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2. Framus Cobra- I was a big fan of the dragon, the cobra seems to be preferred by many guys over a lot of big name amps. Seems like I would enjoy a cobra.

I dunno, I would still consider Framus a big name amp maker. They are affordable used because their resale is low, but the Cobra still retails at $3,199.00 USD new in the states.

my favorites:
Diezel Herbert
well in that case, personally I think an EQ would be more useful. A compressor IMO has more specific uses, where an EQ can be used for everything.
IMO depends what you want to use it for. The EQ can help shape your overall tone, tighten, boost, etc.. Compressors IMO I prefer with cleans or with leads, but that's just how I use them. What are you looking to improve on?
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That's exactly (and I really mean it) what I wanted to hear! Thanks!

NP man. Another thing I didn't mention, I did find a preference for the JAN Phillips model 5751. I had another brand, can't remember exactly what, and it was a bit brighter than my other ones.
Bowen, disregarding the BM price, don't go by my quirky taste man. There are guys that love it for the downtuned stuff, just a personal preference thing. I have a friend over on HC that gets some great tones with his. Wish I had some experience with the Thunder to give you some info. I do have a friend that owned one however, I'll see what he thinks about it and get back to you.
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^yeah I remember - just curious if you wanted a Quick Rod in your house again for 3 months or so

I have the 4 pre tubes so it might be boring to you

I'd throw in my carbon copy or something to make it more fun for ya.

hehe, not to be a douche, but I have one of those too, great pedal!
just picked up a new piece for my pedalboard actually, a Voodoo Pedalpower 2+. Hoping it will be a bit quieter than my Onespot. That thing is so finicky about positioning. I move it every once in a while by accident, and it introduces a ton of noise. What are you powering those pedals with BTW?
Blackstar HT-5. Cheap, and one of the "biggest" sounding mini amps I've heard.

here's a friend of mine playing it thru a 1x12 Hellatone 60L with a 7 string.

showing more versatility
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Maybe we could do a little temp trade like Kevin and Skeir did.

and tnx for stopping by

haha, whatchya gotz??? I do love me some Quickrod, but I've owned both the 3 pre and newer 4 pre models remember. Which version is your Quickrod? I would still like to try out the version before the gears.
I dunno, it's not that crazy advice. The solder bit is rubbish, but I like to crank the piss out of a new amp if it's under warranty. I want to know if it's going to fail right there rather than wait for the perfect opportunity to kick me in the ass.
very cool, congrats on the gear splurge

you need to try a Bogner XTC man, you will never be the same.
congrats man, I really liked that combination. The heats tend to attenuate a bit of topend, which works nice with the 5150, and the balanced midrange really brings out the snarl/grind in amps like the 5150. It really is a complimentary combination. Those cabs are built like tanks too, one of the only ones made of a solid wood, compared to a ply. The poplar combined with the ported design really works well for the br00talz, and surprisingly can cover a lot more. Krank has been the best company I've ever dealt with support wise too, they even helped me out after they knew I had bought used. Great company, great product.
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Eric, I got a question for you. Have you ever tried using a lower gain pre-amp tube on the 5150, like a 5751 or a 12AT7? Do you know anybody that has done it, if you haven't?

yep, tried both actually. I tried a 12AT7 in the PI, which I thought was ok, but preferred a 12AX7 there. It lost some of the "feel" that makes the amp so fun to play, at least IMO.

However, I preferred using a 5751 in V1. It brought the vol down a bit, and smoothed it out a little. Made the clean a little better too. Very musical tube, way better sounding than the 12AT7 in a gain stage IMO. The 12AT7 to me gets kind of brittle, where the 5751 has a bit more gain and sounds more "musical" to my ears. Doesn't work well in all amps, but I really like that tube in V1 of certain amps to tame some gain. I use one in my ENGL too.

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What is a voodoo mod?
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faulty preamp tube perhaps


Vypyr is a pretty fun amp. Lots of options and fx. Read up on the issues though, I'm not sure if they've fixed all the glitches yet, it's a new amp. If you're not gigging, you should aslo check out a Blackstar HT-5. Only 5W tube, but it's pretty loud, and a great sounding little amp. Sounds much "bigger" than any of the mini amps I've tried. 2ch and surprisingly versatile. I bought one to mess around with for practice, and it's impressed me to no end. Get a delay pedal for the loop if you want delay, individual pedals usually sound better than built in fx anyway. I made a little clip a few weeks ago, nothing fancy, but it's a crunchy fun mofo of an amp. Lots of gain too for a mini amp.
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I was thinking the same thing, that just looking at it might not be good enough justification. However, I'm going to have to wait till tomorrow to go buy a few preamp tubes. They're 12AX7s and I don't believe it uses an input tube, I know it uses a phase inverter, though. You don't think the fuse could be the case?

