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Except it's really just for #2, isn't it?

Unless you're just looking to get more people to enter so your chances of winning go down.
To people like me.

Ya got me, it's mostly #2. But seriously enter, it's fun and I've met and talked with a few other cool guys through it.
Hey guys! Ernie Ball and John Petrucci of Dream Theater are doing a pretty cool contest where you learn licks, make videos, and get in the running for a weekly prize of some new gear so I figured I'd post here and #1 inform ya'll and #2 ask for some help

I'm currently in second place and you get points just by having people click on your channel and watch through the videos, so if you want an idea of what the contest is about check out the link below.

Guitar cover I decided to do, hope you enjoy! Relatively simple song but tough to get clean the whole way through, really have to dig in. Thanks for watching!
We did this about a year ago and after re-watching it now I realize its a pretty decent performance! Let me know what you think!

If you so desire you can check us out here (we do originals)

or here
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Hey guys

Really enjoyed the riff, your voice is something different than from what I'm used to in a hard rock band but I mean that in a positive light as it actually goes well with the song. The vocals have somewhat of a Jonothan Davis feel to them in some parts which I like.

The only critique I have (as Richo1985) also mentioned is that the levels (particularly guitar parts) seem a bit off. This song needs either an overdub or a extra guitar. It will make the riffs shine as they are actually quite awesome. On the bridge, seems like there needs to be something to join the bass and the guitar solo.

Overall I really enjoyed your song. Looking forward to hearing more from you guys and will definitely be following on FB.



Thanks for the criticism and for the Facebook like! Glad that you liked the song.

Thanks to everyone else as well, we'll definitely keep these things in mind for our future recordings.

I'll get to listening/critiquing everybody's tracks now!
Hey everyone, check out our latest self-produced single that we just put out. Last year around June we put out a 5 song EP that some people on here liked and this is a much better recording! Let us know what you think!

The song is available as a free download on our bandcamp, and make sure to check us out on Facebook!



Pretty hot looking guitar that supposedly plays better than a Japenese JEM

Really in depth review of the guitar here for those who want some more info

If it really sounds that good I may finally have to go for one of these puppies....
Check out my band THE CLOCKTOWN GIANTS and let me know what you think, we've got a self-produced EP which we recorded last year and are currently working on a single now. We've also got some live videos so feedback on any of it would be great!




Lots of shows coming up too so give us a like on facebook!
We performed these two new songs for the first time at a recent gig. The first would be more on the prog rock side and the second is a slower song with some interesting chords and time signature things throws in here and there (I'm personally happy with the guitar solo on the second song despite a few quick awkward things; about 2:30).

Let us know what you think! Also feel free to check out our free 5 song EP here! Thanks!!
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Hey that ripped! Nicely done.

Thank you very much! If you'd like you can listen to some of our original music here We really appreciate the feedback!
Live cover from my band's first performance. Let me know what you think!
I listened to "Sugar in my Pocket" and I thought it was a good live performance. Obviously the video doesn't really do it much justice but it is nice to have something to show. I thought the song was a bit cheesy in the best possible way. This song with a good backing band that kicks up the energy a bit could make for some really fun music.

Nice job with the songwriting. Some interesting chords in there that I didn't expect to hear. Maybe the solo acoustic stuff is what you love to do, and if so keep doing it because you've got some nice stuff, but I can hear this stuff being really enjoyable with a good band!

Keep it up!
I just checked out "Find Your Way to Me", and I can honestly say I was not expecting that at all. Really interesting style. Very 80's sounding if you get what I mean. Some of the synth textures and the way they blended together to create a very atmospheric and futuristic soundscape definitely stuck out in my mind and made the track very memorable.

Nice work!
Amazing first EP. There were some really interesting riffs going on throughout the whole thing. It definitely can't be said that any of the songs were generic or bland. I really enjoyed the fact that the guitars moved around so much during parts that could have been very "chuggy". I feel like the vocals may have stuck out a bit, but there's definitely nothing wrong with that as the vocal performances were great. Streetlight was definitely my favorite song, and the riff that starts at 1:40 was pretty damn awesome.

