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Too bad there are much more on that list.

haha, I hear that. I really didn't want to like the Diezel to be honest, they are so pricey in the states. I'm friends with a dealer, and he sent me one to mess around with. I had to have one after playing thru it, should have never tried it, he knew what he was doing.
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agreed...especially considering that beast is 180W o_O

yeah, pretty ridiculous wattage with the 6x EL34. You can also load it with all KT88/6550 or any combination of tubes, so I imagine that would bump up the power rating too.
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no they dont. the VH4 was one of the best amps i ever heard with the master volume barely cracked to 0.5/10

yeah, definitely different tastes. I thought the Herbert had one of the best master vols I've used on a big amp. The tones to me are pretty ridiculously good at low vols.
oh man, thanks for doing that Mark. I need to get a some time to go thru them, but really appreciate you posting them up. I like your clips, so I'm sure I'm going to dig these.
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Yeah, I wish I could afford an Ecstasy.

well, I wouldn't buy new, these amps are built like tanks. I've seen the wheat cloth ones as low as $1800 used in the last few months.
consider yourself lucky then, you can cross off a $4k amp from the "must have" list. They aren't going to be tonal nirvana for everyone, everyone has different tastes.
with that many pedals, you need to rack them and use a GCX, or use a few of these things on a board.
it's different for sure from your 5150. Very dry and tight sounding amps. The D was supposed to be VHT's departure from that, but alot of people still find it pretty dry. It doesn't have anywhere near the saturation of the 5150 to my ears either. Monetarily, that's a good deal though. You should be able to get quite a bit more for a D60 than a 5150 at this point, even if you didn't like it. What is it you're looking for that the 5150 isn't giving you, or just looking for a change?

Personally, I think it's a great sounding amp that can definitely do metal, but I don't think it's as br00tal sounding as a 5150. IMO, I also think the single channel is somewhat limiting for cleans depending on the player. If you aren't good with a guitar vol, or use a boost pedal, rolling back for cleans mid song can be a PITA.
the XTC is a seriously addictive amp, I have a 101B, and it's pure secks. Fender like cleans depending how you dial it on the green, just about any classic crunch to hot rodded Marshall on the blue, and a big thick chunky sounding high gain red channel. The Red is chewy and crunchy, with tons of gain. It makes leads just sing, probably one of if not "the" best lead amp I've ever played. Just enough compression to make notes sing and make you feel like you are cheating when you play, but still retains the dynamics of the tone. Think AIC's Dirt for the red channel. It has that crazy signature Bogner growl and crunch in the midrange that just seperates and blooms. It really sounds like more than one amp when you hit a big chord and let it ring out. Every time I hear that album, I want to go home and play it, lol. I don't even play a lot of what the amp was designed for, but it's so good sounding, I can't let go of it.
haha, you giant whore. Congrats man!

so I want to hear what this WarpX can do, I've heard about it, but never actually saw someone that owned one, lol. It got a couple bad reviews, and that seemed to kill the gas since they aren't as well known for metal. CLIPS!

So what is your overall rig right now man? You're confusing even me at this point!
yeah, get a speaker cable, that's important. Check that fx loop though, it's a common problem with these amps, and it's an easy fix.
before you panic, try plugging a patch cable from the FX send to the FX return. If the volume comes back, it's a dirty switching jack on the fx loop. It's a notorious problem with the 5150 and any amps that use switching jacks on the fx loop. If it's just a dirty jack, you can spray some contact cleaner on a 1/4" cable end, and insert it a few times into the fx loop jacks. I've seen the same thing on my 5150 and ENGL.
wait to try a Blackstar at your local GC or something, it will definitely get heavy enough for ZW, and beyond with a boost pedal. IMHO, I don't think there is a mini amp out that gets as heavy and sounds as "big" as the HT-5. Cleans are great, but not much headroom obviously.
very nice combination you have man, seen many bands using that, and they sounded killer together. Congrats, and HNCD!
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went to tokyo and tried both Herbert and Pittbull today.
liked the Pittbull better. i'm not yet really sure why.
wanted to ask you guys, how can you stand Herbert's channel 3? it's awful. too much fuzzy quality in the gain structure. poor definition. channels 1 & 2 were ok but i don't think the knobs are as responsive as the Pittbull.

