well and are more comfortable writing tabs in it all the better! Please and Thank you,

Stuart W.
Thanks for the tips, but just to clarify to change the action on my guitar its just two screws that will lower or raise it (not sure what you meant when you said they'd have to sand it to fix it. But I didn't think it would pick up the buzz either since its all the way at the top, but i'm no expert. So I'll assume your right for now and this minor buzz isn't all that important, its not like I'm playing professionally and I can't afford to throw another 300 dollars into this hobby right now. Thanks for the advice, it good to hear I'm taking some small things to seriously from a third party every once in a while.
**Warning this is back story and guitar info if you want to skip to the question just go after this to the line break.**
I have a couple questions. I know low-action and it is what i prefer. I own an Ibanez RG5EX1 Black, and so you don't have to look it up it has 24 frets a Floyd Rose floating tremolo system with two humbuckers and a single coil for its pickups. I'm pretty new, and I know that these are features all well above my skill level, but I've been playing for about half a year, I took a guitar class at college level, and I wanted a guitar that I felt a connection with that I wouldn't have to replace as soon as I got sick of being a beginner and wanted a better a guitar. Anyway I had an ordeal with the spring tension, and after I failed to fix it and my guitar teacher turned out to be to stubborn to admit he know nothing of a floating bridge I had to pay to have it set-up again. But after the setup the 6th string (or thickest) was just barley to low (I told them to put it as low as possible without creating a sound issue) just the first 5 or 6 frets buzz on it and I'm not even sure that the amps are picking up the buzz... (Rocksmith doesn't seem to even recognize it an almost always picks up the notes fine, but I do have a line 6 practice amp spider IV).

I know what what I have do to change the action, but my questions are:
If I only raise the top portion of the action is that bad that the top and bottom won't be level?
Will this alter the tuning? (it has locking nuts so tuning isn't an every day thing for me)
Is there any thing I should know about changing the action? (even if you consider it trivial and that I already know it, just say it anyway. I'm new and teaching myself.