Think about this

Don't take this as radically as it sounds
Jimi Hendrix is over rated
When I compare his playing to the other rock icons of the same era (for example Led Zeppelin) I see much more technically challenging playing and talent in Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones

You have to examine all the layers Page uses in his playing
How he can change the mood of the instrument instantly
How he molds the chords in with single notes at blistering speeds
How he can represent the bluesmen without copying them
And not even to mention his accoustic riffs
I am influenced much more by Jimmy Page than Hendrix

In my opinion Hendrix was a great song writer and guitar player but he has seen the magazine "count down to greatest guitarists" #1 spot way to much

I believe that his commercial image is more influential than his guitar playing

However, For Jimi's defense the model JH1 Dunlop Wah Pedal is freeking sweet and burning the strat never gets old