Here's the youtube video.

I accidentally posted this in the wrong place, so here it is in the covers forum. Me and a few friends recorded a cover of Stars by Ronnie James Dio's Hear n' Aid. It's just the guitar solo section, since none of us can sing like the 80s metal dudes
Any feedback on the playing or overall production?
Here's the youtube video.

Me and a few friends recorded a cover of Stars by Ronnie James Dio's Hear n' Aid. It's just the guitar solo section, since none of us can sing like the 80s metal dudes
Any feedback on the playing or overall production?
If you can run podfarm as a plugin, you could always run that after the soft-synth bass DisarmGoliath was talking about. It might help enhance the tone a bit and make it sound more natural.
Open up the sky and swallow me whole
Freeze this moment in time, an everlasting home
Keep your valor ever-gliding in your wake
Always know that silver wings will never break

My friend and I wrote this for a post-rock project we're working on called Ingest the Cassette. We wanted to keep the lyrics minimal for this song as you can see, but anyway let me know what you think!
Here's the song, yo! - progressive/deathcore(ish), one-man band from Athens, Ohio.
Developing the ear for mixing takes some time. It's good that you've already learned a lot from watching the professional engineers work and such. I'd suggest that if you want to get better, to keep working with people like that who already know what they're doing, even if it's just going to sit in on a recording session with another band.

Also, in general for mixing - listen to your mixes in the car, on laptop speakers, stereo systems, etc. Anything you have access to. It helps to make sure your mixes translate well to other systems, since the average listener isn't going to have studio monitors
I had that exact same problem when I had a fast track. I couldn't figure anything out, so I ended up getting a new interface. Although you said you're looking in the 100-200 range, if you're willing to spend the extra money, the ProFire 610 works great. I've had it for about a year now, and haven't had any problems.
But it's firewire, and about $400. So I guess I just disregarded everything you said about what you're looking for haha either way - it's a good interface IMO
I didn't see this thread at first and already posted the song in its own thread, my mistake. Anyway, here's one of the songs from my album that I just finished. Any thoughts on the mix/how to improve future mixes from here?

Guitars amped through pod farm, except for the leads at the end - those were Eleven LE.
Unfortunately with no access to a 5 string bass, the bass in this is midi. I didn't want to do that, but I made it the best I could.
Drums programmed in superior drummer - toms with the avatar kit, snare/kick/cymbals with the metal foundry kit.
Vocals are all layered a decent amount.
All the reverbs/delays were processed through aux tracks.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any pointers! And of course, c4c
Stay away from the Fast Track interfaces - myself and a few friends have had nothing but bad experiences with those.
As for tracking guitars, going direct through the interface is a good idea IMO, as long as you have access to a decent amp sim. Pod farm is always good, or if you're able to run VST plugins (windows) I've heard some people getting good tones from LeCab. I dont know much about the latter though.
Hello! I've recently finished recording and mixing an album of a few of my songs, and I'd like to know what you guys think of the production/mixing. I'm a music production student still learning how to do all this, so I'd like to see what you think I could work on to improve the sound of any future mixes. Thanks!

Here's the 5th track from the album -
Images: The Faceless
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thanks i thought i was doing it the wrong way

There's no "wrong way" in recording, yo! If it sounds good and works for you, then go for it.
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Your acoustic song is nice. Is it original ?

Thanks! Yea, it's one of 5 acoustic songs I've been writing/rewriting multiple times (sigh) for the past 9 months or so. I should be done with my first EP in about a week actually. it's weird seeing all this stuff finally coming together haha

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It sounds good;

I know I may be a little anal about these things, but, there isn't a guitar cable plugged into the guitar itself

p.s. I know it said production major... lol

Yeaaaaa, I'm just playing along with the recording. I meant to have it plugged in for the video so there wouldn't be any confusion, but I forgot and was too lazy to redo the vid. I'm an audio guy, not a video guy
Another one of those typical pop-remade-as-metal tracks, but ET is a good song I mean cmon. I did all the vocals, guitars, and bass. Programmed everything else. Drums are the Metal Foundry kit from superior drummer.

I'm a music production major, so I'm kind of using this stuff as a way to practice mixing and such - I'd like to hear what you think I should focus on to improve the mix!

Anyway, here's the vid -

Let me know what you think, yo!
Sounds great man! I love 12-strings... Those ideas flow really well, good job!
This is awesome! The drums sound really solid, which is something I've always had trouble with. You said you're using SD2.0? I am too, but how did you get your drums like that? Is it parallel compression or something?
Anyway, cool song. Guitar tone is fantastic, and your vocal style is sick.
Okay cool, thanks for the feedback! Yea, I noticed that about the low end too. It's weird how not listening to a mix for a day or two will give a completely different perspective on it haha. I'll check out your song now, yo!
This is going to be the 2nd track on an acoustic/alternative/whatever EP I'm currently writing and recording. Let me know what you guys think of the lyrics! and of course, I'd be glad to critique your songs as well.

