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ok. thanks for the heads up. i have an offer for a crate blue voodoo as well. opinions? it's the BV head but i forget what cab it is. he wants $550 for the whole thing.

I would just get the 5150/6505/5150II/6505+ someone mentioned. It was EVH's signature head, and it's been used on countless metal and rock albums over the last couple decades. You can get the combo used in that pricerange, or save a bit more for a used head and a decent cab. Personally, I would stay away from the BV, it didn't get the nickname "Blue Doodoo" for nothing. YMMV
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thenextkirk92 says no to the mg but yes to the peavey wow yeah dude if you listen to him just make sure you have a fire extinguisher for when your stage catches on fire

Peavey makes some very good road worthy amps. You must have a personal vendetta with thenextkirk92, because your post makes no sense at all.
another vote for the BB. Killer boost or standalone pedal, very transparent, and doesn't suck out the lowend like a lot of other pedals.
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I know almost nothing about electricity/electronics, but I am 99.5% sure that this would not happen. Actually, screw it, I'm 100% sure this would not happen.

lol, why answer if you have no knowledge of electronics.
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Thanks from the explanation Erock.

So you would use what, a Tong Sol in the V1 and JJ's in the rest?

personally, I liked the 5751 in V1, and then the Penta/Shuguang/Ruby in the rest of the slots. TS works in V1 too if you like the extra gain and feel. I boosted mine too, so that's why the 5751 worked well. If it's a bit too harsh for you now, JJ are good pres, but you lose some topend bite comparitively IMO. I don't really consider the 5150 an overly bright amp. I like Doug's recommendation, although the Penta and Ruby are the same kind of tubes, just select versions of the Shuguang Chinese.

For power tubes, I liked the Ruby for the performance and price. If you want to experiment though, I really like the Winged =C= mentioned also, great tube IMO. They have a lot of lowend, which is something to watch out for with a big lowend amp. Very tight and controlled as long as you don't go overboard. The TS 6L6GC aren't a bad idea either.

I'm not a big fan of JJ powertubes at this point. I don't really have anything against the sound, but I've had miserable luck with reliability. I've been thru 4 sets of JJ that died within a couple months, in 3 different amps. This was using their E34L, and KT77 however, I haven't used their 6L6 in a while. I don't trust their reliability at this point with their manufacturing however.
balanced doesn't really matter for the PI, the circuit would need to be balanced to make any difference, and none are that I know of. Tungsol are on the brighter side IMO, but have a lot of clarity without a ton of noise, so they work well in V1 in my experience. I don't care for them as much in the gain stages unless it's a very dark amp to begin with. EHX also sound on the brighter side to my ears. JJ's seem on the opposite spectrum, where they work well with brighter amps IMO to smooth things out. I liked the Ruby 6L6GC's in the 5150 I had, pretty balanced across the spectrum, nice tight bass that isn't overpowering, and not too much highend, good mid grind. As for using a 12AT7 for V1, I've found them to sound a bit brittle for my tastes. I much prefer the 5751 in that application if you want a little less gain, but still very musical sounding. These are nuances to your tone, they aren't going to change the voicing no matter what tubes you use, but it can be just that little differnce that puts a smile on your face.
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Sounds like a bad amp day, it happens every now and then, my Marshall occasionally doesn't make sound unless I turn it off and on again a few times.

something isn't right if that's happenning man, there should be no instances where that's happening, even occasionally. Something is going bad in that amp.

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yeah maybe I confused people, a lot of late nights

Well it works now... for the time being.

And I have a spare pre amp tube in case that goes.

...tis pre amp right?

no, the 12BH7 is the power tube. Your amp uses a 12AX7 for the preamp tube.
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I know nothing of the Blackstar HT-5, but usually when you replace power tubes, your supposed to replace both of them at the same time, with a matched pair. If you pull out the bad one and put in a new one, then the other old tube will just burn out, then you have to replace both anyway.

Idk about the Blackstar though, typically tube amps will have a minimum of two power tubes regardless of wattage.