if it's making sound, I don't think it would be a fuse. Amps usually have a mains fuse, where the amp wouldn't power up if it was blown, and sometimes an HT fuse, which cuts power to the tubes. If it's getting power, and making sound, I don't think a fuse is the culprit. I have had preamps tubes act that way when they've died however.
have you swapped out a pre tube yet, just to check? Does it use an input tube, or is it just a phase inverter? You sometimes can't tell a bad pre just from looking at it. Current production tubes are a crapshoot, they can last 2 minutes, or 2 years.
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the reason for that is that the single rectifier only has 4 or 8ohm outputs. also i have been told since by MESA that 4ohm to 4ohm is to lower response or frequency or sum ****, i can remember lol. they just said it would be better to run 8ohm to 16ohm.

hmm, that's interesting, I think that's the first time I've heard that. Normally with a tube amp, it's always better to run the impedance matched. That's interesting that Mesa told you that however. Have you tried it both ways, to see if there is a distinguishable difference in sound?
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Yeah but the bias mod makes sense. A lot of guys on here want to do a million things that don't help the amp at all just for the hell of it. Like guys on here wanting to do the tube mod to el34's before they bought or even tried a 5150. The automatically assume they are going to want to do it. Or people wanting to do speaker changes in the tube vypyrs. That pisses me off because the speaker sounds so great in it and people who don't even own the thing yet are already going to change the speaker.

haha, yeah, I understand what you're saying. Like putting the cart ahead of the horse. I gotta admit though, I've been guilty of that too. I do so much research on something I want to buy, I end up overthinking it, and have a million upgrades planned before I even get it, lol. Lately however, I've just been happy to use whatever comes stock in the amp, and go from there. If I think it needs something to be upgraded, so be it, but I won't make that determination until I've at least tried it out extensively stock. I think you have a very valid point.
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Yeah I wouldn't do it either. Honestly people are just getting TOO anal about their tone. 6l6's in a 5150 sounds FINE. But people get bored I guess and want to say their amp is modded. Tone wise there aren't a hell of a lot of advantages to doing this.

I agree, I didn't particularly care for the sound of my friends amp, I thought it sounded better with all 6L6 personally. The only mod I would do is adding a bias pot, and all that's really doing is allowing the specific 6L6 you install to operate at their correct operating specs.

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Well, I trust Jerry too, but I haven't really bothered to check if he had an opinion on it.

Anywho, since Avatar makes Bogner and Orange copies of their cabs. Avatar uses real plywood and Celestion speakers, which is apparently a good start, right?
I'm aware that the construction might be dodgy, which is why I'll probably do "Bob Molton's mods" on it.

yeah man, I thought it might be just luck of the draw, since Bob's works. However, I saw first hand what they did to my friends 5150. They were in there about 3-4 months before it smoked the SGR.

And yeah, I like Dave, he's a good guy to deal with. I've heard mixed opinions on his cabs from a couple friends, but from what I hear from people on the boards, most people seem to really like them.
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According to Bob from Eurotubes you can put KT88s and KT66s on a 5150... has anyone here tried it?

My friend had the integrated quad in his 5150, and it burned out one of his screen grid resistors.

I wouldn't do it unless you've upgraded the amp to take them, and even then it won't be ideal. The KT88 take more bias current than KT66, so the KT88 will be running very cold without a separate bias pot installed for each pair. Other parts need to be upgraded too.

Jerry at FJA, who I would consider an expert on the 5150, also doesn't recommend it.

Can I put 6550's, KT88's, EL34's, etc. in my 5150?

NO! The amp wasn't designed to run any tube but a 6L6 period, end, I don't care what you read on a tube salesman's website. The amp can be modded to us those tubes, but it's quite involved and the end result is not worth the effort. EL34's require the bias circuit be modded, screen grid resistors upgraded, and one of the power tube sockets re-wired to use them. They sound like a muddy mess. The 5150 gets it's tone from the preamp and has a ton of gain, adding any distortion in the power amp section sounds bad. The amp needs a clean, powerful power amp if you want a tight, big bottom end tone. 6550's/KT88's require a bias mod and screen grid resistors. They also sound a bit loose and muddy, but not as bad as the EL34's. Integrated quads can't be used either without mods. You will damage the amp. The screen grid resistors on the 5150 are way too small to run anything but a 6L6. They fail quite often even with the 6L6's. Why in the world would you spend big money on a KT88 and then run it cold? That's a total waste of your hard earned money.
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I can't believe I missed that!
little confused, why aren't you running 16ohm output to 16ohm cab input, or using the 4ohm output into the 4ohm input on the cab? Ideally you should be matching the head and cab with the same impedance, especially if you're going to mess around with attenuation.
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I know, and I'd really like to, but I guess I go for a different tone and style of music than most and I do a weird combo of gear too. But it works for me.

yeah, I'm not baggin on your setup, I personally think V30 are one of the best recording speakers made, and one of the friendliest to a variety of amps and styles. I've heard your tunes, I like how it's not the same generic stuff you hear everywhere. It's definitely working for you.

