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After playing the Uber and cranking that bitch, I honestly couldn't get all the hype...VERY average sounding head if you ask me :\

Uber has some weird tricks to get it sounding good. The presence control almost acts like a mid shift and presence, if it's really low, it gets kind of round and scooped with no bite. The bass has to be kept moderately low or it becomes overpowering too, I don't think I ever took it much past 10:00-11:00. I also didn't like that amp without a boost, it got too round and loose for my taste without one. Same for the Rectos IMO. Dialed right however, the Uber can be a beast.

As far as the single vs dual, matter of preference, but they do sound a bit different. Some guys like the single, but I prefer the dual. Sounds "bigger" and more aggressive to me.
Mills Acoustics if you don't have a budget, by far the best cabs I've owned/tried. Very hard to find used unfortunately, once you get one, no one wants to sell them.
kickass, congrats man! That's one badass amp.
Nice! congrats man, that's a badass rig you're building

I couldn't figure out the C30 trade at first, now that I see the other goodies you bought though, it's starting to make sense. I know how the gearwhore mind works.
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nice clip again erock

Thanks Dave

I'm really liking how mean it gets. There are so many tone shaping options though, it's a bit overwhelming. I've had a great tone dialed, and completely forget how to get back to it. Then also, I'm stumbling on more as I look for old ones, lol. Badass amps for sure though, I can see why you'll never part with that Savage SE. I still haven't found one of those for sale you know.
very niceeee. Congrats and HNAD!

That's a big difference from a C30, taking a different musical direction, or new band? Those VH140's are metal beasts!
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Erock503: Thanks for the demo! I'm surprised this amp can go so heavy. Are you using a pedal with it?

Thanks a lot guys!

np man. yeah, I was pretty surprised too actually, lol. That was the OD channel boosted with a BB Preamp OD/boost pedal. gain on the pedal was at 9:00, vol/level was 2:00. Gain on the amp was around 2:00.
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Nah dude, it isn't lacking by any means. Sounds raw and mean as hell I don't know, I think I'm confusing squishyness with tightness or something. I tend to like a bit of squishy myself, but I might have been listening to too much DevilDriver lately...

And how DID you get the saturation to sound like that? I can't remember hearing an SE sound like this before

I dunno, people have been telling me that. All that's really different is a 5751 in V1, everything else is pretty standard. There is no post production on that, I'm surprised it's not a common sound.

maybe mine IS really messed up, lol.

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Sick clip man that amp sounds ****in bitchin. I cant really put a finger on anything I'd's tight as hell and just enough compression IMO.

excellent, thanks man
If you aren't gigging with it, the Blackstar HT-5 might be a good option for you. Great sounding little 5W head, with more gain than most of the other tiny ones. I think it sounds better than the others too. Not going to be ideal for metal, but it can get pretty heavy with a boost, and it covers the mid gain and hard rock tones very well. Nice chimey clean channel too, although obviously not a lot of headroom.

Even for 5W, it can get really loud. You aren't going to get powertube saturation at comfortable apartment levels. In order to get the tube cooking, it's going to piss off people in the same house. Luckily, it does sound really good at lower volumes, since you don't need to saturate the tubes for gain, it's preamp is packed with a bunch. Very cool sounding little head. Here's a little clip I made this week. It's thru a 4x12 however, so keep in mind it might not sound as "big" on a small cab.
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Great clip as always I actually think I liked how you dialed it in before better, I think it sounds a bit loose now.


let me rephrase, I'd like to see a tad more saturation. Just personal preference though.

really? I like this tone much more. Much less of that squishyness, it's definitely tighter bro. Those fast riffs down low were getting kind of lost with my other settings. Funny you say that about the saturation too, another SE owner asked me how I got the saturation to sound like that, lol. Does it sound lacking? BTW, there was no post EQ or mastering on that clip, just quad tracked.
so, after 2 weeks, I'm beginning to learn how to dial in this amp, lol.
another clip, actually in full power mode this time.
hah, pretty f'ing cool man. Always wanted to try one of those, I didn't know Rondo carried them! Congrats man, HNLSD
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Nice amp indeed, its looking mighty proud of itself sitting on that Bogner too!

haha, thanks, it does look a bit out of place there, I think the whole thing could fit inside the bogner headshell.

