i really liked the guitar solo sections the whole vibe of that part was sweet
that was pretty good man haha i definitely see the fall of troy/at the drive-in influence in there
Me (right) and my friend, theshreddedcheese (left), wrote and recorded this in about 2 weeks. Let us know what you think!!

btw, try and guess whose voice that is in the beginning
mixing isn't great and there's no drums or choir ahhh's but anyway I love this song it's soooooooo chill

lemme know what you think!
oh yeah i have another one this time its just me playing (sorry shuhei) haha but yeah this one i wrote/recorded quite a while ago using direct connect through Guitar Port. no video just audio for this but anyway there's no real name, for now just "225 part 2"
hey here's my entry i hope you guys enjoy! its called "Big Booty Bandit" haha dont ask how we got that name... but anyway me (right) and my friend (left) wrote and recorded this in about 2 weeks the quality is pretty good, so watch it in HD
hope you like it!