maybe i'm wrong but i'll go try again someday.

next time you try it, pay close attention to the midcut feature, and where the level and intensity is set. You can really change the voicing depending where the intensity is dialed with the mid cut on. The level control is just used to compensate how much of a mid cut you dial. The presence is very sensitive on this amp too, but has a wide range. Try everything at 12:00 next time and go from there. I like the midcut on, but dial the intensity rather low, and boost the mid on the channel. You can definitely get some nice clarity on ch 3, without fizz, it's just a matter of dialing it in. Very sensitive to guitar/pup and cabs too, sounds the best to me thru V30 or G12K100. It's not going to sound as dry and tight as a pitbull, but the amp has a feel and sag to it that makes playing it very enjoyable, while still retaining clarity.
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How much it cost you for shipping?

I'll be placing an order for my 4x12 AB Straight Cab next week.

I had it delivered to my door by music freight, so it was like $150 iirc. It's cheaper if you pick it up at loading dock near you, but you need a truck or something that can fit it. They are pretty huge with the packaging, and very heavy. Congrats man, you are going to be blown away. There is a 30 day money back guarantee too if you're not, but I don't think he's ever had anyone use it.
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Why do ENGL cabs have to cost so much!! I mean 1500 for a 4x12 with greenbacks is pretty steep...

it's because they have to import them and ship them overseas. Check out Mills Acoustics. Best cabs I've tried or owned, and they sound sick with the ENGLs. Under $1k, and built better than any cabs on the market, in addition to an innovative design. I own 2 of them, and have no interest in any other brand at this point.
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I've heard nothing but good things about the 100W Invader, and nothing but bad things about the 150W Invader


*scurries back into dark corner*

haha, that amp is one of the reasons I put "almost"
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I stand corrected then. Glad to see you doing your homework...

Weird tho. Hrmph.

yeah, I'm not happy about it. I have an old set of good JJKT77 that are a couple years old. They came out of the first Quickrod I had, which was an older 3 preamp version with the old clean channel. They still sound good, but I mainly keep them for testing and in case I got another Quickrod. I recently tried them in my ENGL SE however, troubleshooting a vol issue, and man did they sound good in there. I was pretty surprised, because I didn't expect to like them in this particular amp. I'm actually considering getting a quad of the JJKT77 for it, but my experience with their reliability has me wary. They are the only production KT77 I know of though.
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HRm...the two redplating ones sound like bais failures or improper biasing.

nope, I bias all my amps measuring the plate voltage and bias current using a bias probe. They were running perfectly safe as far as bias. I'm pretty familiar with how to bias my amps, and generally favor the colder side too, closer to around 60% max dissipation where I had the KT77 set. My friend that had his plate was using a Weber Bias rite. The same amp has had no problems with the next set of tubes, which are Ruby EL34B. My friend Corey has the amp now, and it's running them currently without issue.
it's not just hype imo, the HT-5 is a great sounding little head. Not saying it's better than everything else mentioned, but it's a really surprising little amp. Friends of mine that have tried it have been impressed right off the bat. These are seasoned gear whores I'm talking about too, lol. The little ISF sweep/parametric deal really lets you dial in a lot of tones. It seems to do more than the typical sweeps I've used. I actually consider it's strength more in the rock tones than metal tbh. It can get up there with some help, but that's not where it excels IMO. It simulates a much bigger "saturated" tube amp with a little push-pull power section on a dual triode tube. It's actually the first mini amp I've tried that claimed to do that and actually delivered.
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Not sure about you speaker question, but I have heard that a speaker's sensitivity rating plays a big role in it's "loudness".

Anyone ???

from what I understand, 3dB is the point where the human ear can still perceive a difference in volume. 10dB is approx what the human ear perceives as twice the volume. In order to get 3dB difference, you have to double the wattage of an amp, or double the speaker surface area that the same wattage is pushing.

the speaker sensitivity makes a big difference in the perceived loudness. The typical Celestion V30 is rated at 100dB @ 1Watt, at 1 meter away on axis measuring SPL in dB.

100dB @ 1W
110dB @ 10W
120dB @ 100W
130dB @ 1000W

consider a G12T-75 rated at 97dB. Obviously these are ideal values, but you get the point.

