with that budget, and spending the money to buy new, there isn't any other cab I would buy other than a Mills Acoustics. If you're looking for a huge tight metal sound, there really isn't another cab on the market that can compare IMO. They are by far the best cabs I've used, and I'm not alone in that opinion by anyone that's actually played thru one.

Quote by MatrixClaw
I also wouldn't do that.

If the Super Comp is anything like my Nitro, it will sound like **** with V30s

Quote by MatrixClaw
Yeah, I tried my Nitro with a bunch of V30 loaded cabs and they all sounded equally horrible with it

G12T-75s and Greenbacks were the best Celestions. Eminence Texas Heats in the Krank cab were the best sounding though imo.

maybe it depends a lot on the cab too.

haha, ya know, there is a clip of the Nitro you had thru a Mills V30 loaded cab on the Splawn site.
if you could stretch your budget a bit, maybe $700-800, I bet you could score a Mesa Mark III.
Quote by shadow__666
I have massive GAS for a Chadwick - it's pretty much my perfect amp. To me, it's what the 2 channel JCM800 should have been.

they are a great little amp imo. The clean channel was one of my favorites, I really like the AC30 though, so that's no surprise. I really liked the gain though too, the drive/shift switches and envelope control really opened up a lot of sounds on that head.
Quote by dcdossett65
Really, I owned a 6505+ and it seemed right there in the ballpark with the Krank, although the REV definitley has a different top end. Maybe its just me, oh well.

Ill tell me bandmate about the customer service, thats good to know. They do have a reputation for breaking though around this forum, so it beats me.

well, ball park is one thing, they are both great metal amps for that punchy thick saturated sound. Both cut like crazy too. The Krank has a way different sounding midrange to me though, while the 5150 still has that raw growl, the Krank has a really aggressive chainsaw snarl in the mids. The highend is different to me, but the lowend is different to me too, with the Krank having more of a sub thump and the 5150 having more low mid punch. Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting down the 5150 or the Krank, I really liked both amps. The Kranks are built quite a bit better however, with better parts.

And definitely contact them, they are great to deal with. I had a problem with my impedence selector on a Stein+, it was stuck on 16ohm but I never noticed since I had a 16ohm cab. The switch wouldn't make sound in any other setting however. Krank sent a UPS truck to my house to pick the amp up, and had it back on a truck to me the day it got there. Patrick also helped me with the first stein I had, and the Chadwick I owned.
very underrated amp IMO. Has a real AC30 flavor on the clean side, and a nice hotrodded JTM/JCM side on the gain channel. It has a quite a bit of gain available, especially boosted, but I liked it better for 80's tones. Not a modern thick metal amp IMO, more voiced in the mids/upper-mids than the low/ low-mids. Very cool amp though, really liked the clean channel.

Quote by dcdossett65
Def not. I recommend getting something other than a krank. They sound great, my bandmate has a REV1+, but to no surprise on my part, it broke within a few months. Also, they are ridiculously overpriced for what you get. A 5150 or 6505 will get you very close to a Krank sound, as I've tried both.

I've had exceptional support from their customer service, even when I had an amp that I bought used. Patrick handles most of the tech work, and he's a great guy to deal with. From what I saw with the amps I've owned from them, from opening them up, they use quality parts with clean builds. While I have owned, and really liked the 5150 for it's own sound, they are not close sounding at all other than being a high gainer IMO.
this is awesome, thanks Gareth
cool review man, I liked how you did that. I'm dying to try an EBMM, but I thought they were much more. Aren't those family reserve like 3k+?

Quote by MESAexplorer
That has to be one of the most powerful active EQ's I've used. Even mesa's don't get that much volume drop when you cut out frequencies.

Mesa doesn't use an actual true "active" EQ though, the signal is routed thru gain/pres/treble so each control affects the next, but the XXX/3120 actually boosts and cuts frequencies afaik.
holy crap, complete winsauce, she's beautiful! HNGD!
Quote by IbanezPsycho
I know im just messing with ya... Stuff like that always trips me out.. Especially the ones that the picture moves but its just a picture. And I still cant see the ****ing space ship by looking through the picture

those things usually come easy to me, but I still see a difference in shade on that picture even knowing they are the same.
Quote by IbanezPsycho
Pfft you photoshopped the the picture at the bottom.. I still dont believe it

haha, nope, try it man, print screen and paste it into paintbrush, then cut it out. I was left scratching my head.
Quote by 667
Perception is a funny thing.

In this picture square A is the same exact shade as square B

that is so cool, lol. I could have sworn they were different. I had to actually cut it out and look at it.

this isn't just perceived though, it's a measurable difference in SPL. You run into diminishing returns as you approach the minimum driving power of the voice coils and phase cancellation with proximity however.
Quote by Ghold125
a 50w amp is still only 50watts, and will be 50watts if you where to run it into a 1x12 or a 4x12. But because there a more speakers, more sound is being distributed in the air.

more speakers means more surface area moving air, so it's more measurable SPL, and therefore "is" louder. That 50W is now being distributed, but you're also increasing the overall speaker sensitivity of the system when you double the number of speakers at the same power level.
matched just means the the tubes are tested to all draw close to the same current under the same plate voltage. This allows you to bias them all close to the same values with one bias pot. Balanced usually refers to the 2 sides of a dual triode preamp tube, where it's tested to have equal values for both sides. Theoretically, you would use a balanced preamp tube in the PI, since that controls the 2 sides of the push/pull relationship with power tubes. It would depend on whether the circuit itself is balanced though.

