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^I was almost going to bring those up earlier until I saw you posting in here. I figured I'd let you bring it up.

Plus, I'm not sure what they cost new but I assumed they would be over budget.

If you are going to get a new cab DiStUrBed then I would def go for the Splawn cab. They are not that much more than Avatar or Vadar and will hold their value better over time me thinks. The only downside is that you may have to wait a while.

yeah, I wasn't going to bring them up, but you started talking about cab G.A.S.

he actually lowered his prices not too long ago though. A brand new Afterburner 412B is now $969 + shipping, where before they were over $1300. They are actually less now than most of the other big name cab makers, ie. Mesa, Diezel, Bogner, Orange, Krank, etc..., and they smoke all of them IMO, and in the opinion of other people that have tried them. I'm actually gassin for another one loaded with greenbacks, and I already have 2.
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Then they misinformed you. I'm not saying that to be rude, just trying to get the right knowledge out there.

I do suggest gloves though if you plan on pulling them out hot.

hehe, yeah, I don't know where that rumor started, but I heard it before too. Amp vacuum tubes get nowhere near as hot as halogens. If they did, I would have went thru hundreds of dollars in tubes already.

and TS, like was said, TURN THE AMP OFF BEFORE YOU START PULLING TUBES! Leave it in standby after you turn it on to check for the tube glow.
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preamp tube is my guess.

pretty easy to check (not full proof but hey)

take the preamp tube covers off
turn up the amp
tap/nudge the preamp tubes with the eraser end of a pencil
see if you can hear the 'tapping' through the speaker

if you find a bad one, you may only need to replace one of them but it is ofter recommended to replace all preamp tubes at once.

actually, only the power tubes should be completely silent when tapped, preamp tubes will make noise when tapped, and it will be louder as you get to V1. Tapping "should" however change or start the crackling sound if he finds the bad one.
that's usually the sign of a tube problem man, that's where I would look first. I would start by swapping in a different preamp tube one at a time if you have a spare. If you don't find the culprit in the preamp, I would try power tubes next. And actually, if it's never been serviced in 2 years, it's probably overdue for a tube change.
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Don't tell that to the guys on the Splawn boards

+1 Erock and bubb tubbs.

I have major Cab Gas now .....

jk - Avatars are made to order and you can pick your color, grill, speakers, etc. and they have a lot of speakers to chose from.

you want real cab gas, check out a Mills Acoustics cab if you get the chance. You will never want another cab, I can almost guarantee it. My friend just got his "2" cabs today actually. He ordered 2 of them after getting a chance to A/B a Mills against his Diezel and Bogner cabs, using his VH4, Herbert, and VHT Pitbull UL. He sold both of them to get the Mills, they are that good man.
while Avatar are great cabs for the loot, personally, I would go with the Splawn if they are even close in price. He uses quality materials and construction, and it will most likely have better resale value. Basically they are boutique quality cabs that sound great, and not just for the price.
Not normal, could be a bad tube, but they will usually blow a fuse if they are shorting, that or they will usually start redplating. Have you tried moving the tubes around to see if any tubes light up in that socket? It should still light up even in standby because of the heater element.
actually, IME, if the grill is the really thick kind that's hard to see through, it can sometimes attenuate a bit of high topend IMO. This can help in some cases if your amp or speakers have a really shrill/fizzy topend. Flipside is it can work against you with a speaker that's already flat in that frequency range.
btw, if you are set on the Diamond stuff, get a hold of Josh Sage at Rebel Amps. I know he was selling a used Nitrox a couple months ago mint for $1350 shipped, and I know he ships to Canada. Great dealer, and he can probably get you a good price on one.
haven't played one, so no comment on their sound. I knew a couple guys that went to NAMM the year they introduced the Spec Op however, and like 2 of the 3 heads weren't working right iirc, lol. It's probably no indication of what they are doing now, but it was a bit of a put off. Haven't really been that impressed with clips, but hard to gauge an amp that way anyway. Their prices seem a bit high though IMO, for not really having a well established name.
Con is obviously the price, but they are great amps. While I really like ENGL too, I think the Diezel would work better for the range of music you play. They have a very unique sound though, so I would play it first if possible, you really won't get their sound in any other amp. Lot's of possibilities in that pricerange, but hard to find an amp that will do so many things so well IMO.
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Just recently discovered...Alex Lifeson uses Orange amps.

sure about that? I know he used Marshalls, then Mesa for a bit, and now he uses his H&K signature amp along with a switchblade. I know he was using the H&K live when I saw them. I've never heard of him using any Orange amps.
yeah, it's called the Rectifier Recording Preamp, it has speaker emulated outputs for recording straight out to a desk without using anything else. Gotta say though, I owned one, and it was very disappointing IMO. I didn't care for the emulated out at all, sounded mushy and fuzzy to me. Was night and day difference playing it thru the 2:100 power amp and a real cab. I bought it for direct recording, but sold it soon after. YMMV, I've heard of other people using it with success, although I haven't really been blown away from any clips from it.
for expensive stuff, I always send in the warranty card and copy of my receipt. I don't feel like trying to hold on to a receipt for years, especially for stuff with a lifetime warranty. It takes 10 minutes to fill it out and send it. I've never been put on a mailing list from it afaik.
if it's cheap, usually not. If it's something like an amp, you bet your arse.
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You people are missing the point - what sounds good on its own does not always sound good in a full mix. Any recording engineer will tell you that.