But to be on the safe side, replace all your tubes if you can, its reccomended to replace the power tubes and preamp tubes at the same time, just so you dont have to do it later.
The reason your tubes burned out could be from the cold, most likely not, but its prolly just old tubes.

the HT5 uses a dual triode BH7 as it's only power tube, in a push/pull arrangement with the triodes. One power tube, and one preamp tube.
The preamp tube socket is a bit recessed, so you can't see the actual socket. The power tube socket should be easily visible, and has retension springs to keep the tube secure. You should unscrew the back panel so you know exactly what you are looking at.

I think you are confusing people, because you are saying the tube "in the back", but you are looking from the back of the amplifier, so it's really the tube closest to the front of the amp.

The BH7 is used as the power tube for the HT5. As for the preamp tube, the stock tube in mine was a Sovtek, which really don't light up bright in any amps I've had them in. Unless they are completely dead or red plating, it's very hard to tell by looking at tubes if they are bad or not.

Maybe your guitar cable has gone south or something, since you haven't even taken the tubes out of the sockets right?
Company: Wizard Amplification

Description: (cut pasted from site) Wizard is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high-end tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets. All Wizard products are built in Canada by Wizard Amplification Inc. with construction consisting of military type turret boards, true point to point soldering, premium capacitors and metal film resistors for stability and tolerance. Fully welded and polished 14 gauge nickel and brass plated steel chassis support high quality custom built transformers. Lexan control panels dress these amplifiers and high grade potentiometers control them. Heavy duty sockets are fitted with matched sets of high grade tubes. Hand wired to military specifications and zero compromise in construction assures ultimate reliability in the studio and on the road.

Interesting Fact: The designer/builder is Rick St.Pierre. Rick has been AC/DC's studio and live tech since Back in Black. In 1994, Angus and Malcolm asked Rick to make them some amps which sounded the same as their old marshalls, or better, and were as reliable as possible because their gear kept breaking down on tour. The result is Wizard Amps. When he's not touring with AC/DC, he builds these amps in his spare time.

Favourite Amps: Modern Classic 100, Metal 100

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Where's Eric when you need him...
From what I gather they're pretty much one trick ponies.

basically, although they do have pretty good cleans IMO. The Rev and Stein are metal amps to the core however. You can play other styles with them, but the voicing is definitely suited best for metal.

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what im not really looking for is t3h br00talz but i like the option of being able to go super br00talz...see what i mostly play is Metallica/Megadeth/80's Thrash/80's Shred/Guitar Instrumental (P-Gilbert, Vai)/ Buckethead <--- love his distortion tone

I dont like a bassy distortion, i like tight trebley distortion with alot of crunch, i play mostly lead stuff. But theres a fine line between tight, crunchy and harsh, fizzy...which i heard is the krankenstein.

If you're not really looking for br00talz, the Rev and Stein might be overkill for you. Their voicing is definitely aimed at metal. That includes various flavors however, like Thrash. That wouldn't be a problem, and they aren't overly bassy amps, tight and percussive if you EQ them correctly. The biggest thing with Kranks, is you have to learn the sweep knob. That is the most powerful control on the amp, and can make it sound killer, or make it sound like a broken telephone. The fizz or sizzle could be a problem, depending on your tastes. I like a lot of sizzle, but don't like harsh fizz. Regarding how much sizzle, they are pretty sensitive to speaker selection. The Texas Heats pair well with the stein because they attenuate some topend, while the Legends really work well with the Rev series. I liked mixing them up too, with some V30 and Texas heats, made a pretty cool sounding combination. IMO, I also like the + series quite a bit more than the original series. More of a midrange grind, tighter, and more sizzle than fizz.

as was mentioned, it's a love/hate thing with Krank, very unique voicing, they are amps you definitely should play first before you buy.
meh, it's all related IMO, where you pick, where you hold your picking hand and how you fret, where you mute, etc., it all makes it's way thru the signal chain to your amp. The final sound/tone you are hearing is the end result of it all, not just the gear or just the fingers.

And IMO, honking cranked harsh overbearing midrange sounds just as bad as scooped to hell midrange. You have to balance everything in relation to the voicing of the amp and the sound in the mix. Extremes one way or the other usually end up sounding like poo most of the time.
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Also talking to the guy about the Mesa Triple Rec.. Might be able to do my 6505+ and some cash like say $200-$250 for it.. What do yall think? Whats the deal with the triples I know there is one model most state they hate? Forgot if it was the Triple or the Dual....