97dB @ 1W
107dB @ 10W
117dB @ 100W
127dB @ 1000W

I've tried the V30 x G12T75 combo in a 4x12, and the V30 were noticeably louder the closer you got to the cab.
afaik, the 6550/KT88 lifespan is similar to 6L6 and EL34. They could have a bit more service life since they are like bigger versions of those tubes, but I know they run hotter too. It's still at least a year they should last with normal playing, and then you get the option of changing your tone a bit too. The biggest factor in what comes stock from the factory usually centers around what they can get the cheapest but still be reliable, not necessarily what sounds the best.

Between those 2 amps, they are pretty different sounding beasts IMO. The PB is very saturated and gainy, where the Pitbull is much more "dry" sounding and more open. They are pretty different in price though, are you getting them used? While the PB has some surprising versatility for a high gainer, the Pitbull UL wins there IMO. It's got some great sounds from top to bottom. I wouldn't get one without a GEQ either.
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I think it's awesome. I'd sell my 60 Watt to go for the hundred watt version, but I use V30s and turn the mid up a good bit, so the mid boost function + the bit of extra headroom doesn't seem like it'd make it worth it.

yeah, I'm reserving my enthusiasm until I actually hear it, but I have generally liked the higher power version in almost every instance where a company makes 2 of one model. There is just something about the punch of a 100W+ output transformer that gives the sound a real "girth" and thickness. You can boost those freq's, but it's just never the same. Unless I was actually going for more poweramp saturation, I've liked the full power setting on every amp I've owned too. I just gravitate towards that bigger sound. The 100W OT is the most interesting feature to me about this amp, that alone is enough to make me check this thing out. The other features are just gravy to me.
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It costs around 1200€ in Germany, so 1700$ sounds about right.

*strolls out of thread where he does not belong. Bad Quailman, bad bad bad!*

hehe, I don't think any of these threads are exclusive. I wander into random "owners" threads too if I'm interested in something, or have something to offer.
hmm, that's rather disappointing to hear, to say the least. I've seen threads of a few people getting them, but no one has put up clips yet.

Is it just the Bogner voicing you don't get along with in general? Like have you played an XTC for comparison?
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that's what i was thinking. i didn't really like the 60 watt fireball when i tried it (but then i don't really play much brootalz), but the extra headroom and punch of 100 watts... makes you wonder why they have only thought of it now!

haha, I know right! Guys were talking about that for a couple years, if only the fireball had more wattage. That and the extra features could make this thing pretty badass. I know a couple guys that have owned both the fireball and SE together, and they told me it could get close to the SE with an EQ in the loop to boost the lowend and girth. If the bigger OT and extra features could help it cop at least one of the Lead channels on the SE, I would have to seriously consider it. I'm realllllly liking the SE these days, it's quickly becoming one of my favorite amps for metal. It could basically be Lead I or Lead II and a clean however, and I would still be happy. Depends where this thing is going to fall in price I guess, I'm guessing around $1700-1800USD?
not sure how everyone's died. Mine was rather unexciting, vol drop and red plating. I know one other guy had his redplate too, got so hot they turned the lettering brown. One person I know that had a Nitro had it take something out in the amp, I think a SGR, so it was more violent, that could have been arcing. I do remember hearing about that pin problem too, do you know what timeframe that would be? It was early to the middle of last year where I saw the problems. I'm not sure on their current production, but that made me wary of them.
I like using the EHX 12AX7 in gain stages for a bit brighter sound. I use it when I want to add some sizzle and topend. The Tung Sols seemed a bit brighter to me too, I like using them as an input tube in V1, nice quiet articulate tube. The JJ's I've liked using to darken and smooth the sound a bit, I haven't found them to be very bright sounding IME. I like using the chinese pres to warm up the sound a bit in a harsh amp, they have a pretty balanced sound to me.
EL34 can definitely be used for modern high gain. The Diezel Herbert, Framus Cobra, Bogner Uberschall, and ENGL SE EL34 all get very heavy and modern sounding, and all come factory with EL34.

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BTW, if your amp CAN take EL34s, I highly recommend going to KT77s from JJ. They keep the tone, but tighten up the flabby low end you can get in EL34s. Regardless of tube model, I recommend JJs for powertubes...

