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I just heard someone mention a modded Keeley TS9 Tubescreamer and since that is the pedal I'm thinking of getting I just wanted some more info on it.

1) What exactly do they do when they mod the pedal?

2) Do you think it's worth the extra $50 for the modded version?

Thanks for all who replies and if anyone wants to give me any other info that would be nice.

mostly they change out the mass produced cheaper components for more expensive quality versions, ie resistors, diodes, caps, transistors, etc... Some component values might be changed to alter the sound a bit. Usually more quiet, maybe smoother, maybe more gain, more bass, etc...

depends if it's worth it to you. It's all stuff you could find online, like the component values and parts that are swapped. It really does make a big difference in the sound of the pedal. Depends if you want to hunt down the parts, and want to deal with soldering on a tiny PCB. It's pretty easy to do, but it is a PITA, and you can screw it up if you burn stuff. The resale won't be as good either, as people know names like Keeley, Analogman, etc... Most people don't trust home modded pedals. I don't trust them unless I know the person that did it, and know their work.
$1700 is way too much to pay for a used Dual Rec unless you're overseas. That's not far off their new price, they go around $1100-1200 used in good condition unless it's a pre-500. The Blackmore is a little high too IMO, but not bad.
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I know i'm not the TS, but how does the EVH 5150 III sound compared to the other two?

nothing like the Peavey versions IMO, completely different design. The Peavey versions sound more aggressive and raw to me, and maybe a bit tighter. The Fender version is way more versatile IMO, and has a much more refined sounding distortion to me. I prefer the Peavey for the all out metal rhythm tones, and prefer the Fender for just about everything else. All opinion though.
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Take a look at the tuner on the right in this video. It's the fastest tracking tuner I've ever seen. The only potential problem I see with it is it's a strobe tuner, and that's an issue only for people who don't know how to use strobe tuners in comparison to needle tuners.

once you start using a strobe tuner, a guitar will never sound in tune to you again unless you have one. Hate those friggin things, lol.
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After listening to a few clips, I'm definitely feeling the Xotic pedals. Thanks guys, I really appreciate this!

the Xotic pedals are killer IMO man, can't go wrong with any of them. The RC is closer to an almost completely clean boost, the AC is like a tubescreamer with more gain and bass, and the BB is a crazy good boost and dirt box with a ton of gain. Love them all.
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The Fender 5F6A Bassman is the single most important amp in rock history

'59 Tweed Bassman was cloned and slightly modded by Jim Marshall into the JTM-45, which was used by Eric Clapton, and turned to 10 to get that classic Marshall crunch that basically started heavy British blues rock.

could go a step further, and include the Fender Princeton. Randall Smith took a Princeton and added extra gain stages in the preamp to make the Mark I Boogie, the first amp to use preamp overdrive leading to modern high gainers.
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Tried this, it didn't affect the output signal at all.

Another thing I should mention, the crackling increasingly gets worse the longer the amp is turned on.

All the valves seem relatively firm.

Any other ideas?

were you tapping the preamp tubes or the power tubes. The powertubes should all remain quiet, but the preamp tubes will make noise when tapped, especially the input tube at V1. What you are looking for is the crackling sound to change or get worse when gently tapping the preamp tubes.
could be a bad powertube, even if you just changed them. Also check V1 and the PI of your preamp tubes, I've had volume loss when one of those is bad. Check for bad cables in the chain too. Check your fx send/return jacks too. I don't know your amp, but some of them use switching jackes on the fx loop(ie 5150). When those get dirty or build up oxidation, they can stop working or cut our volume as they are just before the PI. Inserting a regular patch cable into the jack a few times is usually enough to clean it.
I don't know much about that amp, but there are a few things to check. Sometimes amps will have a switch on the back for pro/consumer level audio, +4dB/-10dB. With pedals, you'll want it set at the consumer level, -10dB, pro level is for rack effects.

Make sure if the amp has send and/or return levels, that they are set appropriately. Sometimes the way they are designed, the ch vol will acts as a send level too.

If it's a tube driven loop, try a new preamp tube in that position. Your manual should give a tube diagram for what each socket does.