AFAIK, the Screamer is an adjustable fixed bias amp, so you should adjust the bias accordingly when you get new tubes.
HNAD! good deal man.
whoah, nice! Congrats man, HNAD!
the best amps I've played so far, are the Diezel Herbert, the ENGL SE EL34, and the Bogner Ecstasy. There are still a lot of legendary amps I haven't played yet though, so I'm sure my list will change. Depends a lot on what genres you're shooting for too.
Quote by DLrocket89
A tube-amp-building friend of mine has a 5 watter that sounds like a full stack, when played through the right speaker/cab. There's a lot of great tone left to be found, and only a few amp builders are trying to find it.

yeah, it's obviously possible. TBH, I wouldn't have believed you 6mo ago, but this thing has changed my mind. I've been a 100W+ guy all the way, play mostly hard rock and metal, so the girth you get from the big power sections has always been appealing to me. This little amp has made me reassess what I really need to get the sound I want though.

I made this rough clip with the HT-5 thru a Mills 4x12 w/V30 x G12H30, and it sounds pretty damn big for such a little thing. I'd be interested to hear more about this 5W your friend is making. Does he have a website?
Quote by DLrocket89
Blackstar uses a 12BH7? Cool! Great sounding tube...

yeah, I agree. The way they make that little thing sound like a high wattage amp is pretty crazy, I haven't heard any mini amp yet that sounds as big as these things. The BH7 has a pretty cool breakup in a powertube application too, I'm impressed with these little things.
Quote by Brendan.Clace
you're catching up to Eric pretty quickly

HNAD Matrix!

haha, he's surpassed me i think, this is a record pace for gear whoring.

Besides, I'm in gearwhore purgatory right now. I've had to start from scratch to save for a new amp since I'm not willing to flip anything. You know what amp it is though.

HNAD Matrix, congrats!
the amp uses a 12AX7 for the preamp, and a dual triode 12BH7 as the power tube. You cannot use an EL84 in that amp. It also has a bias pot and should be rebiased if you change the 12BH7. Both tubes are Sovtek stock from the factory. I like the Tungsol 12AX7 in the pre so far.
my first MIA strat with Texas Specials, my first Quickrod with the old clean channel design, and my PTP Dorado. Was dumb to sell those off.
Quote by Holy-Diver
well, it is almost a prestige. i am gonna get an ofr when i get the money. and new tuners. that will make it yolked to be sure

that should be money. Doesn't that have a locking nut already though, does it really need tuners?
Quote by Holy-Diver
i know. but it made them affordable, they woulda been upward of 1000 with any decent hardware

yeah, but still, I probably would have paid the extra if they had made it a prestige tbh. I like how they play and feel, and I like the look. Having owned an Edge III before however, I was not going there again.
Quote by Holy-Diver
bad tuning. feels good for a while. i blocked. but i love my xiphos too much to rid myself of it

I'm still scratching my head why they put those on the Xiphos. That was a deal breaker for me.
Quote by Ikonoklast
I know exactly what a noise gate is, seeing as though i own several.

And yes noise gates and reducers can help you clean up your playing actually, as some of them have a threshold parameter on them that will cut out feedback on unmuted strings whilst you're playing. In my opinion cutting feedback with your hands is the proper way to play. Not saying don't get one, just saying it can make you think you play cleaner than you do.

yeah, this must be some noise gate you're using if it can cut feedback on unmuted strings, i need one. You still have to mute correctly to have a "normal" noise gate clamp.
Quote by Ackj
Being that I dont have a rack, I probably wouldnt be getting the ProRack. However, who has tried that "g-string decimator" version?
I guess it has extra inputs so you can run it before the input and in the loop like the prorack, but its still a stompbox.

I have one, and it works excellent. 4 in/outs, one set for running the guitar directly into it, and another set for the fx loop. It cuts out just about all noise, and is transparent enough to use with cleans. Another advantage is you can run your OD/boost pedals after the ISP, directly to the front of the preamp, so they can boost it without having a buffer in between. All the noise reduction takes place at the fx loop, so it eliminates feedback and also any amp noise. If you aren't using it with an fx loop, you use the fx loop in/out on the pedal to make a loop for pedals, and it eliminates the noise there.
Quote by The Horror!
Which one do you think holds tuning better? The LSR roller nut or the Graphtech nut?

Also, do you know if either of them cause any tonal difference, 'cause I've heard the graphtech makes for a slightly darker sounding guitar

roller nut should be the same differences in sound as using a metal locking nut as opposed to plastic. I didn't notice any difference in sound going from a regular factory plastic nut to a graphtech, just more tuning stability. The guys with super ears seem to like bone nuts.

