>love of a leather bumbag

I have no idea wtf he's on about.  he writes for vice, of course he's a nancy who doesn't have the confidence to rearrange tables, embarrass himself in front of high schoolers (who cares what they think,) who can't into wood work or parallel parking. 

Not owning tv and being tech literate are both fine.
I'd say so if you've spent 3 hours on the prologue.

I got super invested in automata and created a near meta chip set, farming the high gains and low slot use.  My second favorite game of all time. 
I just walk for 4 hours a day (I walk for 2 hours twice a day,) I started out walking 40 minutes a day.  
At 4 hours a day it ends up being 80ish miles with 8000 cal burned per week..

I don't like the way I jiggle when I jog, and I haven't done it in so long I just feel awkward, I just listen to spotify and walk. 
I plan on adding swimming on top of it when it's warmer.  
They got to the basement about 2 episodes ago.

After this season there will likely be a time skip which is what made me drop the manga, hard.
I have 1.5 million youtube views. 

Google owes me like 150 bucks in ad revenue, but I'm too poor for a bank account, and you need one of those for them to pay you. 
The last person I introduced to jojo I went fuck it and just started on part 3. 

It turned out fine.  If they like it enough they can go back and watch jonathan and joseph. 

I don't at all like where attack on titan went, the anime is getting close to where I just dropped the manga.  I'm still watching it tho, i'll watch it as long as they make it, but I'm not putting in effort to read it. 
Finished KatanaGatari,  It was okay, I liked the last episode.  7/10.
I'm surprised, from the thread title I was like, someone tried swimming in one of those lakes california threw a bunch of foam balls in.

I was really close.
Picture is awful, but I made home made mac+cheese for my dad, I made brown sugar ham too.  It's cheddar topped with colby jack, bacon bits, and crushed butter crackers.

edit: took a 2nd picture of it mixed up, might look better, my phone camera is awful.
Why?  Wondering around killing everything with the death ring was annoying.
That chapter was universally slammed when it was released, they said they'd fix it.
I heard they redid chapter 13, I played it when it was supposedly worse. 

I loved the open world, I didn't care for the second half of the game as much.  But now that you can go from water town to regular world freely and there's more stuff at the end game besides two hall ways and two bosses, I might like it a lot more now. 
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just get a jar of curry sauce, you can get that right? and then you just fry chicken or beef and then add the sauce and let it simmer for half an hour, then just serve it on top of rice

i don't know how available these are but i like the ones where there's like a little spice cap in the lid of the jar which you sprinkle over the chicken or beef or whatever as you're frying it

If not maybe I can order one, that way I can't screw it up, because I only have some idea of what it tastes like based on the ingredients used.
Next time I go out of town I'll look really hard for some. 
Quote by Wolfinator-x


It's like the best thing

Just no one eats it here, I've never seen it on a menu, I've never had any friends who ate it. 
I have athM50x's, they're pretty decent for mixing, of course I use monitors but it's nice to also reference them.  I could probably mix okay on the headphones alone if I had too. 

I will never buy another pair of headphones for 50+ usd if the wire isn't detachable, I've been through 4 cords on this thing and it's so easy to replace them.
I have a pair of cheap sony, tascam's, seinheiser and ATHm20's where the wire's have worn until they split, and I don't care to fix them.  I used to pretty much live with headphones on.
As an american in the midwest I've never had curry, I do have recipe's saved and have been meaning to make it myself forever just to try it. 
I ordered a logitech f310 after being unable to find a 360 wired controller for window's 7 for over a year anywhere near me. My 360 controller has had connection problems.
The only games I like playing with keyboard are like, terraria, city builders, and stardew valley, where hot keys and mouse controls really matter.   I don't even m+k in fps, I beat payday 2 on deathwish using a controller.   Now there's like 3 difficulty's above death wish, but I haven't played them.
It seems to be working perfectly. 
Bloodborne was my brother first soulsborne game, he got ds1 remastered and stopped playing because he thought it was too easy.
He's on newgame+2 of sekiro now. 