I'm going to give you guys a like on facebook and download the EP. Awesome stuff and I hope to hear more from you!
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Love the style. Reminds me a bit of certain softer Opeth songs. What mic did you use for the guitars by the way. The bass also sounds really really good. Im curious how you recorded it as well. DI? What DI? or amp. The overall track sounds very nice. Only thing would be that it would be nice to have some vocals

Thanks!! I actually used an MXL 991 Condenser from this package MXL PACK I think they sound great for the price, and this song was the first time I even used one so I haven't really had much experience with them yet.

The bass was DI right into my interface and I used Amplitube 3 for amp modeling. I was thinking about doing vocals but I'm not much of a singer. Always kinda wanted to try though so maybe I'll add them soon

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I'm loving the honest feedback on what I can improve and I'm loving the fact that people seem to be enjoying my work. This is a great forum! School is a bit stressful right now but I will get back to reviewing the rest of you guys up top who commented very soon!

Thank you!
Wow this is beautiful. Sounds very professional and I personally love the score. The sounds are incredible too. You say the orchestral stuff is from a Native Instruments pack? I might have to pick it up because this sounded beautiful.

I gave you a follow and a like on soundcloud. Let me know when you finish up your EP and I'll give it a listen!
Good Love Reaction:

Definitely a cool introduction with the drums and synth stuff. Seems like the vocals might be just a TAD too loud? Overall the song is pretty cool and catchy. Sounds sort of industrial in a way, at least timbrally. I'd like to hear you try to write some NIN inspired stuff.

Inside Your Life:
I really like that filtered guitar that comes in the intro. Really cool and kinda trippy stuff. Again I'm going to say it seems like the vocals might be just a bit too loud, or at least they stick out to me a little.

Awesome stuff though, and it's amazing to see how much material you have.

Wanted to test out a new condenser mic as well as try to write and record something a bit different from what I have so far.

Let me know what you think, and as always I'd be happy to C4C
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Great composition and guitar work, groovy-as-hell riffs and great drum parts to compliment them, and never gets boring with the constant onslaught of changes. Whilst I'd maybe add one or two more lead parts in the first half of the song (nothing dramatic though) there's not really anything I can fault here. Unfortunately as said above the mix really lets it down - whilst the guitars and drums are at the right sort of volumes it all sounds extremely muddy, definitely need to sort that out. The majority of instruments here need cuts in the low/low-mid areas and boost up high. Once you've sorted that out you'll have a real gem on your hands.

C4C Please -

Thanks for the feedback man, I'll definitely look into cutting some of the low and low/mid areas on my future mixes. I hear what you're saying and I'm thinking it might have been the bass guitar that muddied it up a little bit.
Wow this sounds REALLY good. When the guitars finally came in I was really taken by surprise. The low stuff really cuts through the mix and isn't really muddy at all. Overall the song was very atmospheric and had a lot of cool instrumental parts to keep me interested (though at times I wished there was a bit more going on melodically). I really liked the use of the synths, particularly the chorus and the bells at around 6:00.

What plug in are you using for the drums? They sound great and I really like the sound of the bass drum.

This is really awesome stuff. I followed you on soundcloud, so make sure to let me know if you've got any new material or would like to collaborate ever. Great work!
Wow, this was definitely not what I was expecting. This is very different stuff haha, kinda out there. Really creates a cool atmosphere, like something that could be a great horror movie track. Not really my cup of tea but it was definitely interesting and I did like it.

I'm not sure if in the beginning those pops were supposed to be there (sounded like something was clipping), but those stood out to me. I liked the instrumentation, again very creepy and haunting, and the vocals were really good. Again I'm not a HUGE fan of the growling, but you did it really well and I'd love to hear you paired with a good band.

Keep it up dude, I gave you a follow on soundcloud
Hey everyone,

My band is currently hoping to get working on our first EP, we've put out a couple live demos that we've done so far but were ready to step it up.

We want to do it all ourselves (or at least try) instead of heading to a studio. We've pretty much got everything figured out, but I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what the best way to track drums would be.