I really liked the triple I had, but it was an old 2ch version. Didn't really care for the 3ch DRec I had, or the Recto Recording Pre which I really didn't like. The 2ch TRec was tighter and punchier, and didn't get that kazoo like fizz I could hear in the 3ch versions. Could have been user error I suppose, but I've played (2) 2ch TRecs pretty extensively, and both were easy to dial and get a great tone with fairly quickly. I'd really like to try a 2ch DRec to see if it's the older 2 channel versions or extra wattage I liked better. YMMV of course, some people prefer the 3ch versions.
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Yup right now I think its a toss up between the Randall MTS then getting modules here and there as I get cash. I just found a RM4 with two modules for $600 im eye ballin. Might be able to sell the Ampeg and use the power section of the 6505 for the time being or vice versus. And then there is the Bogner Uberschall if one pops up again. And I have been looking at the Fireball 100 but your the first one to mention anything about it tone wise. So that said its gonna be a highly probable choice now.

Thanks again man I always value your input...

np man, glad to help. My friend had the SE to A/B against both Fireball versions, and really liked the FB100. It addressed alot of the complaints people had with the 60W version.
well man, if you dug the Uberschall, I think that's definitely do-able. The prices on the current models may drop some more as more Twin Jets hit the market too.

also, if you dug the Fireball, but wanted a bit more beef, the Fireball 100 is a good option. The 100W OT and mid boost options really help that thing get some mean tones. My friend had one, and thought it got really close to the SE in terms of girth and voicing. That 100W OT adds a nice thump. The price should easily be in range for you too, new they are around 1600, but I've already seen used ones in the 1300 range. That should improve a bit too as more hit the market.
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Yep, the Zero Resistance 2 (ZR2) bridge has big sustain issues, especially coupled with such a light guitar.

I'm not too sure about the older S-series guitars, without the ZR2 bridge, but it seems that Ibanez players will generally advise buying used and getting an older S-series. Could just be the older is better, etc. etc. mentality though

wow, way to screw up a good thing Ibanez. I know that problem didn't exist on the older models, my friend had one that kicked ass. I'm not having any issue with the Edge Zero either, but it's a different design than the ZR2, and a thicker body with the RG. That's a shame.
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If it's the ZR2, you won't have crap for sustain. But the regular one should be fine. Check your neck relief and pickup height.

you sure about that man? I haven't tried one, but I find it kind of hard to believe they would put a crappy trem on their prestige models, while leaving better trems on their lower end models. I have an Edge Zero trem and have no such problems with sustain.
it's not the bridge man, the ZR is a great design, and isn't going to kill sustain any more than any other tremolo system. You have to consider what would cause your strings to stop vibrating prematurely. ie, bad/high fret, bad neck bow, action too low, binding at saddle or nut, etc... I would take it to a shop and have new strings and a proper setup done to it. A pro setup can make a world of difference, especially if it's never had one. If possible, try and stay to watch it done, so you can do it yourself in the future. It's not hard really, and can make a big difference in playability and sound.

and btw, intonation isn't going to have anything to do with sustain. Setting the intonation is related to pitch accuracy, making sure the guitar is in tune on all the frets.
hehe, well man, the Pro Rack G modded for the dual channel option would be one way to keep your rig now, and keep it silent. It really is the best noise suppressor out there IMO.

Out of the amps you listed that you are considering though, they are all pretty killer depending on taste. Part of the hobby for me is the thrill of getting to experiment with different gear, so I like that option. Herbert would be my recommendation if you are going to spend that kind of loot, but I hear ya on the problems you're facing with that.

The Randall is a good choice. The Salvation modded modules are pretty sick, I heard a Cobra and VH4 mod he recently came out with, and the clips sounded really good. Maybe not exact replicas, but definitely great in their own right. Pretty highly regarded amps too, that's a definite option, and pretty much a gas killer since you can always change modules.