I went with the graphtech because you don't need to modify the neck to install it, you can fit it to the same slot as the factory nuts. An LSR needs a wider space for the nut, so you will have to route out the neck for it.

Quote by Austin_Scharosc
A properly oiled graphtech nut should be able to do what a lsr does.

not sure you want to oil a graphtech nut, the whole point is the graphite acts as a lubricant.
Quote by corndog97
really?? thats cool too know.
btw your netmusicians recordings are insanely awesome!

thanks man
not sure if it would help your problem, but I remember around Nov of 07 they upgraded the Decimator pedals and ProRack by updating the downward expander. People were noticing the trails at the end like you describe, but mostly on clean settings IIRC. The upgrade helped it's clamping times. I think he was doing the update for free last I remember, but that was a while ago. If you bought it new in the last year, it should be already upgraded afaik.
Quote by Kevin Saale
It makes sense to me. Bass amps are usually quite clean, I don't think they'd produce those speaker destroying lows with a bass guitar run through the amp. I mean, what kind of speakers are people using in bassmans, super basses, and YBA-1s?

yeah, like was mentioned, it isn't distortion that kills them, it's reproducing the low frequencies of a bass with a speaker designed for guitar. How clean the signal is isn't the problem, most bass amps have a ton of wattage because the low frequencies take more power to amplify. If people are using those amps you listed for a bass guitar, then yes they are normally using bass speakers, which will also handle a guitar no problem. I played bass for a few years before picking up guitar, and I can tell you from experience, a guitar cab will sound like ass if you play thru it enough with a bass and bass amp. I played a guitar thru my bass amp for years with no problem however.
if I'm understanding you right, it's not the amp head that will destory the speakers, it's actually playing an amplified bass guitar thru the speakers. The low frequencies produced by the bass guitar will wreck guitar speakers, they aren't designed for it. Running a guitar thru the SVT, and then into a guitar cab should be fine. Just take note of the power handling.
yeah, you'll end up paying on ebay since you're a new seller, even if the buyer pays shipping which is always the case. You will be forced to use paypal, and they will hold the money until the buyer gets the item and either gives you feedback, or a certain number of days pass without a complaint. You then pay listing fees, final value fees, and paypal's 2.8-3.8% cut. Ebay and paypal get you coming and going with their little monopoly these days.
Quote by dbl93100
also i forgot to mention - i tried out the ehx micro pog, and all i can say is it's AMAZING. perfect tracking, and it's so musical. like, it sounds great, and you can play anything and it still sounds good. unlike with the whammy it can sound like crap and be hard to make real music

also used the mxr zakk wylde overdrive with the blackheart head + 112 cab since the blackheart doesn't have any gain/drive - it's just a clean amp. overdrive sounded good, can use just as a distortion, it's powerful enough. mxr makes great pedals.

hehe, dunno how I missed that already went.

Sounds like it was a cool trip.
Personally, I would take the opportunity to play every amp you can get your hands on in NYC, there should be some really nice boutique ones that are next to impossible to play usually. With guitars, you're going to want to play the actual guitar you are buying anyway, as they can vary greatly even in the same model. Amps are far more consistent usually, so you can basically know what you're getting just by playing one. Later down the road, you'll have a great reference for amp hunting.
Quote by Spike6sic6
The way I learned it is Z=1 / (1/Z1+1/Z2), but I believe your formula makes sense. But there's a much easier trick. When you have 2 impedances with the same values in parallel, the equivalent is half of that value. In this case, two 8 ohms cabs=4 ohms.

your formula is the same thing, just written different.
Quote by Dave_Mc
the 550's better. it's a better guitar, the 320 is a mid-range guitar with an upgraded trem. EDIT: though if eric says it hung with his 1570...

yeah, Dave is right, it's a great playing guitar, but the 550 will be worth more. That 550 looks pretty badass too.
Quote by WTF!!is a TAB
^ so what should i go for??
your guitar or save up for the RG550

going to be your preference man. The only thing that would normally separate them in quality would be the bridge and pups. In this case however, they both have great trems, and good pups. The necks are very simliar, but I think this has the wizard II, where the 550 has the original wizard? Not sure, but they are very close, just depends what you prefer.
hehe, yeah, I've done several trades with Corey. Great trader
Quote by WTF!!is a TAB
ummm the Guy with the RG 550 doesnt want to trade with me anymore he wants $650 for it but i dont have the money...........

and the guy with the RG320FM still wants to trade (he is MESAexplorer)
his RG320FM has EMG 81/89, Edge Pro tremolo, Killswitch, Push Pull volume/coil spil and he is throwing a JEM case.....

so should i go with MESAexplorer's offer or save up for the RG550

i also found these RG's in Craigslist.

are they any good??

hehe, that RG320FM used to be my guitar. It was a really nice axe when I owned it, hung right along my RG1570. Not sure what it looks like now, but it was mint not too long ago.