Does the same volume drop happen with any pedal in the loop, or only the CC?
funny, neither were ever designed for the br00talz, they were EVH's sig head, lol. Bands just found out after the fact that it could bring a ton of distortion and still stay tight and sound full. The 5150/6505 to me sounds like it has a bit more girth, while the 5150II/6505+ sounds a bit tighter to me. Both have insidious amounts of gain, more than you would ever use unless you want to sound like a beehive. The extra EQ on the II/+ is nice because you have more control over the clean, but neither are what I would consider a great clean. Usable clean, but cleans aren't why you buy the amp, versatility is going to be what you make of it with these heads. They both IMO need some volume to really shine, and they both cut like mofos, so very popular with touring bands.

and btw, the 5150 is the same as the 6505, 5150 II is the same as the 6505+. EVH leaving Peavey is why they changed the name, he owns the rights to the 5150 name.
yeah, Marks are all tricky to dial in. I know the expression is tired at this point, but it's an amp where you really do have to "dial with your ears, not your eyes." Some settings that actually sound good on those heads seem like it would sound like poo just by looking at them, and going by how most EQ's work. Certain things like the treble/pres will affect the amount/voicing of the gain, midrange affecting where the bass is set and tightness, etc... You have to dial those things in with the regular TMB, then use the GEQ to fine tune, rather than trying to compensate with the GEQ. Very odd EQ that takes a while to figure out, but they can bring some damn good tones once you do. Mesa aren't really that bad priced either in the states IMO, at least when you consider the build quality and features. Also, their resale is excellent.
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the thing about the HT 5 is this... i have heard that the internal circuitory deviates too far from your standard tube amps. as a result, it starts to sound a little bit generic and unlike a tube amp.

this deters me slightly from getting one. if i really cant find a low wattage amp with an FX loop, though, i would either get the HT5 or one of those 120 watt things.

play one for yourself man, don't listen to people that judge an amp by looking at gut shots. It doesn't sound SS to me, especially dimed where it breaks up, it just sounds good. If it were SS, it would sound like a bag of ass when it clipped.
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I'm not trying to be condescending, I genuinely want to know: What is the benefit of tuning a 6 string guitar to drop B rather than just using a 7 string or a bass?

The lowest I have ever gone is C standard and even that seemed a little unnecessary.

7 string neck is going to feel a lot different, and it takes a bit to get used to having/using that 7th string if you learned on 6. Some guys want to tune down for some extreme forms of metal, but still want the feel of a 6 string.
right on, that sounds great man, living the dream. Some of my favorite guitarists are/were studio musicians too.
that's wicked cool, congrats man!

Band sounded great, didn't care much for her live singing, hehe. Did you actually write any of the guitar parts, or did they hire you to just come in and play what was already there? Very cool either way, and that's some great loot they are paying you!
you won't blow that combo of speakers, Celestion rates their speakers very conservatively, and you have a total capacity of 120 rated watts for that setup anyway. I ran an XTC loaded with 6550 tube thru that setup for months at high volume, no problems whatsoever. The H30 are a great speaker, really cool crunchy snarling midrange, big bottom, and a bit of brightness in the upper mid. I loved them for a more hard rock setup, really brought out the mid growl nicely.

I didn't care for them with amps that had a very bright upper mid however, got a little harsh for me. The K100 x V30 are a kickass combination for metal, more modern sounding, huge tight bottom, a bit more balanced thru the mid, and slightly rolled off upper mid. Can't go wrong with either combo tbh.
I think an RFT ECC83 would work well in your situation. I have one in my ENGL, and it really works well to tame some of the brighter topend and upper mids the amp has. Wouldn't be my first choice for every amp, but it can work wonders in the right application. Failing that, I've always thought the current production JJ12AX7 sounded a bit darker than a lot of other preamp tubes.
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You need to get a smartmedia card. I got mine off ebay for $7.00. The only problem with them is that they are not available with a lot of memory. Like sim cards are!
I think on mine I can record 4 tracks around 5 minutes each.

Good luck,

^To the poster above me. Two things different between the GNX3 and 4 are the smartmedia card vs flash card and s\pdif out vs usb out.

ahh, bummer, thanks for clearing that up.
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Hey guys, I have one of the digitech GNX3 pedalboard which I record on using the built in 8 track I want to put these recrodings on my computer but I don't know what the memory card for this thing is. Anyone of you guys have experience with these or know what memory card ithey uses??