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sweet, those are meant to be quite nice. i've only tried the artisan 15, i didn't really like it, but it's a completely different style of amp (and i didn't like it more because it just didn't suit me or my style of playing, rather than because it sucked).

interesting. After trying this little guy, it's actually got me curious about their bigger heads. Have you heard or played their series one? I don't think I would dig the Artisan either from the product description, but those bigger heads look kind of interesting.
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Thats what I'm talking about. Great sh*t man, and great playing as always. NJ FTW!!! (Oh damn, we live in the same county too!! haha just noticed that when I checked your profile)

thanks man. haha, small world! I'm about 10 minutes from 6 flags
very nice man, that's an killer looking setup. Bet she sounds glorious.
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the rebel sounded pretty good, but the tube mix was a gimmick (channeling Kevin, here), and it was a pretty noisy little bugger. i felt it was overpriced, so I got rid of it.

ic, yeah, the price is a big factor why I like this thing so much I think. I'd be much more critical if it wasn't so affordable, but even so, I like this head regardless. I had an 18W Badger, and while it was a great sounding little amp, the $1800 was just a little crazy I felt.

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Not sure what model the speakers are. The Blackstar website just labels then as '10" Celestions' in closed back cabinets.

ahh interesting. I bet it would sound killer thru 10" greenbacks, I wonder if that's what they use. I'm really liking the G12H30 with it so far.

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Agreed. I have a feeling the little Vox tube 4 wattr retailing at $199 will do well too. I'm looking forward to trying both of these little heads out! Good honest review Eric, thanks again.

ahh yeah, that's the nightrain or something right? I've been hearing good things from the people back from NAMM. I'm actually more interested in that now, this little thing has changed my mind a bit about the tiny amps.
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Congrats on the new HT-5h! That's a great head for the price it's retailing at. While I haven't tried it yet the clips had me on the verge of buying it sight unseen very recently. This review, coming from you and having seen the gear you've had, weighs pretty strong to say the least.
Thank you. I know what my niece is now getting for xmass!

no problem man, I'm sure it's not for everyone, but I have a feeling these are going to be real popular.

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wow the clip sounds amazing. really great tone. can it get to ear-hurting volumes on clean channel? (even if it breaks up)

thanks man. I wouldn't go as far as ear hurting, but I guess that depends. I had it dimed, and I was able to play a few feet from it without having my ears hurt, but yeah it was loud. However, my ears are probably hammered at this point, I'm used to 100W+ heads thru these cabs, so this was a pleasant change.

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With an OD in front of it can it pull off Hardcore/Metalcore?

that clip was boosted with a BB Preamp pedal, gain was about 2:00 on the amp. I think at moderate volumes, with an EQ in the loop, it can get some pretty usable hardcore/metalcore tones. Once the powertube starts cooking though, it get's a little furry for my tastes, but I think usable. That powertube OD is killer for other applications though. I'm not sold on the loop yet, could be my imagination or levels somewhere, but I think I prefer it without anything on the loop so far. It just seems a touch more aggressive with nothing there. Will say though, my analog delay does sound pretty good on it.

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Did you find it from a local shop or online?

I got this online from a forumite. I haven't been able to find them in stock.

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sounds damn good. I was considering picking this up.

thanks man

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Sounds sweet...

Just purchased the HT5 stack, but the amp is currently in the post office and I'm in work!!!

congrats man. Crank everything to 10 and stand back, lol, it's actually a cool tone. What speakers do they use in the matching cabs?

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can i be your nephew?

EDIT: Sweet amp. I was looking into one before I tried out the Rebel 20.

how is the rebel? sounded like a killer little amp.

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You bugger! lol what was this about not needing more amps?

Gratz man!

haha, I know man

I was going to get a pedal board, but saw this thing get posted on HC. Was there about 15 minutes and I snagged it, lol.
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I think I remember you talking about getting one of these. It's kinda cool to see the opposite side of the wattage perspective.

I'll check clips when PC is running better. Looks sexy!

yeah man, this little head has impressed me. It sounds alot bigger than I thought it would for a little 5 watter.
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Nice, Eric.

I already checked out the clips when you posted it on HCAF

thanks man
Hey guys, picked up an HT-5 over the weekend for a great price. Now that I've had some time with it, a little brief review.

