Well damn, that's tight. Sounds sort of veil of maya-esqe, I like it.
I noticed the guitar tone is a bit muddy, it'd be cool if it had a little more of the 'djunt' sound.

Overall I liked it a lot, I could mosh like crazy for a song like this :P
This is very chill, I like the guitar part that comes in around 0:50. The switch to distortion/lead up was pretty cool, this song has a lot of dynamic.

Only other thing I'd say is the drums for the first 2 minutes or so were pretty much the same thing, if you changed up the beat slightly just for even a few measures I think it could give the song even more energy.

Sounds like I hear a bit of Buckethead influence, reminds me of the feeling of the clean bridge section of Brewer In The Air.

Overall: Good sh*t!
Thanks a lot for the feedback!
also, @deformity, there are two guitar tracks in the beginning of that song, basically everything is harmonized so i guess it gives it that weird sound :P

the first one is more of a chill song (with a video)
the 2nd one is more prog metal ish, don't have a video up so its on my profile called Changes [Part 2]

I'm curious to see what everyone thinks. Are the songs themselves any good? Also, how about the mixes? Any tips on improving the mix would be awesome
the synths/drums/bass were all midi tracks made in guitar pro 5 then imported to GarageBand
Quote by Ledforthehead
Hell yeah people need to make more rap on here. I thought it was pretty good. I don't care that you rap about stereotypical rap stuff cause that's what I rap about too.

Keep it up it was cool mother****a.

agreed haha i enjoyed it
"stereotypical rap stuff" is what makes it rap i liked the autotuned chorus lol
I've got the problem that I'm sure many other players have... When I play, my pinky tends to move away from the fretboard much farther than any of my other fingers. I'd like to correct this problem, so does anyone know of any exercises/anything else that may help this type thing?

here's another song I wrote recently for a project in my media class. lemme know what you think! and as always, c4c
Quote by JudgeDrey
Would you comment on my EQ settings? Does this seem good or similar to ya?

Well it's hard to tell like what specific settings work just by looking. Just trust your ear and when you find something that sounds good that you like it'll be good
Hahah I'll blame all the messiness on my roommate :P
Anyway, I only have one camera, so the video was done with basically a bunch of play-throughs of the entire song, from each angle and then matched up after.
As for gear, it's not all that much, I just play into GearBox and record directly into Garageband. I have to do a little bit of mixing to get the guitar tone the way I want it though, filter and EQ them until they're clear and sound good

Glad you liked the song!
This is pretty cool I like it! I listened to Riffin 2.0 as well, and the new mix sounds better and more clear.
Your tone sounds Mesa-ish, I may be wrong but either way I like it
I agree with robfalcon... make more videos. for your first one this is really good
i like the song, and i love your tone
Thanks for the support!
Yeah, I'm still experimenting with mixing and tones and what not haha
And yep, I'm in Drop C for this one.
I'm sure some of you may disagree with my musical taste here, but I find Gaga's songs to be quite catchy, so I made this metal arrangement of Paparazzi. I made the backing track myself as well, let me know what you think!
I'm personally not a big fan of Vai, but your guitar playing is really good!
Also, i watched some of your other videos, im impressed. Good work man

check out my cover of the Selkies solo by BTBAM if you'd like. its not a school performance, but just for fun cause i love that song
thanks for all the positive feedback, i appreciate it
about vocals, im still trying to decide whether or not i want to put some in. i may just keep the whispers and make them stand out a bit more like a few of you said.
its tough to tell cause of the sound quality but from what i can hear it sounds pretty sick, you guys are great players

check out my cover of the solo from Selkies by BTBAM if you'd like!
i like your clean tone its not too high on attack or anything
was that dissonance at 1:14 intentional? i like it.
when that distortion kicked in around 4:13 it was sweet. huge tone its good.
style kind of reminds me of tool, and slightly opeth cause of the growls.
good sh*t man, good sh*t
i love this solo, finally learned how to play it, and decided to make a video
i made the backing track myself, i think it turned out pretty well
check it out, let me know what you think! C4C as always.

subscribe and message me if you'd like the tabs or anything
so i think i've posted audio to this before... but I remixed it a bit (even though the drums still suck, oh well) and finally made a video. check it out, let me know what you think, and as always C4C!
thanks for all your critiques... now to answer--
the drums are just converted MIDI files. i used's midi-mp3 converter so yeah... they dont sound great, im kinda bummed about that but i dont really know enough about mixing to make them sound better haha
anyway, yeah im not too happy with the growls either, i plan on re-recording them when i get home in a few weeks so ill re post with an update if i get anything that sounds better!
intro's pretty eerie. different but its kinda cool. i personally think itd be sweet if you had some really quiet synth or strings underneath the intro. otherwise not a bad song its got a good feel overall.