I don't even care much for that amp below 3 on the post gain actually, it's when it's loud and in a full band mix where it shines IMO. The bias mod helps it amp at lower volumes, but it's not really a bedroom amp.
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i can kind of relate to TS.

my friend has a 5150 and a marshall dsl, and when we got fired up the marshall destroyed the 5150 in terms of chunk and power. no matter how we set it up it always felt like it couldnt keep up to the marshall.

BUT by itself it is VERY awesome amazing tone

there is a reason so many touring bands with 2 guitarists use the 5150, it cuts like a mofo and can bury amps 3x the price. While the DSL is a good amp in it's own right, something was wrong with the 5150 if a DSL was "destroying" it for chunk and power.
hehe, now that's some creative packing! HNAD, sounds like a great amp!

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I've owned one, haha.

I think you need to change your list to "amps I haven't owned yet", it would be a much shorter list me thinks.
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H&K Triamps MKII for 1800 used? Normally I see them go at ~2000.

You may have seen them listed on ebay that much, but they rarely sell for that much. Look at the completed listings. There has been one on rig-talk which started at 1900 and has been there for a month already. It's down to $1700 right now, and still hasn't sold.

Oddly some amps just have very poor resale value. While great amps, both H&K and Rivera seem to resale far below what you would expect them to sell for compared to new prices.
Good thread WTF, since TheShred doesn't seem to be posting anymore. Matrix updated list is good, but I've seen a few used prices a lot cheaper lately. An XTC 101b can be had for 2200-2500, the SLO can be had for 2200-2500, Avenger for 900-1100, Einstein for 1900-2200. VHT D60 for 900-1000. (all used prices in USD)

For great metal cabs, you need to include Mills Acoustics, by far my favorite out of those listed. $969 new, and you usually won't find them used. Add the Xotic BB Preamp for boost pedals too, I'm a boost junkie, and that pedal has been my favorite I've tried so far. can be had between $120-145 used. Krank Krankshaft is also a very good boost IMO.
cool list, but those prices are a bit messed up. There are used prices mixed in with new prices.
sounds good Jaekae! Thanks for the clip!
the Suhr noiseless system IMO. Has the dummy coil in back so it stops noise like a humbucker, but still has that true single coil tone.
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What happened to the Fireball

Check Erock503's profile for clips of THE BEST amps out there. His clips are anazing

thanks man, appreciate that.

I don't know about the Theta, I knew of one guy that owned one, and it didn't sound that great from clips. Of course, that's dependent on the guy recording it too, I've certainly had great amps that I made sound mediocre, lol. The Theta looks great on paper, but I know he ended up selling his not too long after he bought it, if that says anything.

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The Theta is a solid state amp though, and that brings up the age old battle of tubes and solid states. So that may sway my decision in getting a Theta too. Now that Savage by Engl is another story. But I hear the Engls are only good at low volumes, making them good for a practice amp but on stage they dont really cut it.

I don't think that's right man. I've heard of problems with the first version powerball cutting well over another guitarist in a band mix, but I haven't heard of any problems in a single guitar mix. Also, V2 of the powerball supposedly addressed this with a bit more powerful midrange. The other ENGL amps you mention like the Savage should have no problem at all cutting, even with another guitarist in the mix. The only complaint I've heard about the Fireball, is people wishing it had a 100W poweramp, which is what the new version addresses.
just personal opinion, but I'm not a big fan of 75's. IMO, they can get a bit farty and have a weird crunchy fizz on top of everything to my ears. I hear the same things when I mic them. The only amps I've liked them with are amps that have a ton of strong midrange, like most Marshalls. It seems to work with the scooped nature of the 75 IMO.

