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I've found the place where the tab moderator highlighting issue just happened to me (and it wasn't in GP this time)

Here's the link where it happened I had to refresh the page again so that maguri could be highlighted

Link to image:
Honestly, I don't even get a notification that my tab has been reported... I just come to know when I get a 1/2/3 star for that tab and that's when I check that the same user who rated has also reported my tab.
Hi, if you see this link the acoustic version don't get updated with the featured artist and creates a jumbled up mess as in the link. Secondly, all official tabs don't show the featured artist until a user clicks on it. It would be great if this would be taken into consideration. Thanks!
Hi, I was just wondering if we could add the date when a report was made regarding a tab.
In this case, a report was made that the intro tab wasn't good and then version 16 fixed it apparently. Hence, I was just wondering if adding the date to when the report was made would be worth it. 
UGMKZ I wish I had remembered 
UGMKZ Every link you've posted is related to GP, exactly what mendace said. When I observed this, it was at a lyric correction; unfortunately I don't have any link to prove it
mendace Yesss, exactly that has happened to me twice I think. But this time, it was a chord & lyric correction, I remember exactly and it was NSpen1 who wasn't highlighted although I don't have a link to it. With Vladimir, I have seen it initially happen when I just started with TPA (last year I think). The thing is, it happens only with them since they are the 2 of the three tab moderators I know (third one being dolphinsrule01) who have their profile public. 
I'll take note of this but honestly it's a very minor bug Did you see such problem in other corrections?

I'll keep looking for it.
I didn't see such bug. We need some proofs like a page where you saw it and a screenshot. We can't fix a bug that we can't see  

I have seen it happen only twice but never actually paid much heed to it. If it occurs again, I'll send a screenshot here.
What song do mean? These lyrics are exported from another service  

Ah.. okay, didn't know that. Probably the other service is the one who has this issue.

Anyways, thanks!
A few bugs I'd like to report in TPA

1. Here's a link where while correction a part of the previous version bled into the new version. Image link is as below. The link to the correction seems to be broken.

2. a tab where a '&' was actually displayed as 'amp;' even though the correction of such kind was never made and hence I didn't approve it. Another tab moderator claimed that this issue occurs sometimes where it shows up as 'amp;'. Later when I checked back again, it was seemed to be fixed. It's approved last week and next I don't have a link to it

3. Very rarely it so happens that tab moderators like NSpen1 and Vladmir_Bass don't show up as [tm] suffix beside their username and they're not highlighted purple, rather it's black just like any other normal user. This is a minor issue but since I had to mention the above, I thought of addressing this as well.

4. When we pull up the automated lyrics, sometimes an apostrophe comes something like a 'å' as in the attached pdf. And even sometimes it just gives block something like []. It kind of gets overlooked sometimes even by me.