Fun as balls, lol. That should be the whole review. For the price of a boutique pedal, this thing kicks a lot of ass. Lots of gain, maybe not enough for modern metal, but plenty for a modern hard rock sound. I think it holds down the lowend pretty well until the powertube starts cooking, at which point it gets a little furry. Still a great sound though. Mid gain tones are pretty killer on this little thing. Surprisingly, the cleans are pretty spanky and chimey to a point, obviously not a lot of headroom, but this thing can get pretty loud thru a 4x12.

The ISF control is one of the better sweep/parametric controls I've used. To the left, it gets more of a midrange oriented tone with more presence, to the right, it seems to fill out the lower mids more and attenuate some highend. Very useful feature. The controls are simple and effective, it's one of those amps you can crank everything to 10, and it sounds great. Everything dimed thru a 4x12, gets a great marshall "like" sound. Fun fun amp. Highly recommended if you want a practice/recording amp that really sounds good, and won't break the bank. The thing gets pretty damn loud for a 5W too, but it has usable tones all across it's volume range. Probably would have a hard time with a hard hitting drummer, but as a hard rocking practice/recording amp, it's a winner.

Here's a pic and a little clip I did today thru my Mills 4x12 w/V30 x H30, and boosted with a BB preamp. Guitar is a PRS singlecut with BK Painkiller.

yeah, it should work the way you want. I don't know the specific commands on your gear, but both midi devices, the Savage w/Z7 and Xpression, will have a store/write feature. Set both the Savage and Xpression to the settings you want to use for your first preset. When you hit the store/write command on the Savage and Xpression, they will sit waiting for a midi command from your midi mate.

Your midi mate is the actual controller that's sending instructions. So, preset one, it's sends out a midi command.

While both the savage and Xpression are waiting for a midi command to store, you hit whatever midi mate button you want to use for the first preset. It sends out it's specific midi command for that button, and both the Savage and Xpression see that command. You then hit the store/write command again on the savage and xpression, and they will store that midi command associated with all the settings you currently are running.

Any time the Savage w/Z7 or Xpression see that midi command now, they will revert back to the settings you had saved for that preset. Pretty simple.

Doesn't matter which device you go to first. Midi out from the Midi mate, to the midi in port of one of your devices. Whichever device you decided to connect to first, you connect the next device using it's midi in, connected to the Midi Thru on the first device. This way it relays the same midi command to both devices.
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Sweet. Got any clips?

not yet, just got it yesterday, so I've just been wanking around on it. I'll try and get a clip up tomorrow.

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My hand-built Charvel copy and a 5 watt Lifco tube practice amp.

That's right, Lifco, some random ass company you've never heard of.

that's a kickass guitar man. So what is this Lifco, never heard of them.
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vitchb: aw, now I need to go sell my body for money and buy a fancier amp because I thought the F series was fancy....

and Erock, how's that Blackstar. They look interesting.

I thought that could be in the fancy amps too, lol. I liked the F100 I owned, underrated amp series from Boogie IMO.

The blackstar is fun as balls man. Gets pretty damn heavy sounding thru a 4x12 with the ISF cranked, and boosted out front with my BB preamp. I probably wouldn't go as far as modern metal, but pretty damn close if you keep the vol levels moderate. Once it starts saturating, it gets some of that powertube OD, so a bit furry for metal. Great for other applications though, the tube OD adds a bit of compression and really adds to the feel. ISF to the left gets some really fun lead tones for me. For a great sounding practice/recording amp at the price of a boutique pedal, it gets a thumbs up from me.
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actually, now that i think of it ( ), doesn't engl have some sort of circuitry on the back of the amp for taking bias readings?

haha, ok, I'll explain.

Someone saved the first program in midi preset 1 on the amp in 50W mode. When it first turns on, it defaults to midi preset 1. So, when I turned it on the first time, with no LED lit up over the Hi/Lo switch, I figured I was in default full power mode. I figured the LED would light up to signify half power. In reality, the LED illuminates over the Hi/Lo switch to signify full power.

