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Yeah, they've made Flight of the Conchords references before too. I got them, but practically everyone who watches probably does not.

I don't know, Flight of the Conchords is pretty popular. SportsCenter is good at its pop culture references.
Fire alarms in school are awesome. Fire alarms in your dorm in the wee hours of the morning during the winter are heinous offenses.
Well, Illinois recently beat Clemson at hoops in humiliating fashion, so you definitely need to go to Michigan. Also, would you rather be an Illini, or a freaking wolverine?
I always loved the mystery. Thanx. Now you're just a Joe to me.

Mission accomplished.
I've never bothered to look at your profile but Jesus Christ you throw me off as to where you can actually be from. Operation Ivy username I'm thinkin maybe a fellow Californian. A Minnesota Timberwolves avatar, thinkin probably from the Minnesota area? Aloha in your headline, gotta be in Hawaii. And location says dirty souf'


Well, I think Operation Ivy fandom is not exclusive to California, though I could understand how you could lean that direction. The T'Wolves avatar I can't justify very well, but I am a casual Minnesota fan for several weak reasons that aren't worth mentioning. I've never been to the state, and ideally never will. The 'Aloha' is from a Drive Like Jehu song called 'Luau.' The dirty south is the most accurate description, but it's still a lie. I'm actually from suburban South Carolina, and I currently go to school out in the country. So there you go.
Did anybody watch any of the Scare Tactics marathon yesterday? That show is one of the best on TV, but it's hardly ever on.
We're gonna beat you.

I don't actually know that, but I hope we do.
A fine artist.
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I really, really want to do a cover of this song:

It's so beautiful.

Only if you can pull off Bobby's shimmies. But yeah, an oldie but a goodie.
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I played so much NBA Hangtime last night.


All I'm sayin'.

That's one of the best video games ever. I like being the Nets because Shawn Bradley is the Eiffel Tower and gets at least 15 blocks per game. Unfortunately, he can't shoot the three ball like other big men in the game. David Robinson has the purest stroke.
I got my most recent pair of shoes on the net. They've worked out very nicely. I think they're the same shoes that Uma wears with her yellow jumpsuit in Kill Bill, except they're not yellow.
I can't count the number of times my friends and I have played N64 only to have the fun devolve into sincere rage. It's usually funny looking back, but our copy of Blitz has a puncture wound from a screwdriver. It still worked, by the way, with the screwdriver impaled in it.
No doubt. Dat's fresh to death.

My rap name is Flomax.
I never made that observation, though I do enjoy myself some Roky Erickson.
As someone who did marching band (nerd, yes) all four years of high school, I know firsthand what kind of freaks there are in band, but we found a nice little niche with a few cool people and it was actually a lot of fun. Concert band was actually pretty boring.
I did play trombone. It's not as fun as it sounds.
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The Bass has a certain role to play in a band, and it's not like a guitar where you can have one play lead and another play chords.

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I would just like to point out that actually exists now.

So it does. And just in time for the holidays.
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Really? I've noticed major decline in quality this season.

I agree, but relatively, this was one of the best this season. How bad is it that I actually googled ""?

It's not real...
Ah, that video is funny.

Speaking of the boobies, I feel that they are the most sensual part of a woman.

In a similar quoting vein, if I told you I thought you were attractive, would you take off your pants and dance around a little? Gets the ladies every time.

The best of all.

How can you possibly hate the NBA? The hair is fantastic.

As a bonus, I found this:

Churrascarias, or those Brazilian steakhouses, to the layman, are some of the greatest things on Earth. The best part, of course, is the unlimited meat served directly to you, but it doesn't hurt that the actual quality of the meat if often fantastic as well. Also, fried bananas.
I applied to only one college, and there was no essay on the application. Actually, the main reason I didn't apply to the honors college here is that there was an essay. Considering I eventually got into the honors college anyway, I guess I'm awesome. Or pathetically unmotivated.
I won't drink from a communal supply of Kool Aid, but I think I could par-tay right now. It's almost my fall break anyway.
My professor played If the Kids Are United today in class, and then we read Lester Bangs. And it wasn't even a music class. Jealous?

The third and fourth pictures are wunderbar.

Don't ban me! Hoy es mi cumpleanos!
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That joke isn't funny anymore.

Your face is still funny!

I totally forgot about Colbert and the Daily Show. They probably generate the vast majority of the channel's viewership.
Chapelle's Show was exceptional. I could enjoy reruns of it multiple times. Comedy Central really has gone by the wayside. South Park isn't funny anymore, and that's about all they have going for them. The movies that they show on weekday afternoons have got to be some of the worst movies ever released in theaters.

On a different note, the Olympics are gonna be in Rio. I wanna go.
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^ I could go with anything in the 50's. Easy. That's balmy.

When I need gloves to ride my scooter it is officially chilly.

When I wear gloves and get frostbite anyway it is officially cold.

And the end of riding season.

You Yanks and yer goofy weather. That being said, I think I have a low tolerance for cold by any standard, southern or otherwise.

I don't think I could live anywhere year-round higher than Virginia on a line of latitude.
I hate cold. In paradise it would never be cooler than 65.
And it is my theory that young people don't read for pleasure very much these days because the required material in school is boring and difficult to relate to. Somehow, that didn't stop me from doing English, though I read for pleasure very, very little in high school.