Thanks in advance

I have a GNX4, so I don't know if it's the same, but it uses a compact flash card, up to 1GB. If it has USB, you should also be able to transfer directly to computer using their drivers.
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Christ o_O
How much are Mills cabs? Never looked into them although I have heard a few clips on your netmusicians page...

they are $969 + shipping now. I bought mine when they were still $1300, and I still feel it was completely worth the money. The new Diezels are $1700 now in the states, since they aren't made here anymore.

I got my first one used, but they are like spotting unicorns on the used market. People who get them don't let them go. The guy I got mine from went with a Stoneage cab, and while a good cab, he's since bought another Afterburner.
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For the year I've been on HCAF, only Juggernaut and Abecon5 have went more amps/as many amps as him.

dude, that's nothing, he's been relatively complacent in his gear whoring over the last year. In previous years, he's gone thru the same damn amps multiple times, lol. He's owned like 3 Herberts, 4 Cobras, 3 5150, etc. etc. etc.
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Diezel Herbert and the matching 4x12 cab.

you might want to reconsider the "dream" cab. My buddy Matt had the Diezel FL cab, and A/B'd with his Bogner and a friends Mills Acoustics Afterburner 412B. The Mills smoked both of them, and he has since sold his Diezel and a Bogner cab to get 2 Mills.

Nobody I know in the states, other than a dealer and an endorsee, have heard how the newly designed FL K100 cabs stack up against the older designs. However, the huge price premium on the new ones in the states comes from them not being made in the US anymore, so they have to imported and incur a ton of fees. They used to be made by the same company that makes the Bogner cabs. I haven't seen any real details on how the new cabs are better/different than the older ones, other than different speakers.
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lol, so he decided to do it

haha, yeah, Keith is a character for sure. He's a great guy, but has some of the worst gear gas I've ever seen.
couple problems with that list. Cameron amps aren't taking orders until they can catch up with existing ones. You could be waiting a LONG time for them to begin real production on these amps. No one really knows the real story, but as of right now, you're only going to get used ones, and people are charging much more than they are brand new if you can find one.

Mako is also in this boat, although Andrew is a much better business man IMO. He stopped taking orders for a while, but should be building again soon. You will need to find one used, and I don't know how many Mak2's are out now. Also, you'll want to differentiate whether you want a Mak2 White(dorado preamp), or Mak2 black(makoplex preamp)

I would cross Madison off the list too IMO, they have had some shady practices in the past, like directly cloning a DSL, along with ch switching faults, and claiming all made in the USA when they weren't. Duct tape inside the amps, pots that weren't even connected, etc. They may have changed their practices, but I wouldn't trust them at this point.

I do know where you can get a brand new 100W Titan for $1300 however, with SS loop updgrade and contour upgrade. He's upgrading to the 200W model, so he's going to take a loss on the head, which has less than 20 hours on it. PM me if you're interested.
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Yeah for sure man, thats a lot for a cabinet, what I can say is that I am absolutely loving it so far, its like night and day from my mesa, I cant see him being disappointed at all! Thing I like best is that it fills the room, it doesnt just sounds good right in front, it sounds basically the same no matter where you are, it sounds great even if I go wandering off haha

awesome, if it has the projection of a front loaded, with the resonance of a rear, that would be a kickass combination. Looking forward to your comparison, if you don't mind, shoot me a PM so I don't miss it. Thanks bro
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Yep, this is probably the newest Diezel Cab in the world, it was only finished wednesday I think haha, tbh no I havent had experience with the older Diezel Cabs So I cant help you, sorry! Actually Pins got an older one, ill see if I can try his out, see what the differences are like

Also to the guy who posted the 7....thats the blackest blackmachine ive ever seen haha

awesome man, that would be great. I have a friend that is on the fence about getting one of the new ones. It's quite a price premium here in the states though for the new designs, it's about $1700USD after shipping to get one here, so needless to say he's a bit wary, lol.
badass rig man! Congrats! So that the is new Diezel frontloaded design, going by the K100? Have you been able to compare it to their older frontloaded design? HNCD!!!
maybe natural compression as the tubes start getting pushed a bit?
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However, their are other amps better than diezels for an alt rock tone that he wants, and if he has the money, he should try everything he can get his hands on.