Awoken from the usual dream
In a daze, feeling so at ease
But it hits so deep (but it hits so deep)
When the day lights these empty sheets

And I wonder; I wonder what went wrong
Why this month felt so long

(You'll drift away) breathe in reality
(You'll drift away) but it's more than I can take
(You'll drift away) breathe in reality
(You'll drift away) though I don't feel the same anymore

So why has it taken over
The longing to place the blame
Now the future, it has to suffer
'Cause the past was mine to claim

And I wonder (You'll drift away)
I wonder what went wrong
And I wonder (You'll drift away)
I wonder why I had fallen to my knees
But you were never there to break my fall

Here's the instrumental track for this song -
Tune your guitar, yo! I wouldn't necessarily call this thrash though, the drum beat is too slow. Reminds me of regular heavy metal. The part starting around 2:05 sounds pretty thrashy though!
Also, I listened to a few of your other tracks on youtube, and I'd suggest messing with some panning. Everything sounds mono. Panning things out will make the recording sound bigger/fuller!
Hello everyone, I'm studying audio/music production at Ohio University, but I'm still fairly new to recording and mixing. This is going to be the intro track for a metal album I'm writing and recording, and I'd like to get some different opinions on the mix/how to make it better. (the picture used here is temporary; it wont be the actual album cover)

Also, post links to your recordings and I'll be happy to provide as much feedback as I can!
Hey, I'm just wondering if I could get some feedback on this song, specifically about the mix, but if anyone has thoughts on the writing/phrasing of the song itself that would be cool too!

I'd be happy to critique any of your songs as well
(as a side note - sorry to be annoying, but if you like it, check out some of my other stuff or subscribe)
Wooo self-advertising :/
Yea, this one's more of a happy/uplifting song compared to what I normally write, and it's generally fun to play. I'm just bad at getting feelings or thoughts into words and such lol
I'd say i normally do the same but this song fell together pretty much just today and I recorded it haha so i didn't really think about a name too muh

thanks for the feedback
Good stuff man. I thought that intro with the talking behind the clean guitars was really cool/creepy ish sounding. Solid writing as well.

I'd try using some compression on just about everything, it could help bring the guitars up to give that in-your-face kind of tone, and the drums (snare especially) could use a little more punch/snap to them.
Please help me out here, this is just a rough mix but I can't think of a good title.
Any suggestions? let me know what you think

also, I cut out one small part on the right guitar track while I was recording it and i forgot to replace it... but i'll get back to that tomorrow :P
i've got a metal cover of a lady gaga song if that works? i'd just have to mess with the mix a little
Should I just post the download link here in the thread for my entry?

edit: Download link is up in the track info for Paparazzi - With Gaga's Vocals on my profile
This is really cool nice work! The vocals sound awesome, it's kinda tough to get a good sound with death metal vocals, but you nailed it.
You've got some sweet riffs in there, especially the one at like 1:57
The mix - it's really clear, I don't hear anything that sounds too muddy. it's a bit dark though. The guitars could use a tad bit more high-end, and I think raising the cymbals just a little could make it a bit brighter.
Thanks for the feedback!
Anyway, right now I'm just using gearbox to record directly into garage band and doing a few eq adjustments and such from there. For drums I use superior drummer, it's expensive but definitely worth it if you can't record a live drummer. This past summer while I was home, I recorded my actual amp/cab with a Sennheiser E609.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention, vocals are still a work in progress, I'm terrible with writing lyrics haha it takes a while :P
Gaga's vocal track can be found if you look up 'lady gaga paparazzi a cappella' on youtube, it's like the 1st one on the page with that search

Thanks for the help everyone
Tempting You is good, you've got a really clear sounding mix, guitar tone is great especially at 1:03. Only thing i noticed here is it seems like the bass is a little too loud/punchy/something, for my tastes anyway haha. I think it would help if the guitars and cymbals were brought up just a little, maybe just the high end in general.

Yes, It's True - I love your clean guitar tone, and the chord progression in the intro is really mellow, I like it. Not quite a big fan of those drum machine sounds, but otherwise i think this one sounds good. Sounds sort of 80's-ish.

Congrats on getting this played on the radio!
Here's the song, let me know what you think!
Does anyone have any ideas for a title? I can't think of anything lol
as always, c4c
I've been messing around on my own with recording and mixing for a while now, but I'm obviously nowhere near a professional level, and I feel like there are some things that I'm not able to figure out or able to hear. I was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about mixing and could give a few pointers or tips, maybe specific areas of this song to work on, or just a few general things that could make the overall mix better. Thanks!!!

Here's the song:
I just used a tone I made for line6's gearbox for the guitars, recorded it directly into garageband and mixed a little to get that sound. I'm still working on it though, cuz I feel like they're a little scooped sounding haha
I originally made this with guitars playing Gaga's vocal parts, but I remixed it with her actual vocal track, let me know what you think! C4C as well.
Also, how do you actually submit a song?
Hey this is sick man, good work! I can definitely hear those influences you mentioned, all of which bands I love
I can't decide if I should keep the vocals (screams and a few cleans) or just leave this song as an instrumental. I'm too embarrassed to show anyone in person so I figured I'd hide behind my computer and ask for feedback
Let me know if you think the vocals are okay/need work/should be removed completely

With vocals:

Instrumental version:
I have a cover of Paparazzi, I know that's (obviously) not a metal song but could it still be accepted since my cover is a metal instrumental version of the song?

here it is in case anyone's interested, but if it's not right for this contest I completely understand!
I think this sounds really good, only thing I'd do is bring the rhythm guitars up just a tiny bit, but yeah nice work.