Personally I like DS1 because of it's slower combat.
I did a version of supersaw jolly with halftime drums in it, I did I lot of shit I completely forgot about.  
This was in the middle of writing a 40 track ost to a megaman x fan game, I don't know if it's ever coming out.  If not I'll release them on youtube. 

I used most of the same soundbanks I used to make this thing.

edit, I skimmed my music folder and listened to what I wrote for the sbfp visual novel, I like all of it, I hope almost all was used somewhere, I wrote it probably 2 years ago and never really went back to listen to it after I was finished writing it. 
Should probably figure out what was used and make a youtube video of the ost in full. 
Quote by soundgarden1986
could you not just check the credits

"Mostly original soundtrack by stratkat"
I don't see any other musicians credited, so I guess they went with the stuff I made, I need to play it sometime. 

edit: actually woolie played it, I might just watch him play through it instead of playing it myself. 
I completely stopped using discord, so I didn't know if I'd given them enough to work with or not and was afraid they might've replaced me.  I wrote maybe 5 new things, the rest I think they pulled from my royalty free album.  
I don't like twitch much, there's way to much interaction with the chat about shit I don't care about.
I only watch best of clips of pat's stream, and tune in for podcast highlights. 

I will watch john wolfe and manlybadass hero play garbage, but it's far from sbfp.

There's a super best friend dating sim called ahaego academy or something, I think I wrote all the music for it, I didn't really follow the project closely after I gave them a bunch of music and I haven't actually launched the game.  Idk if they used other musicians music or not.
My brother and I got my dad a grill for father's day. 
Today is 32 days with no alcohol, only 23 more months to go, so far it's easy.

I've had half a bottle of vodka hidden in my room and haven't touched it, it was there when I got back from jail, I find just having it around helps my anxiety disorder, just in case it gets to be too much, but so far it hasn't, so I doubt it will.   Last time I went a long time without booze I'd kept two beers in the fridge for about 8 months. 

Also without booze I've been losing 2-4 lbs a week without fail so far.  25 more lbs and I'll be at a 'healthy' weight. 
I forgot they had a fishing spinoff, if I ever get psvr I'll definitely have to try it. 
I hated FF8, as a kid who loved ff 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 I hated 8,   Didn't like 12 or 13 either.  But 12>8. 
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i dont remember a sewer system at all but really any dungeon that isnt pitioss can smd

if you think thats the worst just wait until the post game virtually copy pasted dungeons i didnt even do all of them they were so dull

I only beat the hardest one of them, the one you can't use items in.  I never used cure magic until that dungeon. It is really annoying that they're just bottomless enemy battles over and over and over, it's awful..
Quote by institutions
the dungeon was a complete waste of time too
there was like a sword and a lance there that probably aren't even good, and the sidequest for the more powerful headlights was there, but there wasn't even a royal tomb after the big end boss of the dungeon

There's also an optional dungeon at the end of it you can go back too, but it isn't really worth it.
I really really liked the fishing in xv. 
I stopped playing guitar because I was bored to death of playing alone, but I coudln't find people to play with since high school.  
It's the whole reason I learned how to compose music by myself. 

But now if I have a band I could produce entire parts and record a decent demo without having to pay someone else.  
I sometimes jam with my producer friend, he's okay at drums and guitar, but we don't hang out enough to make any real progress with real instruments.
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i've just done this dungeon in FFXV in a massive sewer system and holy shit it was easily the worst part of the game so far

The worst dungeon isn't even that, it's one with the cube puzzles which I was stuck in for 4 hours, and had to go back to for the hardest post game dungeon, it sucks. 

I heard they completely redid and patched chapter 13, I played the game day 1, chapter 13 was pretty awful. I'd really like to replay the royal edition to see how much has changed or what was added. 
Instrument's are outdated, teach her how to compose and produce music.  