I do like KT77 in the right application, but not across the board for every amp. I like them to extend the lowend on certain amps, I loved what they did to my Quickrod. In an amp with a ton of lowend already however, you have to be really careful or they can get a bit boomy depending on the amp voicing. The extended highend can sound a bit odd in the wrong amp too. I didn't care for them in the Nitro, or in the Cobra.

I have some questions on the JJKT77 reliability at this point too. I know of at least 3 other people personally that I talk to, besides myself, that had theirs die on them prematurely in the last year. I've read stories of more. I know Splawn also stopped shipping his amps with them too, and it was because of reliability. I like the sound of the tube, but I don't trust the current production at this point.
very cool Mark, like to hear how this turns out. I like what you're doing with those impulses.

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Anybody in here excited about the Fireball 100? Mid-boost function, more headroom, and seperate gain's for Clean and Lead channels makes it seem like they fixed all the major problems with the Fireball 60. Any opinions on it?

I am really looking forward to hearing this thing. The Fireball with the punch of a 100W OT should be full of win.
it's still sound pressure. It "is" louder and a measurable quantity, you can get a cheap SPL meter at Radio Shack and see it for yourself. It's more surface area, being driven by the same amount of wattage, the same way a 12" speaker is louder than a 3" speaker driven by the same wattage. it's moving more air, and increasing SPL.
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that sounds amazing. So the clip in your profile is obviously the same...but the name mentions a BB pre amp? is that clip straight guitar to amp?

thanks man. I'm using the Xotic BB preamp as a boost pedal, that amp loves boosts. Drive off, volume up. Disregard the word "preamp" in the name, it's just an OD pedal. A great one though, my favorite actually.

guitar into BB, then into amp. I have an MXR 10 band I can use too, it gets a lot heavier sounding with that in the loop. That clip wasn't using it however.

This is my friend Brian using a BB boost and an EQ in the loop with his. It's using a 1x12 Hellatone 60L.
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ive heard that the sweep on the blackstar is much better then the egnater...ive heard that the egnaters ISF control does next to nothing opposed to the blackstar that has a noticible change. Seems to be more geared towards the brit side got any clips erock?

yeah, the sweep is very noticable, kind of brings it between the american and british voicing. You still have to set the EQ depending where you keep the ISF, but you can shape a lot of sounds. I actually like it cranked to the right, around 3:00. I guess that's the marshall side according to the manual. I have a little clip I made when I first got it. This is thru a 4x12 with V30/H30, and the H30 was mic'd.
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Wow, I'd start looking at getting your ears checked. My ears start to get tingly & numb with 6505 combo @1 for more than 10mins.

haha, I must be stone cold deaf then, I always thought the 5150 opened up around 3 on the volume. You haven't really heard that amp IMO if you haven't used it at those volumes, it's where the poweramp just starts to thicken up and warm the sound a bit. Not saturating, but starting to add some color. Different animal at those volumes IMO.
it's funny man, I haven't had any g.a.s. in the last few months, lol. I've been looking at stuff, but nothing has me real interested. The Blackstar Series One has my interest, just because I've been so impressed with the HT-5, but I can't think of anything else. Maybe an Axefx or guitar at some point, but I'm in no hurry. I've actually been building up a pedal collection recently, have to have something to g.a.s. over, haha.
haha, thanks man. You have an Einy already though, that's a badass amp! You'll have to tell me how they compare, I have yet to try one in person.
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I didn't know that the emotion jealousy could be felt this strong...


I haven't done much recording with it yet, but I have one from when I made a NAD. I've learned some quirks with the EQ since then, but it's a really easy amp to dial in surprisingly. You can set everything to 12:00, and it sounds pretty badass, lol.
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hmmm...ill have to look into it. I was more interested in the blackstar then the egnater tho. Any idea how much gain the egnater has? ive heard some pics of the blackstar that had alot more gain then i expected.

the Blackstar is an impressive little head man, I bought one used to mess around with, and have been nothing but impressed. It sounds a lot bigger than the other mini amps I've heard, and can pull off quite a few different voicings. The ISF is one of the better sweep/parametric controls I've used. Great value for the cash IMO.
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Oh man there's loads of amps I forgot about haha, jsut got caught up in the moment of the Herbert

ENGL SE, VHT Pitbull, Mako MakII, Splawn Nitro and the Soldano SLO all get a spot in my top list

Eric, have you owned a Herbert yet?