If you want that boosted feel and tone though, without using an actual boost, that kind of limits some of those options, at least it would for me. The Uber I really liked a lot, however I didn't care for it without a boost, too round for my tastes. The recto series is the same way for me. Killer with a boost, but without one I'm left kind of wanting. All just personal preference though, you might feel completely different. The Cobra is a great amp too, although really needs volume to shine, even moreso than the other amps IMO. That, and have to be really careful what cab you pair it with. The best I've heard has been the VHT P50E loaded cab or the matching Cobra cab with greenbacks.

The ENGL's have that boosted feel and sound without using a boost, so that might be a great option. What ones have you tried that you really liked? The FB100 is a pretty killer amp, along with the PB if you like the tone. Both have some serious gain and compression, but they can sound killer. Takes a bit to dial though, and can get lost in a mix if you're not careful. If you want more open tones, the Savage 120 and Invader could fit the bill. There is also the blackmore if you want some versatility along with bringing the heavy. Not sure it's going to be thick enough for your tastes though. All preference however.
if the Herbert is your ultimate amp, and you're looking at all those others too, might as well save up the 1k difference and go for your dream amp man. Either that, or if you love your tone now, and just want the noise more manageable, have you considered a better A/B/Y box? Ground loops and phase issues can really play havoc with noise on multi amp setups, a quality active switcher can take care of a lot of that.
they are killer amps, probably the best construction I've ever seen in any boutique amp. Completely milispec, oversized everything, printed turret board construction, like a hybrid of PTP and PCB. Just amazing quality, and actually priced very reasonable for what they are.

I've owned the Dorado, and Mak2 white, which is the 2ch Dorado. Very versatile unique sounding amps. Andrew is also great to deal with, and will bend over backwards to make sure you're happy.
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The irony is that $200 is still not enough to afford one those Holmes or Throbaks, which is absolutely ridiculous...

I really want to try a Holmes for myself, see if it's really worth $600 a set. They're my favorite in that set of pickups tested, the tone is very Pagey-like. I have a set of Wolfetones coming in, a Dr. Vintage neck and an underwound Marshall Mk II bridge. Excited to hear them in my guitar...

he Wolfetone Marshallheads would serve the TS just fine, great vowel like mids, and a nice top end sparkle. Might have too much presence and too hot for a GnR sound but works incredibly well for just about any other type of classic rock that calls for a 1960 burst PAF tone.

agree, it is pretty ridiculous how much some of them cost. On the other hand though, there are some killer handwound pups listed there under his budget, that never really get talked about. I also agree with the Wolfetone suggestion, the Marshallhead is a fantastic pickup, and Wolfe is a great guy to deal with.
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trust this advice. this guy knows his ****.

haha, thanks Jon, the feeling is mutual. And to be honest, I think Mesa makes a killer cab, so that shows how highly I think of the Mills stuff.
if you're going to spend that kind of money on a Mesa cab, go for a Mills Acoustics. Cheaper than the Mesa, built better, and a better design IMO. Fantastic sounding cabinets, huge tight lowend response without getting muddy, great projection, and built to withstand touring abuse. I sold my Recto cab after getting one, and couldn't be happier. Only problem is you won't find them used unfortunately, people don't sell them after getting one.
badass setup, congrats Brendan, you deserve it my friend. that cab looks great with that head too, what a tasty looking rig! Definitely want clips when you can get them up, that speaker combo is one I want to try out at some point.
I'm out guys, gotta crash. nice catching up though and shooting the ****.
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Mapz and sperm...

Is this teh HCAF?

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Keep on improving the wheel from the looks of it. I think when it came out to the calculations i did for GAS that i'd think i'd be super complacent with the long run(10 years ha...) it ended up running over 100K and theres no telling what new toys come out from now until then too.