I'd probably go with the old marshall if they are easier to find up there. The old ones are some great sounding cabs.
ahh, IC, makes sense. If you ever get the opportunity, try that head thru greenies or H30, it really brings out that swirling mid snarl and crunchy goodness.
Any reason you're specifically going with V30? I really like V30, but I think those amps sound fantastic with more balanced mid/upper mid speaker, like a greenback or H30. Even 75's, which I don't care for at all, sound pretty decent with that head. With a very strong midrange amp like a Marshall, sometimes the V30 have a tendency to almost wash out the midrange there is so much of it IME.
I personally slightly prefer the 5150/6505, but the difference is barely noticeable. Seems to have a bit more aggression and lowend punch. That's just personal opinion though, some guys really prefer the bit of extra tightness from the 6505+/5150II. Can't really go wrong with either though, I would say whatever you can get the best deal on.

BTW guys, forgot to mention in my last post, but I know the top plastic grills like to crack. If you ever want to replace that, the part number for the grill is 70900007, and it's $10.99.
very nice, congrats man, looks like a fun setup.
thanks Jin, Gareth kicked some ass on that track. I enabled it for download on Soundclick.

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You can just download it from the soundclick page...I know I have

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Does anyone know where I can get the 5150 II knobs? I bought the amp used and the dude lost his knobs and replaced them with some rectifer knobs and I just wnat the normal ones haha. Thanks

you can buy them directly from Peavey, part number 70902145 and they are $2.11 each + shipping.
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Are you kidding me? You know BTBAM played racktifiers right?

Rectos are very tweaky, more so than you'd think. The tone controls interact with eachother in abnormal ways, and the volume knob changes the sound hugely. "Trying" one and writing it off as only good for Linkin Park is retarded.

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get the 6505 212 and switch the 6L6's with EL34's to get a sorta British-ish sounding VanHalen tone, just an idea

I wouldn't recommend doing that. For one, it's not going to give you a british sound, it's more than the tubes. Also, the SGR's need to be upgraded if you use EL34, or you'll eventually cook them. By most people's accounts, the upgrade isn't worth it, since it sounds better with 6L6.
nice work man, that was fun to watch! Dig the riffing a lot too, good tone and composition.
very cool man. Dig the idea, and the riffs are very cool. I like the guitar tone, but I would double track the rhythm with hard right and hard left panning for more separation. Like the ambient stuff too, that sounds really cool. Drums definitely need some work though, sounds like a drum machine. I'm guilty of using one too to get ideas down. Needs some samples for the kick and cymbals, and it could kick ass. Nice work though man, looking forward to hearing it recorded with your 5150, the vocals, and some different drums.
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Meshuggah fans eh? Sounding nice and heavy. The guitars could use a slightly fatter tone though. They're kind of grainy compared to the rest of the track. Definitely close though. Fantastic mixing job so far. Nice riffs too btw. May I ask, what sort of setup was used to record this?

Mind returning a crit?

thanks. Yeah, he wants me to re-record the guitar tracks, he wasn't happy with them either, lol. This was using a e906 and SM57 on one speaker, mixdown of each into a Soundcraft 4ch mixer, then to a GNX4 recorder. I'm going to re-record with seperate tracks for each mic this time, so hopefully it will come out a little better. Thanks for the crit, I'll check out your link now.
Hey guys, this is a collaboration between myself and my friend Gareth(Dream Pin) here on the forums. I did the guitar and bass, he did vocals and drums, and he also did the overall mix/mastering. Not a final mix, but I like how it's coming along. Looking for some opinions, whatchya think?
oh sick, congrats man! I've wanted to try one of these for a while. Is it one of his new designs at 100W with the white faceplate? Those things look sick!

James is a great guy to deal with too, one of the most stand up guys I've ever talked to. If he doesn't think his amp would be right for you, he'll straight out give you his honest opinion. Very rare in the business world.
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holy ****. that sounds professional. props man, your hard work and pickiness really shows

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awesome clip. how are you liking the SE?

thanks guys

I'm liking it a lot Dave, although I bought it to get a brighter amp than I have, but I end up dialing it almost as dark as my others, lol. I'm beginning to get a handle on the options however, like what works better live or for recording. Still learning stuff about it though, and occasionally get lost in settings, lol.
updated clip. Gareth (Dream Pin) mixed it, added vocals, and programmed drums. I can't believe how much better he made it sound, lol.