agree on the second half, he needs to try everything he can get his hands on, but the first half depends completely on taste. The Diezel has a killer rock tone if you like the Diezel sound, which a lot of people do.
I know their amps are pretty decent, don't have any experience with the cabs. $300 is pretty cheap though, if the Celestions are V30(60W x 4), it's almost worth it for the speakers alone IMO.
yeah, I'm assuming you could as long as you adjusted for impedance, but realize there is only a 3dB difference there. It will lose some punch and have less headroom, but to drive 50W of powertubes, it's still going to be ear bleeding loud. You know there is also a Soldano Hot Rod 50 Avenger out now.

I would also contact Soldano just to be sure if you still want to pull tubes, some amps run a very high voltage circuit where it isn't safe to pull tubes, ie. Roccaforte.
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I've decided to trade in my Knucklehead Tre Reverb because I just can't get the metal tones I'm after. It pains me to get rid of it because it sounds absolutely amazing with rock, cleans, any type of blues, and leads.

before you give up on the Tre Reverb, have you tried boosting it with an OD pedal yet? I've heard some pretty sick metal tones come out of that amp, but it likes an external boost to tighten it up.
gee, wonder what it could be?
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Erik - did you have a Quick Rod too or just the Nitro or both? I can never remember.

Question came up (in Colin617s thread) about the Quick Rod doing low gain stuff. In Gear 1 with the preamp down I consider that low gain. Lower than a Crate V. It goes to the question about whether or not Scott Splawn would make a 50w Super Stock.

Super Stock
100 watts - w/ half power switch (triode/pentode)
Channel 1 (clean) - independent EQ with added mid control and gain controls
Channel 2 (overdrive) - solo boost, OD1 (rhythm) /OD2 (lead) mode
3 Button Footswitch - #1 Clean/Overdrive - #2 OD1/OD2 - #3 Solo Boost
Transformer - Heyboer
Series Effects Loop - w/ true-bypass and adjustable +4db/-10db switch
Impedance Selector - 4/8/16 ohms
Main Voltage Selector - 100, 120, 220, 230V
Tubes - Choice of Mullard EL34s, Tung Sol EL34Bs
Price - $1850

I told him to just get a Quick Rod. There are more of them, especially used and I doubt the differences between a 50w SS and a 50w QR would be all that great. Or Competition for that matter - I think he wants the 25w option.

acdcrocks and mcrfobtia were asking

yeah man, actually, I owned 2 Quickrods and a Nitro. One QR was the older 3 preamp model with no seperate gain for cleans, and the other was the newer 4 pre models with seperate gain on the clean. Both QR's had the gears though too.

I considered gear 1 low gain, but I suppose a hotrodded Plexi could be considered at least mid gain to a lot of people.
The gain on the clean channel can do the low/mid gain stuff pretty well too however IMO.

Not sure if Scott would do a 50W SS, but it's definitely a possibility. I know he's done things like that for other people in the past. It would probably really help that Colin is a pro touring musician too, he could probably even get an endorsement. A guy I know was able to get a Nitro with the Quickrod midslope, however he stopped doing that because of confusion it was causing I guess. He's a pretty flexible guy however, and since the SS uses triode/pentode for it's half power, seems logical that he could add a half power switch that would actually take 2 tubes out of the circuit like the QR/Nitro. On those heads, you actually have to change the impedance setting on the head though when you drop down, since it's literally taking 2 tubes out of the circuit. The impedance selector is then reading double what the head is really expecting. Really going to have to ask him personally. Luckily he's very accessible, and usually answers emails the same day you send them unless he's swamped.