So, when I went to check the bias using the amp's built in Bias LED check, I assumed the amp was in full power. It was in half power, so I wasn't getting any reading on the inside tubes. The amp shuts off the inside tubes in Lo power setting. I immediately went to my bias probe, because a probe doesn't lie( ) . It didn't register anything on the probe for the inside sockets, and I tried the Hi/Lo switch at this time with the probe connected. The readings didn't change at all on the probe when I would switch Hi to Lo, so that became a non factor. I didn't realize a regular bias probe wouldn't work on this particular amp. Since the cathode on the power tubes doesn't go directly to ground like a normal amp, and there is a cathode switching circuit to put it in half power, it screws with the probe readings.
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1st mistake is a tad silly, but I the other one is totally legit. No way you cold have known

Glad the amp is fine though

yeah, that was a noob mistake. The bias probe would have caught it though quickly if it actually worked with the amp, that was my double check. I thought the bias probe would be more accurate than a 3 LED meter, since I could check plate voltage and bias current. Didn't count on the crazy german engineering messing me up.
badass, congrats man!

don't answer the door in the next few days if you see a holster and no badge.
ok, looks like I'm a moron.

1st mistake. Didn't realize the LED on the front had to be lit to be in full power. I thought illuminated meant half power.

2nd mistake. Not realizing a normal bias probe like a bias rite will get strange readings on this amp. I guess the switching circuitry is a bit odd, where the cathode doesn't go directly to ground like a normal amp. Probably something to do with the on the fly power switching.

so, long story short, amp works fine, I just didn't know how to use it. Also, don't try and measure the bias using a regular bias probe, because it will give you funky readings.
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yeah. good luck, i hope it works out.

thanks man. And overall, it was definitely a good deal, but not robbery. I paid low for the 5150, but I stole it for that price, and I installed the bias mod and retubed it, so it was like a new well tuned amp when I sold it. I was also the second owner of a 1992 blockletter, so it still came with the original tubes, owners manual, and paperwork, haha. The guy I traded loved it, and so did I actually. I thought about just backing out and getting my amp and loot back, but I really like this amp, and I'm hoping a correctly working circuit will help the aspects I didn't care for.
yeah, supposedly worked when he tested the bias LED's, but I don't know how it got damaged like this. No visible shipping damage. I'm measuring different plate voltages on V1 and V2, which are in parallel, so likely a flyback diode on one of the plates is grounding. That and probably a couple screen grid resistors and the 2x 470k resistors are open. Something smoked I'm afraid, but visually, you couldn't tell, all the tubes still light up like normal. Just no bias current flowing thru the inside pair. Yeah, deal was too good to be true, but he's supposedly going to make good, so we'll see.
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That's what I was figuring, on the dot as well But I won't tell them that, as maybe being in the presence of Erock will have dubbed me some jesus points towards getting some amazing deal
Yeah right
I mean seriously, a SE EL34 for $1800 (5150 he got for $400 on top of $1400 cash) with the midi switcher?! My God!
I think that'll be my plan, and if I get no bites on that, I can sell the 6505 for another $1200 (Canadian) and with the $1000 saved that should almost certainly be enough to get me a used Savage 120, or at least I'd hope.

no man, that was a sick deal, but I got boned in the end. My SE is getting sent out for service already, turns out there was a problem with the inside tube sockets, so it's been running on 50W the whole time I've owned it.
I figured it was a bit muddy, but thought it was just my settings. Nope, running on 2 of 4 tubes the whole time.

Great deal, but now I have to pay out the butt to have someone fix it. Seller is making good on repairs, but still sucks I have to send it out. Waiting to hear back from FJA as I type this, otherwise it's off to an ENGL service center in PA.
if you play metal, it's an absolute monster of an amp, and that's a very good deal on the head. I've seen them lately from 1200-1400. Match it with the right speakers/cabs and guitars/pups, and it will reward you. Greenbacks in a frontloaded quality cab match up great with it. I've heard P50E also compliment it nicely. It's tough to get actives to jive great with it, the 85 is one of the few actives I've liked with the amp. Hot passives work great.

Great cleans, and great metal tones. You could get some nice sounding bluesy dirty tones out of the clean channel. Really nice shimmering bright clean, I really dug it.

The crunch channel is really a metal channel IMO. I didn't really consider this a crunch channel, more like a metal rhythm channel. The amp took nicely to boosts too. Lead channel is all out metal, but both channels easily get you there.