Basically I'm looking for a moderately priced USB interface that I could run into my computer into Pro Tools so that I could get each drum thats already mic'd up into a different track and tweak each drum from inside my DAW. I'd be looking for something with at least 9 inputs because that's how many mics we have on the kit right now, and something with decent mic pre's.

The drums are currently all mic'd and running through a small mackie mixer into the larger console which is hooked to a tascam tape machine, but we figure we'd have better control over the drum sound if we tweak it on the computer. I'd be running a snake from the mixer into the XLR or 1/4 (whichever you guys say would be better) inputs on the interface and then into the computer.

I'm currently using a Line 6 Toneport UX8 which has 8 XLR inputs on the back for my own personal recording use, but I'm not too keen on ripping apart my recording setup at the moment so if we could get a nice interface that we could plop downstairs to record drums on at a moments notice it would make life a lot easier on us all.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I really appreciate it!
Nice jam man. Definitely some cool lead ideas in there and I really love the look of that guitar As always some really clean sweep arpeggios in there, and a nice clear sound in all your playing. Good job!

Check out this little piece I wrote if you're doing C4C. Thanks!
Definitely enjoyed this track. Great solid rock music and the MOST important part for me, is that the vocals didn't bother me!! I actually really liked them (especially the backing harmonies). Very nice I really enjoyed the arrangement, especially the chorus which was very catchy and well composed.

I gave your band a follow on twitter and soundcloud. Can't wait to hear some more stuff. Send it my way when you get some more material!! My rock band is currently working on recording an EP soon hopefully so maybe I'll send it along to you guys and see what you think.

Overall great work! Loving the sound you guys have got going. For now if you're doing C4C here's a little metal track I threw together in my bedroom

Wow great stuff man. The whole song was very catchy and interesting as a whole, though I must say what you had going on around 4:50 was definitely my favorite part. It was just so dark sounding and the transition into it was seamless and built perfectly.

Only complaint is that overall the track seems somewhat empty. All the voices are extremely clear and it's obvious you know what you're doing recording, it does sound great. Maybe its the absence of vocals, or maybe it's the guitar tones?

Overall this is stellar stuff. I gave you a follow on soundcloud and I'd love to hear more!
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the odd timing in the beginning is okay, it works and it's getting me pumped for what's to come. really like the sinister riff that comes in after that. the melodic section is great, i like the interplay between the guitar lines. the transition was kinda forced though.

at first i was questioning the quiet break at 1:00, but depending on how the lyrics go, it could be interesting. the soloing at this part wavered between great and...kinda aimless.

i kinda liked the transition back into familiar territory at 2:00.

wow! dazzling playing at 2:40. i much prefer your melodic leads over the less structured solos. the ending didn't really have the effect i was expecting on me... i can appreciate having several guitar voices, but it seemed sort of messy (and i don't mean the performance). it was a little hard to identify each voice.

the mix was pretty good for the guitars, but the bottom end of the mix really needs more attention. way too much down there.

having said that...pretty good song overall, lots of interesting parts and your playing is excellent.

Thanks for the input!! Very detailed and I appreciate the honest feedback I'll go check out your stuff next!

Hey everyone,

This is a little project I spent about a few days on. I attempted to write something that was more of a straightforward song that lyrics could be added to.

I'd love to hear some feedback so let me know what you think!!

Also happy to C4C

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Being a prog metal fan, this really rustled my jimmies.

That first lead, about a minute into the song, lord that is a beautiful tone a some nice playing. Excellent phrasing mate.

Rush at 1:24, i love using a similar pattern, raising it a few steps. Take my like.

Could use some louder backing (programmed I presume and thus left in the background?) because the keys really do something nice that I can't quite make out. Interesting piece, though at times I feel it could be two quite different songs a little randomly mashed into one. Still works, the ending comes swiftly and ties the music together quite nicely. Personally I would've gone for a straighter structure, or perhaps extended some parts to let the listener enjoy the excellent music a little longer and make them flow more smoothly into one anoter. Good job mate, you have my thumb. Up, of course.