nice riffs man, good stuff.
like the dude before me said, itd be cool if you changed but from chugchug a bit, maybe had a few short sections with some more open sounding riffs that'd give the song some more direction and breaks and what not.
overall your riffs are cool, i like the way they sound. melodic but not too "happy-sounding" haha
also - your tone is sick. seems like that rectifier is working out pretty well

you've got some good melodies in there, this songs got potential but there's a lot you could do with it. just a few of my thoughts - drums could change in some parts, like going from snare on 2 & 4 beat to snare on the 2nd 8th note of every beat, maybe making one part feel faster like that would change it up and make it more interesting... if that made any sense :P

also, the rhythm guitar could use some... well, rhythm haha not to say holding chords out is bad but in general at some parts itd be cool if u have a cool rhythm going on behind the melodies

good job tho this song's got potential.
if you feel like checking out my song id appreciate it

I had this song on my profile for a while, but i put up a new mix (hence the title Demon [New Mix]) haha but yeah everything is a lot clearer now i'd say it sounds a bit better. check it out lemme know what you think whether you like it or not, any feedback is cool with me

as always... c4c
good song its got dynamic too its not overly repetitive or anything. i like your clean tone a lot btw =)
dude that was cool it felt really dark/eerie ish i liked the overall vibe to it
and it didnt stay with the same beat the whole time. change is good =D
id say my favorite part is around 1:42, that whole section is pretty cool. its a driving beat and the solo is good it doesnt sound outta place or awkward or anything of that sort.

like to crit mine? -
well to be honest im not really a fan of country but its cool thats just not my style u kno?
but with that being said, your singing was good i didnt really hear any pitch mistakes or anything good job! i like the concept of the lyrics too =)
like a lot of other ppl mentioned already, i think it'd benefit a lot from having a band backing the song or at least having it layered with a few more guitars to get that big sound
pretty cool song! yea i agree with the rest of them id just say metal or maybe thrash.
the solo section is cool around 2:42 it doesnt sound out of place or anything that part was really well-written. and the transition from the solo back to the main riff... pretty creative haha nice job
i like the intro it sounds eerie and metallica ish
its all got a pretty cool 80s type of vibe to it

the only thing is the tone isnt really my thing i dunno it sounds too trebly but i guess thats probably cuz its just a "rough mix" =D

good work sir.
glad u all like it thanks... so to answer a few of your questions -
I played the guitars, the rest (drums, strings, bass) i used midi files converted to mp3 using's midi converter
ummmm ive been playing for about 4 years or so. yeah ik what u mean about the name tho haha

anyway for guitar i just use my Carvin CT6 with guitar port. i've got garage band for mixing/editing. all the voice stuff is a ****ty computer mic to garage band lol

and ya if any of u have new songs/posts id be happy to critique =D
that was cool! i love the idea
and youre good at beatboxing haha
this kind of reminds me of a Flobots type of thing i like it

i agree with BewareOfDog about the beat coming in before the words though
so i just finished a few recordings... lemme know what you think of this one, either the song itself or the recording quality

if anyone has tips on things i could do to mix this better that would be awesome! i dunno what im doing when it comes to that stuff... thats why im going to college
nice job man
i like the overall sound of the song its pretty cool
but i did notice that in the main riff the guitar seems to play a bit slow right around those couple fast palm muted notes

eh screw it haha cool song keep it up!
the song is recorded [crappy quality] but its on my profile if you wanna check it out. choruses are clean singing except the last one there's a growled part as well. everything else is growled/screamed.

All this time I thought; thought you were right,
That I was nothing more than a creep
In your words, I believed

You called me out, and I believed

This hell that I endured, held by your grasp, seemed impossible to escape,
Though I could have simply walked away
I must find a way to give back what you deserve. I must find a way...

You called me out, and I believed I was at fault
I was deceived

I’ve been frozen in fear from fleeing the fight
Against you using my faults to make yourself right
This situation is out of my control,
But now I’m finally free from yours

You called me out, and I believed I was at fault
I was deceived.
I found the consequence of my own worthless actions.
When you said that I was just a f***ing demon,
You were so out of line

No one deserves this more than you
No one deserves this more than you
this was pretty cool, i like the way it rhymes
especially the "rampant... dampen" part. like slant rhyme or w/e they call it i like it haha
"He may have gone a bit insane a little," sounds kind of awkward though

but anyway good job!
i like this its actually pretty cool, sounds somewhat post-hardcore ish in the intro? or maybe not ik wha t im thinking of but im not the best at naming generes, so who cares
pretty good quality recording too

you've got some pretty cool riffs in there, only thing is the drums kinda sound awkward. idk i think like song 7 would sound pretty good with a normal rock beat like snare on 2 and 4 kinda thing but thats just my opinion. keep going dude these could turn out pretty cool
i dunno what genre this would fall under, maybe you could tell me?
anyway c4c of course, i'd appreciate any feedback positive or negative. thanks!