Jesus Christ.

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What kind of guitars are you guys playing on?

Same old Strat, but I have a Schecter Elite-5 I've been trying to get rid of for half a year. Fuckin' thing is stuck with me lol.
^Like a lot of his songs, it comes from one of his freestyles. The music's different here, but his verse is generally the same. And in better quality, minus the censorship.

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MBDTF has some shitty filler tho

I kind like the whole thing. Just works for me.
I haven't seen Mystery Team. Prolly one say. And really? I loved Weirdo. The part about Michael Cera always gets me lol.

The punchlines brought me in. Only a couple of his songs rely heavily on them, beyond them it's mostly just being clever, I think anyways. Have you seen how much his fanbase want Bino to release So Profound? It's pretty crazy. And I love Chance! Been bumping Acid Rap and the SoX stuff lately. And on the Kanye album.

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Yeezus > MBDTF but yea, gr8 stuff.

I think you're one of three people who think that lol.
^Lol nice, I love that show. He also had a really good stand-up special called Weirdo and a comedy sketch group on YouTube called DerrickComedy. There's a lot of funny shit in there.

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Kauai of all things is the only thing Childish Gambino has put out that I like. For real. Other than that it's all good except Eminem IMO (a few good tracks back in 1999/2000 but that's it). Azealia Banks (musically) is something I'm still on the fence about. Kendrick, Kanye, and Nas though.

Never even listened to those two folkish rock artists before lol. I've heard good things abut City and Colour though.

That's fair. I love all his shit. Because the Internet is probably one of my favourite albums in a long, long time. Love Slim. Encore and Recovery were bad, but before and after there's a lot of stuff I like.

I like Fantasea a lot and I just bought her studio album. Lots of different sounds, I enjoy them. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is ****ing amazing.
I've gone more Hip-Hop and Rap lately. Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Kanye, Azealia Banks, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, some Nas, etc. Also some folkish-rock, like Laura Stevenson, City and Colour. Pop stuff. I still listen to a lot of weird and different stuff, just mostly Gambino right now.

Well it's official. Modern rock is dead.

I'm sure some of you like Beck. Probably:
^Yes. Happy New Year tho.

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Don't most of you have each other on Facebook though?

I thought you were perma-banned! Besides, Facebook doesn't have any of the good emoji this place has.
Happy new year, man. I'm surprised this place still has people.
Jesus Christ.
^I have an actual job interview tomorrow. So I have to say goodbye to my untamed hair and I had to go buy a suit.

That shit is expensive.
i think that the red hot chily peppers are oneo f the coolest new bands out therr! i mean okay they may be over 30 which is really old but they can play rly goodly. after there first album im with you came out i was an instant fan. i just hope they can stick around. if not i can alwayus go back to listened to the ataris lol
Frankv is still in the lead with 1367. Will he win? Find out on the next episode of Dragonzball P
^Official. Andy's dead. Anybody want to steal his Australian alcohol?
Apparently I haven't logged in in over two months.

This place is dead.
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I think someone in the Pit deserved it or summin'. Aimed at you guys because this thread has been so vacant and considering I look so good while giving fingers I thought I'd use my charm to lure some folks in.

"This is how I finger men"?
^I'm gonna assume it had something to do with the MROTT. That or Muse. Or both

Also, why are you giving us the finger, Franklin?
So.... I recently remembered that I had a Photobucket account. I found some old gems. Like when Frank got his job at a music festival:

And this:

^The Jungle Books (The actually source material) is boring as shit.
^Congrats on the baby, and good luck with the house, Cory!
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I wanted sex last night but she was too tired. Bitch

Well that was no reason for you to slit her throat!
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(Okay I'm honestly done with this back and forth, it can only go on for long enough I had fun though, You were a worthy adversary). for all those wondering where these reaction faces are from. Great gaming comedy channel!
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The gamegrumps have got to be the most unfunny thing I have ever seen
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Only when he is on his own.
Seriously, fuck game grumps and fuck jontron. Come on at me bros.
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Not for Reddit or anything, I have yet to venture there, but Game Grumps is great.
^Well it's a learning curve. I learned a lot about video editing in the last year and a half, for example. Your drummer will get the hang of recording and mixing. Just keep putting out some awesome material is all.

The only board on reddit I frequent is the Game Grumps one, and that's a mad lurk.
^I'll take that as a compliment 'cause he is a pretty, pretty man. I tried to get his current haircut last year, minus the shaved part. Lady messed it up hella bad. Without a hairstylist now....

Tried weed once. Didn't inhale, didn't get high.

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Short answer... yes.

And if I give a glowing review to your music? (Listening as of this post). I did pay attention to your cover a day project thing. I only listened if I knew and liked the song though. Just Another Phase though, you rule for that!

Edit: Done listening. I generally agree with Cory. The audio quality itself is kind of.... 'eeeeeh. Nothing as bad as my old songs but lol. I love that there's a lot of new folk/folk-rock stuff these days. You're pretty swell with the muzak.

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It generally boils down to Redditors being cunts.

That's extremely fair. I'll hold off there for now. I'm thinking of trying to submit my stuff to a gaming website, I guess. (And if it matters, modern games are gonna be featured after Bond History Month. I love that name lol).

You guys are all awesome, you know that? Need more of your kind.
^Har har

And bad reasons?

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Right.. I can read, don't worry about it.

Ah, this stuff is way better. I like to think I've gotten better since I was like 16.

Nice, looking forward to it.!

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And Mike, I watched Bully recently and every time Michael Pitt was on screen he reminded me of you.

...Am I that high?
^Pretty much

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You post your videos there?

Yeah, I keep telling my friend to back off on the reverb, but he sneaks it in when i'm not looking. Thanks for the criticism.

I said I've been thinking about it .

I'll check out your music later. I always enjoyed Pot of Gold, or whatever it was, so I hope for good stuff here.
Well I spent Valentine's Day at a buddy's place, good times. Now he has to go to his girlfriend's place to watch a movie for her class. Heh.

Jules! Reddit is a tough nut to crack eh? I've been thinking of posting my shit there for a while but... r/gaming would be a bad time for me I bet .
It's no joke! Bond History Month is super serial!

And that proves you're just a racist. Ya racist!
^Like Black History Month. Except it's all Bond. And in February.

I'm very clever.
Gen Y, or the Millennial Generation


So... I started a theme month for a my show. It's pretty flippin' sweet!
Y'know, all of us are jobless and barely go to school. We're burn-outs without the massive amounts of drugs....

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Try turning off User Account Control and see if that works.

Did not work. Windows Protection Error yet again.
I'm unsure really. Again, it works on my older computer that's not that good for gaming but fraps does not work with the games. My gaming rig just says "Windows Protection Error" most of the time.