By the time she's an adult it'll be hard to tell a real musician and a sample bank apart. 
I take gummy vitamins, one a day mens are fine, but the nature made omega-3 gummies are like candy. 
People don't ask me if I wanna buy pills while I'm taking a piss at the opera. 
I buy whatever cheap blue tooth ear buds I can, they tend to go missing.  I'd use regular ones since they're cheaper, but my phone's headphone jack is wonky. 

I'd never use ear buds to listen to music or audio at home. 
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Splits count as strikes   anyone who bowls a perfect game where splits count as strikes should have an asterisk next to their name in the record book ( if the alley keeps such records).  

They don't put your name on the board for snake bite tournaments.  His team probably won tho. 

They didn't put his name on the board at our bowling alley when he bowled a real perfect game because it was during practice before a tournament, it has to actually be during league or a tournament to count for that I guess. 

He works at the bowling alley so he gets to practice a lot for free.   He also buys expensive as fuck bowling balls at nearly half price since he orders it through the bowling alley. 
His boss wouldn't let me bowl for free even if I went with him, which is why I haven't gotten into at all.
Quote by X-127
The style is bowling

I think it's called back up, but I could be wrong, some pro's use two hands when bowling, there's a lot of shit people do.

He bowled his first perfect game a month or so ago.  He's gotten 2 perfect games in snake bite (where splits count as strikes,) he's only bowled for a few years. 
They also separate chess. 
My brother's really into bowling, men throw heavier balls, faster, and at a higher rev rate.

One of his favorite bowlers is a cute japanese women who throws right handed, but curves it right, from the left side of the lane.  I don't remember the style. 
In FL studio you could automate the volume of the cymbal by making a separate channel of ez drummer that only plays the cymbal.   You could also render out the cymbal hit in .wav and use it like a sample and edit the waveform's attack, sustain, reverb, etc. 

Velocity controls a whole lot of different things in sample banks/kontakt.

I've never used reaper. 

But I just read your edit and see you solved it yourself.
To solve your new problem, create multiple channels of ez drummer that only play the choked cymbals, which will eat ram, or bounce it out with cymbal chokes only, then import the .wav back in, then have ez drummer do all the non-choke parts..  If that makes any sense. 

Idk what a cymbal choke is honestly. 
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Haha I was enjoying Hunter x Hunter, but this giant insect arc is dumb af

The 1999 anime has an ending that happens before the ant arc.   That's the main reason it's better than the manga or 2011 anime.
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so going back to my enjoyment of basic bitch shounen, i have read all of AOT up until now and i still watch the show because it is brainless fun, and my god i love seeing all the reddit theories of people who only watch the show are coming up with

I stopped reading it after the time skip.  It just almost didn't feel like I was readin the same story.
I've lived 28 years and haven't died once. 

But if it does happen, I think I'll be content as long as it's not anytime soon. 
I don't know, I looked around to see if his friend(s) were watching, or recording it, but there was no one else around, he had swimming trunks so I imagine he was just at a pool.

I imagine he did it just because he thought it was funny. 

I did say what the fuck when he lifted his shirt, then 'okay then?' when he was walking away.  The whole thing surprised me so much and he was quick, I had no time to really react.
 >be me doing 6 miles of cardio
>a hand is placed firmly on my left shoulder midwalk
>take ear buds out turn around, say 'what's up"?
>scrawny teenage boy I've never seen before
>lifts up his shirt to his neck
>lifts up my shirt
>puts his finger to his lip in the 'keep quiet' motion
>has a blank expression and didn't say a word through the whole ordeal
>walks away

Thought about it all the way home, he really fucked with me 
It's formatted this way because I said it on /fit/ first. 
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wait a minute level 40 what
i reinstalled and finally started it up, and i guess i was level 32 and 16 hours in and only in chapter 3
am i not only super shit at the game, but also overleveled?

I beat the game at level 41 having only played 31 hours.

I hear the patches have added a lot to it. 
I also beat it having no idea I could leave the final area of the game using that dog or whatever tf it was to go grind.
Animal crossing shit is on a rolling pin again, I liked the grid based system so much better.  At least the curve isn't as sharp this time.