I do think the Superstock is going to be better for the really low gain stuff however, since that was it's whole intention when it was introduced. A hot rodded Plexi is still a pretty mean animal.
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I never said I would take the Orange over the Splawn, I said that the Rocker 30 would also be up my alley, although I fear that it would not have enough gain, and the Rockerverb is out of the question because of the cost. I like the idea of the splawn, and probably would go for the comp, if/when I upgrade, but I will most likly be buying sight unseen which is a bit of a worry. But really as of now I am very content with my Triple X, I have done a few smalls mods to lower the gain a bit and add more of "my style" to it and really its not disaponted me in the tones it produces, and from where I am musicaly "I think the I have a bit of growing to do before I out grow the Triple X", not that I suck, I think I am pretty good, but there are many people that are better than me, plus I enjoy rythm more than leads, IDK why, probably because I can move around more and have more fun if I not so focused on playing leads, I need to grow a bit in this area. Like I said before I am for sure not changing anything untill I know if I going to able to continue to use my amp, or be forced to switch to a modeler, which will probably be a POD X3 Live, which I am not to excitied about.

yeah man, after re-reading that, it was kind of snarky sounding on my part, lol, sorry about that. Do give the Splawn a shot if you get the opportunity however.
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Makes sense.

I think there must just be a general misconception on what 'hand wired' actually means. We know they are hand built. I guess it's safe to say that Splawns do not offer Point To Point wiring.

Thanks as always bro.

no problem man, and yeah, no PTP there. I think it stops making sense for PTP after you get to a certain point in features and channels, it would become a nightmare spiderweb of components. I think as long as it's a quality PCB, it can be just as good as PTP. Also, it really adds more consistency overall, since the sound can actually change a lot with just with a small change in the layout of wires. With traces on a PCB, you are ensured that the distances between components and signal path are always going to be the same from amp to amp. That's why you used to get a lot of variance from amp to amp when they were all PTP back in the day, some were magic, and some were duds. You had to play each one to find the winners.
immense rig is immense!

looks KILLER Colin, I can only imagine how awesome it is to play thru something like that. Congrats man. I don't care what genre you play, that rig would put a smile on anyone's face.
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I'll update my comments in the Ultimate Manufacterer Thread. I may quote you as back up but I'm sure you won't mind

Also- check out Colin's Rack Plans Update thread thingy on Page 1 right now. He just got a Super Stock and he is a new guitarist on the Taylor Swift tour. Colin617.

hey cool, I'll check it out, thanks man. And no problem, you can use me, although I doubt my word means much, lol. You can go to Splawns page and see"All Splawn amplifiers and cabinets are proudly hand-built in Dallas, NC, USA" right at the top. The only thing the PCB is used for is the circuit layout. Instead of a machine soldering all the resistors, caps, diodes, etc.., Scott and his team are soldering the parts to the boards. This ensures that every solder joint is good however, so you won't see joints that barely have any solder from a machine whipping over it, or that dull look from not enough heat. The downside however, is that it takes quite a while for him to build every order. You won't see a giant stock of amps waiting for people to buy them unfortunately. All he starts with is a PCB with traces, he still has to wire all the parts by hand.
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^Hey Erik,

1.) I use the Volume pedal trick fairly successfully.

2.) What parts are considered 'handwired' and/or what % has to be hand wired to be considered hand wired? Does it not have PCB too? Dave MC and I had a little discussion on that tonight in the new Only Manufacterer List thread thing IbanezPsycho created.

Great post btw - thanks for posting.

handwired to me can still use PCB construction, but things like all the pots, jacks, switches, sockets, filter caps, etc.. are wired by hand to the PCB. The mass produced amps usually use wave soldering and have everything attached directly to the board(s) instead of using "flying leads"(ie. actual wires to the parts). Flying leads make an amp a lot more durable, as these parts can take a hit without damaging the PCB. If everything is soldered to the boards, one wrong bump can take out a lot of components.
I can't believe anyone would choose an Orange over a Splawn if you live in the states personally. $1500 for a mass produced 30W amp seems way overpriced to me, especially after seeing the guts. There is no comparison whatsoever in terms of build quality compared to Splawn IMO. For $300 more, you can get a handwired 100W Splawn monster with chassis mounted sockets/pots/switches/jacks, flying leads, high quality parts, and high quality Heyboer custom transformers. The new Splawns also incorporate a level control on the fx loop, to simulate the fx loop vol pedal trick people used to use. People used to use a volume pedal in the loop to allow the preamp volume to be raised without blowing your eardrums out. Getting the preamp volume raised helps out it's low volume tones considerably.