Hi All,

I am looking for some inspiration for an act name for the acoustic duo I am in (1 guy, 1 girl). We play stuff such as City and Colour, KT Tunstall, Ed Sheeran, as well as some heavier stuff (in an acoustic way of course) like A Day to Remember, Deaf Havana.

I have the words...Summer...Sunset....Sunrise....but want to couple them with something that plays on the fact there are two of us...

tbh...I don't know but if you have any suggestions or ideas I am all ears!
One thing I would say to add to what has been said by others, is that if you are struggling for motivation to play you should learn the music you enjoy listening to rather than what could be considered "beginner guitar lesson songs". You are in the right place on UG to find some great tabs for the songs you likely listen to, plus youtube is full of guitar lessons on specific songs. For example, I am listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran and there are dedicated lessons for songs like Small Bump which go step by step.

No one is "born" to play guitar, some people just pick things up more quickly than others. But ultimately hard work will always pay off. Just enjoy playing and don't put too much stress on getting from point A to B as fast as you can. I'll think you'll enjoy playing more when you are playing songs you actually listen to.
It was the Vintage Modified 70's Jazz base with a natural finish. Same one as this one:
Thank you for all the feedback. We actually tried quite a few basses out and decided to go for the VM Jazz bass.

The action was quite high on the Thunderbird off the wall and it felt quite neck heavy. We tried the affinity jazz but it felt very cheap compared to the VM version. Also tried an Ibanez bass which was really nice, but was the same price as the VM.
I am helping my little brother pick out a starter bass and being a guitar player, my knowledge is quite limited when it comes to what are the best low end models when it comes to playability, reliability, and tone.

We are planning to go and play a few this weekend, but any opinions and suggestions on either of these, or even some alternatives would be appreciated!

Hey guys...

It has been a long time since I have posted on here! However I have done a rough cover of Breaking Benjamin's song, I Will Not Bow so let me know what you think to the tone etc, or if you have any general comments!

The song is in my UG account for those who would like to listen!

Cheers for the comments guys. Saamon, yeh I went to Aber uni..did politics and history then a masters in management there. I've litterally just finished, got to hand my dissertation in, in a few weeks. What are you going to study there?

Its a really nice university you'll love it, specially the fact its by the seaside thats probably the best part.

EDIT: I will look at the red is the new black my mate coming over 2morrow so could get it done then.
Hi guys, check out my cover of Juneau...with lyrics and all...and let me know what yopu think. Song is in my profile....
Zealous Skies EP has been uploaded to purevolume and myspace!

Check it out!
Just to keep you guys updated, We have posted a new blog and have just redesigned our page to promote our debut EP release 'Zealous Skies'
Hey guys

I'm here to tell you about my band Alis Grave Nil. We are a 4 piece alternative rock/emo/whatever u want to call it band from Wales, UK.

We have just uploaded tracks from our recently recorded EP 'Zealous Skies' and would like to know what you think

Our EP is on Purevolume and Myspace! Go check it out.

Much Love
Hey guys check us out at
Alis Grave Nil Myspace

We have some loose demos and a few videos altho there are alot due to be uploaded now we have finished our small mini tour.

Please comment and let us know what you think of us.

Much love xx
cheers dude for the feedback. I left a message on your thread. Which riffs do u mean in the song??
i like it tis played very well I agree with the others you should do it with vocals maybe cus the vocals on other songs r very good cheers for commenting on my song. Shall try and clean it up a bit
Hey guys, Ive recorded most of unholy confessions its in my profile I wanna know what U think of the tone and recording quality before I finish it up etc.

Just uploaded a new song to our page called Victor 77! Check it out
Just to update anyone who is here in the UK we have updated our shows part and are playing The Alternative Mayball In Aberystwyth and for you midlanders we are playing at the victoria Inn in Derby on the 21st of April.

WE are currently In the process of booking a small UK tour so When that has been finalised I'll send out another update.

