Is that not related to google glasses? I might be wrong.
I hate women and porn has not affected my perception of them.
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Dude it's better than most of the popular instrumental shit I've listened to.

Thank you, I do practice songwriting still and quite seriously. If I had the opportunity, I would have gotten into music sooner, I started playing at when I was around 16, ironically I have no pitch at all.
This was my first track ever made, at that time I possessed neither equipment, software or knowledge how to operate VSTi, or had any real expertise in writing either. I went fairly soon into songwriting, about 4 months after picking up the guitar for the first time, I might re-record it though, seems like it has some potential if arranged better.

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you need to learn a variety of shapes (scale, chord, arpeggio) if you want to be any good at improvising. for everything else, you can get away with just simply being "aware" of the basics of music theory.

i was like you, i played piano for ten years before starting guitar. it wasn't until after several years of playing guitar that i felt like i needed to pay conscious attention to theory again.

From my perspective, coming as one who improvises frequently and is adequate at it, self-proclamation. I find theory beyond recognition of notes relating to what you're playing irrelevant, and even then, you can manipulate your way around the "wrong" notes.

In general, improvisation and songwriting are separate skills on their own, though with some relevance to your playing, hence, to develop those- practice those.
I don't pursue intimate relationships with humans.
Just make a new account, make sure nobody knows, though.
Thanks for the videos, I'll check them out to see if there's anything applicable.

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Sorry, I don't know how to teach people to act like they're spontaneously getting into the music they're playing. If they are able to do this elsewhere it's probably a nerves thing and not lack of natural mojo. Good luck!

I think it's the approach, when I perform my interests are my own fun, and the enjoyment of the crowd, to do that- needs to be somewhat energetic and to get the crowd going as well. And yes, this IS acting, but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable, it has its' purpose
I want to improve my bands' live shows and make it more entertaining, so I need some samples of good stage presence I can show to em so maybe they feel like doing it, they are not exactly "stiff" on the stage, but I feel it's lacking if we want to be anything out of the ordinary.

Music we play is hard rock with a few metal here and there, no distorted vocals and all songs sound pretty much positive so there's definitely room for some exaggerated fun movements.
Don't really like purely acoustic songs with vocals, since guitar lines are quite unimaginative when constrained to playing chords, but I thought the vocals were great.
Depends on what you mean by "master" and the chords you choose to use. Those used in contemporary modern music- by themselves, are not hard to master, however, since you're a complete beginner, you must understand that you're effectively learning how to play chords WHILE you're learning to handle the guitar in general, the latter I will argue to be more relevant, but a specific goal might be preferable to some individuals.

Frustration can be subverted by motivation, and if all you have is "I want to master chords", I don't think that's a motivation in itself- rather a goal, furthermore it does not communicate the degree of how much you are willing to contribute towards achieving it.

Find something you already enjoy doing with the guitar, because that'll be what prevents you from quitting.
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well obviously but the part about there being shows about TVs about serial rapist vs serial killers is ******ed.

I don't really watch TV or shows, I made that comment to point out how much of a non-issue murder is compared to rape, though one is comparably worse.

Perhaps it has something to do with dead people being unable to complain about death jokes? You have shows about serial murderers with them being the main characters, ones we are rooting for, why can this not be the case with rapists?
I'm still waiting for rape to be more acceptable than murder, because it should be. And then we can have TV shows about serial rapers, instead of all those murderers and drug addicts.
How do you know it's yours, and if it's unplanned, why are you now planning to go with it?
The "haters" you describe are here because of the description of your song, while this track certainly requires some skill, it's far apart from the "insanity" you claim it to be. People even with great skill will hesitate to describe themselves as masterful because they have come to understand how much they still have to learn.
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Its not that he thinks or considers his music good, its that he "knows" his music is good.

TS will have to clarify on what he really meant, then. Perhaps he just slipped a wrong phrase, or he's delusional and mislead in his abilities.
Why is it arrogant to consider your music to be good?

If I think my music sucks it's not that I will hesitate to point that out, but if I think it's good I won't either. Saying your music is good doesn't convey anything beyond "By my evaluation, I consider my music to be good".
I used windows movie maker for a long time and it never had side-by-side video options, but it was XP- version, I didn't try W7 movie maker.
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When did I do this? You're sounding contemptibly presumptuous.

Saying something is "mysterious" isn't the same as saying something is "mystic". I would have expected a self-declared "intelligent person" to readily anticipate such an obvious distinction. Neither does "mysterious" necessarily connote anything beyond, above our outside of the natural or physical.

Do you even read the posts you reply to? It seems not, because I specifically said that just because consciousness is mysterious doesn't mean that we can shoehorn mystical concepts into an explanation of consciousness.

You have not defined "mysterious", hence, I am at complete freedom to pick either of the definitions that fit my argument out of those available.

Instead of defining what "mysterious" isn't, define what it is and what you mean by that, otherwise I will have to be contemptibly presumptuous and it will be completely justified.
Metal music is what the majority of people think metal music is.
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There's lots of "mystery" about consciousness, don't act like there isn't. A lot of cognitive science and philosophy of mind is currently trying to address the subject now.

Obviously that doesn't mean that it can't all be explained (in principle at least) in a materialist framework, or that there's this grand, overarching consciousness in the universe.

All of the mystery you wish to describe has little to do with what actually is, describing this as something mysterious is a common behavior for a species such as ours- but that does not speak to its' validity.