And if you find the time, check out some fresh nordic melodic progressive metal, facebook, soundcloud whatever

Colonist - Across the Atom Sea

Thanks so much!! Really appreciate the feedback I'll work a little on the next mix to make sure the backing comes through a little more, I would say about 25% of the keys are programmed (just the fast stuff really because I'm no keyboard player XD) and the drums are programmed so I'll work with them a little. I'm working on another song and trying to get more of a popular song structure to emphasize the parts a bit more.

Really appreciate the feedback!!

As for your stuff, I really like it. Love the sound, it's very reminiscent of old school prog rock in my opinion. The singing is great and I really enjoy the sound of the vocals (sounds sorta like the vocalist of Flotsam and Jetsam which is a good thing haha). The only thing I didn't really love was the snare drum sound towards the end of the song. It seems like it almost got wetter and looser as the song progressed, however at this point theres not much you can do about that and that's just personal preference anyways. For demos they sound great.

The part around 1:56 is very cool, and that guitar solo at the end definitely kicked! I don't know if this comment makes any sense but somehow parts of the song had almost a traditional or celtic feel to it.....I don't know if it has anything to do with your location, but the music definitely had a flavor that was a bit different to me, and I loved it.....I followed you guys on soundcloud, definitely looking forward to hearing some more! Make sure to keep in touch I'll definitely support you guys in whatever way I can, and if you like you can also check out some live demos from my band on soundcloud
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Damn... Thats awesome! Great writing in this one for sure, the solos are so great. I have a feeling you could probably make an insane long song, makes me wish this song was a little longer to be honest, but for what it is its full of cool parts and interesting riffs. Quality is good too, playing is great. Great work dude!


Thanks man! I'm currently working on something that will hopefully be longer so make sure to subscribe I'm finding it's really hard to come up with new material after just writing a piece though. I'm new to songwriting so a longer song might take me a little while XD Glad you liked it
Wow cool stuff dude. Definitely like how you're branching out a bit and doing the synth stuff. Musically I really enjoyed the arrangement and it was a really awesome song. I would say the track possibly lacked a bit of low end though, there were times where I wished the guitars just sounded a bit fuller so I could REALLY get into it. Awesome stuff all in all though, I'm definitely going to give you a follow on soundcloud and keep up with what you're doing!
Loved PodFarm, then I got Pro Tools 11 and realized they dropped support for RTAS plug ins so I had to buy Amplitube :/ PodFarm was better I think, and had a much bigger community for exchanging patches.
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Like the others who have commented, I do hear a heavy Dream Theater vibe from this. Love the structure. The mix is a bit too bass heavy, but it sounds good. You have a ton of skill. THe solos are quite nice. Loving the tone too. Solid playing. The ending solo was probably my most favorite part. Wish I could solo like that. How do you get your tone on the Jazzy solo? It's gorgeous.


Thanks for the feedback man! I appreciate all the kind words For the guitars I was using Amplitube 3, and for that solo I took a preset online and messed with the gain and noise gate parameters.

Just finished checking out your stuff!
Wow. I'm honestly blown away by this. That acoustic track was absolutely beautiful and sounded incredible. Amazing work. I'd love a little insight into what you used to record, because it sounds absolutely amazing. I would be very proud of this track. Nice work!

Gave you a follow and a like on soundcloud
Cool stuff man, the screaming isn't quite my cup of tea but thats not to say it isn't good.

The clean vocals were really nice, and overall the production sounded pretty tight. I would say maybe add a twinge of reverb on the vocals just to fill in the sound a little bit? The vocals seemed in a way separate from the rest of the track at times.

Awesome stuff though. Nice work!
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Hey man nice song, some of the sections had a jazzy kind of feel to them. Were those jazz chords in the background?

Anyway, would you like some vocals put to your song? Id be interested in doing them if you'd like.


Yeah some minor and major 7s, nothing too crazy.

And thanks for the offer but I think I'll keep it as an instrumental for now. I'll let you know in the future if I ever want to take you up on that offer though!

Checking out your stuff now