Cheers guys
Alis Grave Nil Are a band from Aberystwyth Wales: please check us out

Cheers guys hope you like.
Cheers mate!
hey guys. Check out my band Alis Grave Nil

Any crit on songs is most welcome!
sounds pretty nice mate. Very mellow and relaxing, nothin rash just smooth playing. Really like it
Cheers mate thanks for takin the time to have a listern. Just listerned to yours and have left a reply for you
Hey guys. Would you be so kind to kind to check out my bands firsy single...We recorded it on a mac laptop a while back. Going into the studio soon tho...
our myspace
Feel free to add us if your on myspace as well
Hey guys. Would you be so kind to kind to check out my bands firsy single...We recorded it on a mac laptop a while back. Going into the studio soon tho...

Our myspace

Feel free to add us if your on myspace as well
its real....god...if u have seen fenders from that era ud see the logo is like that. Its genuine
it is defo an electronic problem. Best thing to do (unless ur very able with electronics and soldering) would b to take iot to a shop. It wont cost much to fix at all. You've probably got a bad solder joint, wire come loose or something which just needs to be popped back on. Shouldnt take too long at all..Being as ur still getting output i would guess its a bit of dodgy wiring.
try it out first like and see. And yeh agree with other people..try and knock him down a bit
Think the main reason was the fact I was obsessed with them from like the age of 4....I had an early learning centre plastic yellow ukalele when I was 4 and thought I was a guitar god...

Then on turning 8 I begged my mum and dad to get me one...took 3 months to wear them all the usual "you'll never play it...It will just collect dust..." and it did....for bout a month while I was tryin to get lessons...I've been playin 14 years now.."wont say im that good though...but not bad....capable i think is a good word...".

Good thread btw
still slow mo ...tis weird y its doing that
yeh well i come from derby originally like and ive been to the vic a few times so I thought we'd try and get a gig outside of here cus aber is quite a small place.

Cheers for the comments we do try to be something different and our vocalist seems to be an aquired taste so we've found :P.

Will give you some feed back on ur live sound when its not in slowmo...does sound really freaky tho...I thought it was like a long intro at first.
yeh i just heard that lol...its a top quality song loving the sound you guys have.

If you wanna check my band out (still working on finding our sound...) check us here We haven't recorded anything proper yet just rough stuff.

Look forward to hearing from you guys
Hey mate just noted that your from Nottingham...I'm from Derby. We are organising a gig at the victoria Inn in derby (notice you've played there before) on the 21st of April. You guys be up for playing a set?? Giz an email on
Alis Grave Nil is a band from Aberystwyth in Wales who are currently in the process of recording there first EP which is yet to be titled. Our myspace page contains rough demos of some of the songs we play live. Please add us as friends and listern to our songs.

Cheers guys and gals..
wouldnt call them a huge band...but we have opened for a band called A New Day..There Mini album is out in HMV and they r signed xD
hey band practice in a min will update when I get back in. Exam period is now over and can get back to actually doing music again
to be honest I could see it happening. we got told 1 more would go..So it was just a case of who would F**K up first i guess... GOnna be a pain after my degree..there'll be no jobs :S
What the title says...The place I work are looking to cut staff and they are doing it by basically waiting for them to make mistakes and sacking them. My friend was sacked for turning up late the other day cus he got held up at uni...(was on a tempory contract) I asked for time off to revise for exams and got refused..but as it got closer I knew i needed it so I asked again offering extra shifts after exams to make up hours and helo out when I could..Eventually after they still refused I lost my temper and basically said My degree comes first I wont be in work tonite. Now i have been at this place for almost a year with no prior warnings on a perminant part time contract. Apperntly I am being sacked because of missing this time. However I thought that they cannot do this with out having prior warnings as I did inform them and follow company policy and I was even honest (didnt pretend to be sick) Therefore it cannot be classed as gross I'm sacked I think a sueing is in order...I'm in the UK btw.

I think companys that go this way about cutting costs discust me as it isnrt based on who isnt working well, who isnt needed as in hours they have plenty of staff.. Trust theres gonna be a S*** storm when I go in monday.
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Hmm, I hope I stand up to the competition. I only have dial up, so I'm not listening to other entries.

Absoluty class mate loved it vocals are good playing is spot on
cool guys this is ace. Sorry ive not been on here much...I got 3 exams...(2morrow..fri and sat all at 9:30am ) so wont b able to update anythin until sat afternoon
alrite people sorry ive been away doing revision got 3 exams left this week >_<. Shall get round to updating it later...havent forgotten about you guys.. Cheers charlie for the message btw