Is anyone else seeing this or is it just me? Every band I have on my favorites list has a Ukulele tab for all or most of their songs and it's just copied from an existing tab and marked "Ukulele tab". Am I the only one that is seeing and/or annoyed by this?
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What about Guitar Pro tabs?

Make an archive and take requests
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I think we should make some kind of a dropbox merely for that purpose - posting tabs that UG won't.

The Guitar Bay?
But I guess a better idea would be just use pastebin or make a zip of .txt files of the tabs and back them up or something
What country do you live in? All of them seem to work fine for me. If you are outside the USA try using a proxy
Hey guys, does anyone have a diagram for Two single wire humbuckers (just the ground and the hot) that goes in to a Fender style 3-Way switch and 2 500k pots? Thanks in advance
E.T. for the Atari 2600
Greatest gameplay, graphics, and story that this world will ever see
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That's because people are likely to inspect a high-end guitar very closely but not many people think twice about picking up a cheaper model like an Epi, or the Squier the OP is asking about. From a counterfeiter's perspective those are probably a lot easier to slip under the radar than high-end knockoffs (although some of those are pretty convincing).

Although really, how much difference could there be between an authentic Squier made in China or Indonesia, and a knockoff Squier made in China or Indonesia?? That's gotta be practically the same thing.

Cheaper cheap parts, that's the main difference
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Yeah, looks fine. To be honest there's probably not enough profit in faking an Affinity for anyone to have done it so far. I haven't seen any fakes of guitars that inexpensive yet, though I'm sure it will happen one of these days.

They actually make Epiphone fakes, and not even of the high end models
Could we qualify for least intellectual community?
Either Bomb The Music Industry! or Run With The Kittens, they are some seriously insane bands
Yeah man F*** Christmas! It's too mainstream!
He isn't straightforward and he has poor grammar. It's a scam
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The way I understand, all the money made in Colorado through weed taxes is going into education funding.

So, you know...that's awesome.

Oh the irony
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its the one on my profile pic

Can you take more? Like of the headstock and serial plate so we can verify it's a genuine Fender.
Got any pics of it?

Post Hardcore/Emo/Nu Metal/Pop Punk bands and their fans
Talk about taking a bite out of crime
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Ug user slams ug store

Not really slams, just wondering were my guitar is
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Yes there's a sale thing now.

Unfortunately it's US only.

I am the in US though
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TS, if you post your credit card details here, we'll look into spending all your credit your issue.

Name: Mike Hunt
Number: 1234 5678 91011

That help?
Hey guys, I wasn't really sure where to ask this so why not the pit? Anyway, I ordered that Yamaha from the UG store 3 days ago and I got an order conformation but no information about when it will be shipping or if it even has shipped. Is this the same for anyone else?
What about Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, or The Toasters? Ska bands are great live, it's sad none made the list
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I don't know.If it snaps on it will work.

Right. Thanks for the help!
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You need a #1281-4315 J.C.Penney record needle.Try ebay.

Could a Crosley NP-1 work? It looks similar to the needle
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You bought a record player from JC Penny?

It's from the 70's. I picked it up today
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1798? Sounds like it used wooden needles. Try a toothpick.

That's the model number, not the year
Hey pit, I recently got an old record player (A J.C Penny 1798). It needs a new needle, does anyone know what kind/where I can find one?
Hi there! I bought a 1974 telecaster custom a few months ago and I was looking into buy a new neck. I really wanted to put a '72 deluxe neck (most likely from a re-issue) on it. I was wondering, will this work? If not will a re-issue custom neck fit it?