Couple tips, make sure the amp is biased correctly. They sound really fizzy with crossover distortion if the bias is set too cold. It's set really cold from the factory because of warranty reasons too. Keep the channel volumes up around 2:30+, and use the master to control volume. The preamp needs those volumes up to sound it's best, it really makes a noticable difference.
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it is really bad. im serious. most people who love krankenstein are 14 and own a spider 3

lol, no need to insult Krank owners because you don't like the amps. My Stein could sound mean as hell dialed in correctly. Despite it's simple EQ, it's not really plug and play. The sweep control is the most powerful control on the EQ. Where that's set in relation to the TMB can be the difference between br00talz, and flaming pile of turd.
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Exactly. People over estimate the tonal impact of powertubes. They think if they go with a certain tube than they will get a certain sound just like that.
British sound EL34's, American sound 6L6's, not exactly.
I mean, Marshall's were originally made with 6L6's, then changed to EL34's for supply and price reasons. But the amps still sounded the same either way. How an amp sounds is based on it's circuitry and preamp. A poweramp tube swap will only affect the tone marginally.

gotta agree with Van Noord and chea_man. All depends on the amp circuit. Some of the meanest modern sounding metal amps produced use EL34. ie. Bogner Uberschall, Diezel Herbert, Framus Cobra, ENGL SE, etc...
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Not 100% sure yet. Likely to be loaded with Splawn SB25s or Eminence Governors though, I hear lots of good things about those speakers with the Nitro.

Did you ever get a chance to try your Nitro with speakers outside of the V30's?

yeah, I've heard good things too. The only other speakers I tried the Nitro with, was Texas Heats, and G12T75. I liked the Heats the best live probably, since they allowed me to up the presence higher without the topend getting harsh. They also brought out a really nice snarl in the midrange of that amp. The hump in the V30 midrange seemed to wash it out a bit, but I liked those best for recording. I generally don't care much for 75's, but they sounded pretty good with the Nitro. I tend to like the stronger midrange amps with the 75's, but they have a weird crunchiness to the top end I don't care for.
sweeet man, congrats!

That's got to be torture though with no cab. What are you planning on getting to match up with it?
found a couple more pics for you 311.

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^ very nice , if i ever become a professional gutarist that would be the amp ill have :P

btw does it make a big difference to dual mic a amp instead of only using a sm57 ?

yeah, it's bit overkill for a bedroom amp, but I've worked hard for everything I have. I got a great deal on it too.

Dual mic'ing works great IMO, more forgiving with mic positioning, while still capturing a full range sound. Only issue is phase cancellation, which is something you always have to pay attention to with dual mics. Even mics have their own freq characteristics, so it's nice to use a couple that compliment eachother.

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Clip is already sounding great!

thanks brother.

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sweet amp there erock. i've only tried the 6L6 SE (and probably only scratched the surface there too), so not too sure if i can help too much. will check out the clip too.

EDIT: what do you mean by dual output channels?

thanks Dave. It has 2 sets of speaker outputs, A1/A2, and B1/B2. Each set of outputs has their own impedance selector, so you can mix different impedance cabs/loads, and they are selectable on the front or by midi. Meaning you could use different cabs with different presets you've saved.
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Oh good, because im lookig to tighten up my tone. Hows the BBE one????

BBE is the only one I have experience with, the stomp and rack units. I've only used them in fx loops or after mic pres too, never really cared for it in front of an amp. It can definitely tighten or add sizzle and girth, but the tradeoff is you begin to lose some of the natural tone of your amp if you take the controls too high.

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It's one of those things were alot of people buy it, love it, and sell it shortly afterwards because they realized that the amp sounds better without it. I switch around with mine, I'll only use it sometimes.

yep, I'm the same way. I break it out once in a while, but it's not something I use consistently.

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and I'm compelled to give you this. Credit Bartdevil_metal

haha, that's good.
it uses the principle that frequencies produced by your speakers hit your ears at different times. It shifts the frequencies so they sound like they are all hitting you at once, making the sound "fuller". It can be a useful tool to tighten or thicken up a sound and add topend presence. Think of it like a lazy mans active EQ. It can really take a vintage sound and add a modern edge. The drawbacks I've found with it, is it colors your tone pretty noticably, good or bad depending how much you like the sound. I noticed my recordings with it made everything have this same color too. Biggest trick with this unit is using the lowest possible settings to achieve the tone you're going for.