Ill have to scour a Texas Mesa dealer to try one of those out then. from Mesa's site it looks like a nice little jem

definitely check that thing out, it sounds like a really impressive little beast from what I've heard of it. I think you would really dig it.
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ill keep that in mind. My gas list keep growing too much for its own good. at this rate itll end up costing me more than 8 years of college

Its been recently that i've begun to liking my lead channel again. back when i had my Vader 2x12 hooked to it, it was a dream. However the Vader went with me to college to pair up with my cheap rack rig/mark V. So I bought an avatar 2x12 with v30's and it got very harsh and brittle sound out of my Mark IV which made me not like it as much. But when i tried out the Mark IV and Nitro head to head, i ended up walking out of GC with a new cab for my mark IV, a mesa wide body 1x12. Got it back to a even smoother lead sound, in a lighter more portable cab. Though now i have 2x12 sitting in my closet

yeah, gas is a horrible thing. There is so much cool **** out now too, it's way too tempting. The new Shiva is badass, the new XTC is badass, and I haven't heard the new Uber in person yet, but it's supposed to be badass too. All kinds of new amp makers popping up. The Titan amps are supposed to be a cross between a 5150 and an Uber, so I'm excited to try that one. Peters came out with a Hydra, which sounds badass. Fortin has the Bones which recently came out, and he's introducing the NATAS this fall. The new ENGL Fireball 100 is supposed to be a great sounding amp, and the Morse is a hidden gem in the ENGL line. Just too much stuff on my gas list at this point, I can't seem to save any money.

edit: oh, and check out the mesa Electradyne, gat dam that thing sounds fun!
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just sayin, pull out.

dude, you are going to wind up in trouble with that method, I can tell you for sure.
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just do what my doctor told me.

"don't wanna get pregnant? just don't have sex it's so simple!"

"doc, you crazy."

not an option!
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I feel the same way each time i look at mine. Its a beautiful instrument , built with so much care, i feel its a crime to play it almost. And that would make sense, really a magnificent build

The Nirto excelled better for me in the Lower gain/ch 2 section. The mark couldn't compare there by a long shot. but i couldn't get a smooth lead as i could with the . i tried a super stock and a quickrod last week and loved them much better than the nitro

yeah, me too, I loved the Quickrod, and I bet I would dig the superstock. Try to get a hold of a 3 preamp tube version of the QR with the gears if you get the chance. I've had a couple versions, and that 3 pre model just had an aggression that the newer ones don't have. The clean channel suffers quite a bit though, lol.

You're going to be hard pressed to beat that smooth Mark IV lead though. Just enough compression to make playing feel easier, but still open sounding and smooth. I really dug the leads on the Mark. The only other amp I've liked better for leads has been the XTC red channel. Not as open sounding, but wow, what a joy to play.
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i was conceived when my mom was on the pill.

haha, oh great, another story like this. I'm going to have to rethink my plans here.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I feel blessed and wouldn't change a thing, but 2 is definitely enough!
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Im ready. come winter, ill be retubing it. Meanwhile these mesa tubes do the job.

Thats what got me about the nitro. Also loud little monsters. Thinner sounding at lower volumes than the mark. Also a little too dirty of a clean channel for my taste, but it still was a damn good clean channel. Im too used to the Mark's mid-range punch and bells and whistles . The GEQ and clean channel on it made me choose it over the nitro in the end.

haha yes i did get it from him. he did much better pictures that showed the actual finish than i could ever catch with a 9 year old digi-camera. im loving the edge zero bridge. Its overtaking my lo-pro love.

yeah, me too, I'm really liking the Edge zero. I love the little adjuster wheel too, what a great feature. What really impressed me overall was the attention to detail on the J's though, you can tell someone really took pride in building them. I've been told that in order to even work in the JCustom shop, you have to have 15 years of luthier experience, so I guess that makes sense.

And I know exactly what you mean about the Nitro. It's not even close in the features department to the Mark, and midrange was strong, but just wasn't right for my tastes. I dug the Quickrods midrange a lot more for some reason.

To be fair though, I think if I was going to do it over, I would go straight for the BB x SB combination that Splawn sells. I think those speakers might have been the ticket for that amp. Scott's youtube vid made me gas so hard for that thing, lol, but I could never duplicate it.
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I agree. 4 months is too short to tweak. it took me a full year to tweak my mark IV perfectly.

The lack tube type combo definitively made me like my mark IV for the time being. I want to try some kt77's ( get a retube kit from bob). i still have yet to change the tubes so i have no idea how old these mesa tubes are( i bought it used 3-4 years ago, so the tubes are perhaps even older).

