Typical 04ers, ruining it for everyone. But for serial, good to be back and to see some names I recognise. What's changed? What's new?
10 years ago on this very day, the 8th of October 2005 I joined this website. On that day I created this username. I haven't used these forums in years, and it used to be my crack. Well I'm back for a little taste to celebrate my username birthday. Here's to 10 years of being blackenedktulu, and a throwback to the days of old.

Also Ireland beat Germany so there's that to celebrate too.

The last picture of me is of my broken €2 coin.
Fermented Daffodil Nectar

Edit: Actually, I like this. Dibs.
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No different than the guy in the hoodie and leather jacket

It does look a bit creepy though

It's obviously the second explosion, and the camera captured the guy looking pretty casual. I just found it very weird.
Have people noticed the guy on the roof in the first image?
Up at the top left.
Relative. There are no ethics outside of the human experience, a la Kant. Therefore there are no universal ethics. There are no absolutes morally.
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Picked up a cartridge of Ocarina of Time today at a flea market for $3. Upon further research, I've found it's the uncommon version 1.1, meaning it has the original fire temple music and Ganon's blood is red instead of green.

I would kill for that copy... the chanting in the Fire Temple is freaky.
I literally started playing this game today, maybe 2 hours ago. It's intense, weird and trippy. If you're scared by really tense situations, (I am) you'll be scared shitless by this game.

I ****ing love it. I'm gonna start uploading weird stuff I come across on youtube.
I have at least 20 within a 3 minute walking radius, so... I have no local?
I call it the pro-show poo. 25 minutes before going on, take a massive dump.

Always worked for me, anyway.

Read these and piece together why voting makes no sense to the individual.
I'm in Amsterdam for a week. So. So. So. Stoned.
Turned 22
Had a full Irish breakfast cooked by 3 of my absolute best friends
Smoked shit loads of hash and weed, about to take a great shroom trip in 10 minutes.

Having a blast of a night, hope all is well DT.
I live in Cork city
The past 3 and a half hours have been amazing. I came out of my final college exam, and consumed 15g of psilocybe atlantis. I felt really nauseous at first, and I thought I was going to get sick, but it subsided. I then walked home (25 minutes-ish), where I began to come up. When I got home, I took two bongloads and (foolishly) went to the shops with a few friends.

I laughed, and melted, basically. I was at the pick'n'mix, and decided to stock up on sour sweets, but I dropped loads of it everywhere. I peaked just as we left the shop, and came home again. Played guitar for a while, watched some tv, and now I'm in bed listening to Shpongle and melting.

Summer is great.

Edit: Tripping all the balls. Feels good mang. ****. Toasty.
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Insulted someone in the dumbest way ever yesterday. Got quite high, and he said "are you at the point where music is amazing?" so, being high I explained how music is always amazing to me and whilst I don't get any of those mindblowing moments when listening to music like I used to getting destroyed I only need a little bit of bud for music to sound even more enjoyable. So he played me some Avant-Garde rock, because I listen to a lot of Avant-Garde metal and he thought I would like it. "Can you figure out what makes it sounds so unique?" he inquired. To which I responded "well, it seems that it's just another time signatures and random instruments band with the vocalist trying to sound unique by just not being able to control his voice at all."

"Yeah, that's Me! I was trying to sing in loads of different accents hahaha!"


Oh wow.... hahaha. That's... awfully awkward.
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Anyone else finished college this year?

My last exam is in 5 hours.

I'll (hopefully) end up with a BA in Philosophy/Greek & Roman Civ.
What the hell am I meant to do now?
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How has the Police not caught on to this?

What, the universal and global drug police?
I creamed my pants.
Which one of you guys made the 31minute mix with quotes from Zombie and the Evil Dead? I remember getting it from one of you in Tinychat over a month ago. "Flight" is repeated every once and a while.

I love it, anyway, haha.

Also: In 27 hours, I finish my last ever college exam. I'm going to get so ****ed up. Can't waaaait.
Push a cow up a stairs and a mattress into a pool.
It takes a crane to get them out.
Azealia Banks - 212

That's definitely it. It's a great song.
If you don't notice it, I don't think it's forced. Not saying that if you do notice it, it automatically is.

- Master of Puppets' verse, switching between 4/4 and 7/8, it goes over most people's heads, they're so accustomed to it. I've known that song since I was small, only copped on to the time signature change a few years ago, even though I had known how to play it years before that.

- Bloodmeat - seems forced in places, at the start notably. Once the song gets going, it fits. (Notably in the Ghengis Khan is upon us... bit)

-Money is a great example, 7/4. Not the most insane time signature, but for that fact its a pretty popular song.

My own contribution, Dream Theater's Dance of Eternity. I know it's a massive cluster**** of different time signatures, with no real identifiable underlying beat as you'd find in say, Meshuggah's stuff (Straight 4/4 on drums, for the most part with a few exceptions), but that said, it doesn't sound in any way forced... well, to me at least
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Drugs are bad hurr hurr......

Ur band r bad nd ur solos r liek poos n mi earz.

And robertito, I am so jealous. How much did it set you back?
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No. They say to not use extracts/concentrates/oils or anything on the site/in the box you get. I'm pretty sure because of it melting into the box.

Well I'll just have to make sure I acquire green for the 22nd, then. Thanks mang, your sig knows whats up.

Serves me right for not watching the video.
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Do you guys ever name your storage containers for your stash?

Nug Jug (brother's, his name)

Dank Tank (mine, my name)

Chroncubine (friend's, my name)

I need more good names.

Dank Tank is the greatest name ever conceived.

I'm usually quick with puns/wordplay... but I'm failing, the best I could think of is budbox. Witty....

In other news: My MFLB arrived today. I won't be using it until the 22nd of May, at 6.30pm. That is when my Summer begins. I can't wait.
Question: I have very crumbly hash - If I grate it down, can it be used in the vape?
Woah, guys. Nirvana's drummer looks so much like the singer of d Foo Fighters. I can't believe I never noticed before.Lolol I trol u
My younger brother is friends with Emma Watson's brother. I have never met him.
Skrillex has something in common with a lot of bands I enjoy.

I love them, but their fanbases are, for the majority, a bunch of bell-ends.
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Your dad was a genius.
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When the Ice Cream man plays his chimes, it means he's out of Ice Cream.

That's the cruellest thing ever.
I have many a grand plan to bullshit my future kids as much as I can for the early ages of their lives. This is kind of inspired by the random shit you thought as a kid, but... being a proactive parent instead, and intentionally misleading your kids to believe stupid shit.

- Telling them I'm a wizard, and opening every automatic door/elevator with my mind.
- Telling them I can stop rain/turn off the sun whenever I drive under a bridge

There are many more of these ideas that I can't remember, so post your own!
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I'd die.

If I ever saw anyone with a Slippy tattoo, I would die of laughter/admiration.

As for me... I'd love it.
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but thats 207.630 yen now thats a big number and 2 euros should be fine quality, and my question was, where do i find the manual. and its not whats the problem its what to do?

Do you mean 207,530 yen?

That's 2,000 Euros. Wat.

Phil Lynott, maaaang.