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War of Ages - Battle On

I had to go on stakeouts and beat confessions out of mallcore kids to find it, but you're welcome.

Thank you so much!!!!
Hi! can someone tell the name of this song in this video?

at 7-03
Michael Amott from Arch Enemy!
Hello, Please can you tab this: Heathen Foray - Ascension

Even if only you tab the intro!!!

yeah I saw that post! but the problem I'm facing is the strings are they going to make a lot of tension on the neck ? If I bought D'Addario D-EXL145 Heavy 12 16 20 32w 42w 54w ? Cause I don't want to break the neck
Hello, I need your help

I have an Ibanez guitar (Ibanez XP300FX) With Scale/Length: 648mm/25.5

And I want to tune it to Drop B (B E A D F# B).

So Can you tell me whats the right strings to buy ?