I almost traded my mark IV straight up for a Splawn Nitro a couple weeks ago, but i couldn't find a way to part myself with it after playing them side by side. That being said a splawn nitro or a one channel amp is on the top of my GAS list.

The BKP will make that baby purr even more. The J customs are such nice guitars. Worth every penny and more. Mine holds the spot at being my favorite guitar after my classical. Where did you get yours from?

oh man, if you have old tubes in that beast, you are in for a treat. That was one amp that I heard the benefits from new tubes immediately. The previous owner sold it to me with old dull tubes in it. After a retube, it screamed. He came over my house afterwards, and was pissed he ever sold it, it was that much better.

The Nitro is a wicked cool amp, but something cardboardy about the midrange. It was like the brass ring on the merry go round for me. I kept that thing for months, constantly tweaking, but could never get it perfect. Tried all kinds of tubes, cabs, etc... He purposely designs them so they don't sizzle at all, I guess he hates that about Marshalls. Unfortunately for me, I like a bit of sizzle on the topend, and it wouldn't do it without getting harsh. Great percussive huge lowend though, really impressive. I've since picked up an amp that does it for me though, everything I was hoping the Nitro was going to be. A Wizard MC100. Love that friggin thing, lol.

and I'm really diggin the JCustom. Such a great guitar, and flawless craftsmanship. I got it from Meetsparkle, great seller. I assumed you got it from the same place, those pics kind of looked familiar.
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Don't be so sure of that. I have a cousin who was conceived while my aunt was on "the pill". Just a fair warning man.

ugg, that's not good to hear, I can look at my wife funny and she gets pregnant. With all the beer and smokes, I was supposed to be sterile at this point too! :
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I've never tried one but I would have to agree with you anyway. Normally when a company tries to combine all of the great aspects of their previous products and put them into one new product they fall short of the mark.

yeah, just my opinion, but after hearing it, that was my impression. I guess I really didn't get enough time to really hear one though, you need to own any of the Mark series for a while before you can really figure out what it can do.

Quote by mexican_shred
it was a great amp. Fixed alot of my beefs that i had with the mark IV, but it ended up being a tweaking nightmare. Plus it would have been sitting in my house this year. Taking a heavy course load so no time to play or crank(living with three other guys). I managed to get a profit off the sell so im not entirely bummed about it. It also helped pay for two very awesome pedals i had been wanting and a very awesome guitar that i've had my eye on for a couple of years

well, that's cool then. Being a Mark previous owner though, and knowing you have a great ear, I think if 4 months wasn't enough time to tweak, I don't think it was in there to be honest. I still think the Mark IV is a superior amp overall. The inability to use EL34 and 6L6 together kind of killed my gas for it too, I can't figure out why they would leave that option out. I think you made out good man, sold it while the hype was still huge. They are taking a hit in popularity at this point. I see you ended up with a JCustom. I recently got the same guitar, and absolutely love it. I have some BK painkillers on the way for it, so I'm pretty excited.

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well congratulations, even if it was an "oh ****" baby, so was I.
and that seems like much more help full advice than mine, but i will say this.

pull out.

haha, I prefer to call him a "surprise". I was one too, lol. She's going back on the pill after this, no more surprises.
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oh congrats on the new kid. That must be exciting.
Ha the big question of g.a.s

im still running my mark IV and JSX . I had a mark V for about four months, but had to sell due to tuition payments, new guitars and pedals. kinda bummed that i had to sell it, but my mark IV still does the job well, especially a some new pedals.

yeah, bills suck. I think you still wound up with the better amp IMO however. I think they tried to do to much with it, and ended up missing the mark, literally. IMO, the Mark IV is still a superior amp.
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you had another one!?

well well well mr. fertile.

haha, dude, it's even worse than you can imagine. One word of advice, don't trust the Nuva ring.

oh man, I just say you have the same friggin guitar as me, congrats!!! Such a kickass axe. I have a set of Bareknuckle Painkillers on the way for it.

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Alright, alright. Enough with the mushy, romantic reunion.