Attributing metaphysical qualities to physical phenomena- how human of you.
They CAN be, but mostly aren't. Here are two examples of those in key, and I should mention, I prefer those that are.

chorus at 1:16

chorus at 1:02

the verse is a duet of light growling and clean singing
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try explaining the mystery of human conciousness O WAIT YOU CANT

Where's the mystery?
On that youtube video linked,

"lastlife0726 1 week ago:

No one knows what it's like
To be the Batman,
To be the Sandman..."
Using a lot of reverb isn't terrible, it really depends on how you use it, in your song it produced too much hum which was distracting from the general theme, while it's supposed to be ambient and something to be in the background. As far as working on solos, you have to understand that this is largely dependent on skill which is not something you can fix overnight- you should develop it over time, a particularly good challenge would be improvisation.

This, as an example of my older compositions, it has a lot of reverb and a lot of background ambience, however, I think that it sounds quite well and fits the theme.

(except for that piano bit in the middle, I think it's too much there)
The problem with submitting original recordings and expecting a full critique is that a recording encompasses two different aspects: songwriting/playing and the recording process itself. To judge the 2ond, there needs to be an idea of how its' supposed to sound.

It sounds fine for the most part, except the solos are lacking- but that is expected of you. And the ambient use of a clean lead guitar with reverb will generally work well, but it seems to be too much of reverb here, there's also a hum coming at the later part of the song- probably due the reverb.
The song appears to be adequate but the mixing is no good, you can barely hear the vocals.
It's because we as humans tend to favor certain sounds over others, and with the age of technology it because radically easier to record those. Naturally, as is the case now, our musical culture is saturated with music that is largely very similar, nothing you can do about it.

Stop trying to look for unique things in music, because, that is a meaningless task.

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Then maybe you should look at life differently.

I'm not saying I believe in reincarnation. I don't have a clue what happens after we die. I do know however that I enjoy living; I enjoy earth and some of the people that inhabit it. There's a lot of things that I love about being alive. If I had a choice at the end of my life to go back or to just die forever, id go back. I'd get to make friends all over again, I'd get to love new people and things all over again, I'd get to experience all sorts of new experiences, be a brand new person. That sounds pretty good to me.

Assuming you'll be born at the right place and as the right person, otherwise it wouldn't be so "good to you".
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Okay a second chance to live then. Or a third, or a fourth, or a fifth, who the hell knows. My point is just that it seems comforting to know that no matter what you did in this life, no matter great or terrible, you get to do it all again after you die. Yeah the person you were dies, but its just knowing that you'll get to come back and live again that makes all the difference.

All that said I still want to come back as a black man

I don't see that difference to be apparent in those who believe it, it's completely meaningless, out of all the false, or rather- asserted with no evidence, beliefs, this one makes the least sense because it's not even remotely comforting.
I just had a thought.

This is probably what the dating scene will incorporate. Like you have a favorite model or an actor- in terms of appearance, and then people will cross-reference a potential mate with his/her chosen one, and then proceed or not. I think this is a good idea, instead of giving the "I don't think of you like that" speech, you can say "You're at 68%, and I need at least 80%!".
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I think it's just the comfort that we get to come back and have a second chance or what not.

It's not really a second chance, considering the circumstances in your future lives will be completely different from your own. Imagine playing a video game but instead of restarting the level when you die- you have to leave, someone kicks you off your place and starts playing a different game altogether. There is no true continuity here, I know why the traditional reincarnation might be comforting to some people, but I fail to see how this version of it will comfort anyone but a delusional person.
1 hour documentary to demonstrate a "scientific" proof seems quite redundant and amateurish. Also, even assuming that it's true, if you have no conscious memories and you were an entirely different person- why does it even matter?
The situation is absolutely hypothetical, I did not have sex with A minor.

The reason I mention this is because you're unlikely to be arrested for downloading illegal copies of whatever, so, you have to be arrested for any good reason that warrants a search only for investigators to later discover that you also have illegal copies of whatever product you had gotten so they can charge that to you as an additional crime since you are already caught.

As I said, the real question is how the piracy laws are governed and enforced, as well as the legal definition of an illegal activity in this context.
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A more interesting question would be, can you sue your friends when they download your music

Yes, BUT

I am now interested in whether or not your government can arrest you for putting out your intellectual property that you sell through official sources, but at the same time, distribute it freely, illegally if possible? Is the law written in such a way, that you can get sued by the state, not an individual, for breaking the law stated?
I uploaded my band photo, top is my result(I am male, mind you), below is our vocalist(check the 2ond result),

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But you took a rather strange example to make that clear.

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Why am I the first person to mention op is being investigated for being a pedo?


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hypothetically, let's imagine

The whole question is more about how internet piracy laws are actually defined.
I'm just wondering,

if you are a creator of a digital product, regardless of what it is, you are the owner and this product is not free- it's sold. If you happen to come across some torrent site that has a copy of whatever your product is and people can download it for free, is it a crime for you to do it?

I know that very few people get arrested for pirating online, but, hypothetically, let's imagine that you had sex with someone with whom it's not entirely legal to have sex, and in the process of investigation, it's discovered that your PC contains copies of your own products which were pirated. So, could they add an additional charge for piracy?
Individual instruments sound well to me, but the overall mix and how they blend with each other I found lacking as well.