Is there a way to increase the forward bow of the neck of my guitar? It doesn't bow like it should.
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Yes, I'm sure about it. Headless guitars balance significantly better than headstock designs. In order to facilitate upper fret access, the guitar doesn't have horns.

The cut out behind the bridge (between the two strap button) is necessary for the tremolo system. It can be done much less noticeably, but a deeper cut out allows the tremolo system more upward travel.

I guess you guys must have ball sack on the brain.

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The pickups are laughing at you.

That was my first impression.

Anyway, updated the first post with a little more info.
So I tore open my guitar (sort of a homemade guitar I got off of the internet), and my pickups have a short Korean word on them. Pretty sure it says "Ha".

The Seller said they were Diesel Woodshred humbuckers.

Anyone have an idea on the quality of these pickups?
You need something specific you can focus and improve on. Work towards a goal.
Need some ukulele songs to learn.
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Completely agree, you have no idea how much I hate walking into a guitar shop to see some 12 year old try out a £2000 les paul and attempt to play GnR so badly it makes my ears bleed. Don't make experienced guitarists hate you...

Feel comes with playing over time naturally. Feel isn't something you can learn because we all develop our feel on the guitar. Fluency on the other hand can be improved by simply practicing but feel is individual to you, you can't learn it.

Completely disagree. These guys sound like complete pricks.
Smoke detector.
I'm laying on my side.
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quoted for truth. It can be a big pain. What makes it worse is right handed players saying "oh, just learn right handed" when the thought of themselves having to learn to play opposite handed never even enters their mind. Seriously, stfu.

-left handed players.

Flip the strings.
You just gotta know where to look.
I've played for approximately a year and a half. Just sort of messed around a lot and never got into learning full songs until now.

My girlfriend plays the drums, and we're gonna try starting a two piece (for now, anyway) band, and we need a bunch of songs to practice. We'd like to put on a sort of local concert within a year or so.

I'd like to learn some rock and roll/blues rock. Any era is fine. She really wants to learn to play jazz.

I've learned Fortunate Son by CCR, and Come As You Are by Nirvana so far.
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Next practice, I'm going to go over every member's aspirations when it comes to being in a band.

This is the kinda thing you gotta do over a beer.
Start real basic. You should pick it up quickly enough.

Lower your expectations. You're learning something new, after all.
This is for the minor pentatonic scale.

Try in learn it in one key all the way up the neck. Practice running through the scale within one box (position) until you've memorized it, then move to the next one. Where it says "1, 2, 3, 4, and 5" above and below the neck in the picture, those are the positions. Eventually, you'll learn how they all fit together. When you've become comfortable, move onto the next key.

A and E are probably the best keys to start with as far as I know.
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I find my pinky finger really curves in towards my ring finger when I bend my fingers over the frets as kind of a natural feature. Is there any way to train or stretch it so it straightens out?

...Pinky exercises I guess?
I dig it.
You've got a good sound in my opinion.