I like the G12K-100 x V30 X-pattern much more, it's kind of what I expected the V30 x 75 to be like. They have a very big pronounced tight lowend, a balanced(not scooped or spiked) midrange, and an extended topend. They are a bit more subdued in the upper mids, so it balances well with the V30 upper mid spike that can get harsh sometimes. It's a pretty modern sounding speaker combo, I like it a lot for metal. My favorite combination for more rock and hard rock tones has been the V30 x G12H30 combo. Really crunchy sounding midrange that brings out a cool snarl/growl in most amps. I found it can get a bit harsh though with some of the brighter sounding amps like my ENGL.
yeah, you made out IMO. You'd be lucky to get $200 for one of those in working condition, much less broken. Digital amps are usually a PITA to get fixed if something goes bad too, most times you're better off putting the money towards something new.
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There's like I II and III of the 5150, is there any significant difference?

5150(1) has a shared EQ for the clean/crunch and lead channel. 5150II has seperate EQ for the clean/crunch and lead channel. IMO, the 5150 is a little more aggressive and thicker sounding, with the 5150II being a little tighter and having slightly better cleans. The 5150III is made by Fender and is completely different from the original Peavey 5150 series. IMO, it doesn't sound as aggressive as the original Peavey series, but has much better cleans and more versatility.
the 5150 and 6505 are the exact same amp, just like the 5150II and 6505+, same exact circuit and everything. The only reason they changed the name is because EVH left Peavey and owned the 5150 name. There are rumors that the original blockletter heads were better, but the only difference there was the tubes that came stock from the factory.

out of the choices you have now, I would probably go with the Savage personally, but they all have a great metal tone. You are really going to have to play them, no one can tell you which is better for you, they all kick ass. If I were looking at the fireball however, I would be looking into the 100W version personally. It's got some key features added that I think could really benefit that head.
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No, its without an OD. Its pretty much just pushing the front end of the amp or pushing the power tubes. Although I find that pushing the front end seems to give more clarity than pushing the power section strangely.

not strange at all man, if you're going for a metal tone with clarity, poweramp saturation can get a bit too furry IMO. That's why almost all the high gain amps aimed at metal have a ton of headroom, you're basically only wanting some color from the poweramp rather than full on tube saturation.
oooh, nice! How are you liking that Stone Age? I've heard good things about those cabs. I almost went with the beast, but ultimately ended up going with a Mills Acoustics Afterburner 412B. Killer rig fearbefour76!
it's not a bad pedal, and it can actually benefit your sound, but you have to use it with moderation. Like mentioned, it really works best in the fx loop IMO. It's similar to a regular EQ, but it's a different means to the same end. The idea behind it according to BBE, is frequencies hit your ear at different times coming off the speakers. The sonic max shifts the frequencies so it sounds like they are all hitting your ear at the same time. This gives the impression of a fuller and brighter sound. Contour will boost your lowend, and process will add sizzle. You really need to go VERY easy on the 2 controls however, or you can make it sound over processed and fizzy very easily. Personally, I thought it actually worked better with modeling and SS amps tbh, but that's just personal preference. With tube amps, I've found it can sound like a blanket was lifted off your speakers, so it sounds great at first. After a while though, you try it without it on, and the amp actually sounds better with it off, lol. It's a pretty common story with this box, love it for a while, then hate it, then try it again and the cycle continues.
since everyone is throwing their favorite boosts into the mix, I'll throw in the Xotic BB Preamp. Haven't tried an OCD, but the BB has surpassed all of the TS/808 variants I've owned, stock and modded. Tightens without neutering the lowend, and seems to enhance the amps own OD more than coloring over it.
make sure what you're getting. The description says 10 9V outlets, but the picture looks like the DC18 version. The DC18 has 6x 9V outlets, and 4x 18V outlets. Just a FYI, you can't use the 18V outputs with a 9V pedal.

seems a little pricey if it's 2x the price of a regular 1-spot adapter. I don't see any special features, like isolated outputs or a toroidal transformer.
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So this is what it takes to get Matrix & Erock back here again? Amp pr0n?

Awesome amp, Jaekae!! Congrats!

That rack slot is a genius idea. Total portability.

haha, amp pr0n is like gearwhore crack.

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to all

ive made a clean clip now if anyone is interested

sounds great man, nice job.
now we need some metulz.
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why hasn't anyone mentioned Diezel Herbert?

vintage: Plexi
modern: Herbert
oh nice! HNAD!

another request for clips, I've always been curious about these heads. What kind of gain/voicing does it have, how nasty does it get?
very cool setup man, HNAD!

I bet that rig sounds killer in stereo. now where's my royalties.
haven't played a lot of SS amps, made the jump to tube fairly early. I liked the Ampeg VH140C for metal, and a friend of mine had a Vox 120(VTM?) or something that sounded great, had a blue grill cloth I remember. From recordings, I think I would like a Jazz Chorus too. Since you're including digital in there, the best sounding modeler I've heard to date from clips is the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx. Haven't played one yet, but word is they are supposed to even feel like the amps they model.
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Be quiet you!

I dunno, all the V30 cabs I used it with were

I have to admit though, I preferred it thru the Heats too.