the LCS was snooze on the weekend, I can't believe they droned on for so long about it.
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or we can go with definition 1:

I get what you meant, but anchor is not a good term for that.

I honestly thought you were praising Bengi.
Anchor - 5. a person or thing that can be relied on for support, stability, or security; mainstay:
I place more value in her bfury in that it does a huge cleave in a teamfight if you get off a crit rather than how much it speeds her farm, she can still farm decently without one and you can do a lot early on rather than going full PvE.

I like it.
just had the worst game ever where our TA threw because she wanted to fight a dd rune Lycan with an ion shield, she walks up to him then realises her mistake and tries to bail while the rest of the team is jumping in to save her ass.
its shit on antimage day for me.
but that isn't ironic.
I like vanguard half bloodstone timbersaw...

and that ember was ******ed.
the only appeal to their shitty game is that it has blizzard ip.

a big meh.
typical slardar game, blink crush and feed, icefrog give AS bonus with sprint plz
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Does anyone else really hate it when Warlocks focus on their stupid Aghs/Refresher farming and then dictate we fight around their stupid ultimate combo instead of actually helping the team out buy buying items like wards and mek?

mek is so trash on warlock, wards are different.
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pure damage on a short cooldown

and chakram slows more if someone has less health.
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how many total games have you played, because that is so much with one hero

1600, although ive probably only played 1000 myself because i used to let someone use my account.
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Just when you thought you had seen it all... Support tide goes battlefury instead of a blink dagger.

Also tips for invoker? I mostly noob him and use spirits plus cold snap for early to mid game and then drop meteors and deafining blasts more as the game goes on.

I played with a tidehunter who went heart first item against a naix.

I've got 100something games with him, if you want to kill easy targets get your browns and a forcestaff or blink and jump on someone with the spirits and cold snap, travels are a really good pickup on him so you can zip around the map finding experience and levels a lot easier, or you can go phase if you want to win your lane with cs.
my support is better than your support, starting item soul ring for my level 1 spell, get on my level.
His face looks weird. Looks like he worries too much.
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brood was the worst shit ever in pubs, good luck

whenever i was pushing and the opposing team would send a bunch of people to deal with me, my team would decide to all tp or wander up to that lane rather than go do other stuff and we lost the entire point of having a brood

yeah, it's annoying when you pull in 3 of their players and your team does **** all with it.
over his keys sorry, he had it diagonally covering a bunch of different buttons, it just looked OP when he had his troll summoners nuking then doing another action and managing 3 units over a big area too.
I saw a guy playing chen at a tourny with a ninja as **** claw grip microing a bunch of creeps surrounding the teamfight like they were performing some cult ritual spamming their spells quickly, was so awesome.
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Oh yeah, all of a sudden people are crying about Kensai dying. Would yous ever cry for things that actually matter and are important? A child dies every 3 seconds in Africa. Yous would cry over some arrogant, self-absorbed Swede dying but would you cry for poverty or the child victims of war? No.

I don't know any child war victims who asked us for recommendations on dog names.
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Wasn't that Nils dude that used to post here a trust fund kid or something? I don't know, he gave off the impression of being incredibly arrogant at least.

I think his family won the lottery.

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Yeah. My family is ****ing loaded. My dad literally buys every new piece of technology that comes out and blows a **** ton of money on new cars/tvs/artwork and other stuff. If this helps showing how wealthy we are, last christmas I got a new car, bass and phone when all I asked for was some comic books and vinyl.

any stuff still in the box?
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I try to que for Captains mode and draft but austrailians dont play it.


I avoid CM because people think PL and NP is really that big of a deal to warrant first round bans.
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Sometimes i think australian Dota players might as well be from peru. Axe keeps feeding trying to solo the other team all the time but says he is initiating when no one else is even near him.

had an axe creep skip in the safelane once.

good times.
vanguard on riki still sounds grubby with the explanation, unless you're some damage block god.
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Got game.

Reminds me of BF3.

Jihad Jeep all day.

game is less clowny than bf3.

m249 is broke, rapes shit on locker.
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I bought the new drow set.
I never buy sets. All the nerds have their jimmies so tussled over it. I couldn't resist.
Plus if some how it goes the way of Alpine Ursa...

yeah man, if you don't like it, don't buy it.
some real tryhard dotes, force staff centaur stun, clinks rax sendbacks.
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What's better do you guys think, the Scout Elite or M40? I haven't tried sniping seriously since BC2. Figured I'd give it a shot here.

CS-LR4, 6x and variable scope on default, too OP.
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Skadi also gives decent stats which he needs. It's just so damn expensive. I'd build it if there was another hero dealing some decent damage for your team otherwise it's probably better just to go glass cannon and stack battlefurys

yeah I take back my statement about drum being shitty, even if you are getting an orb, the buildup of the drum is decent although it still is a grindy purchase when you could go for a big stat item too.
I got a mythical item for death prophet in a game yesterday and then when i jumped back on after my last match i had before the update there a mythical courier in my inventory.

holy **** grubs airbursting off the tall buildings on flood zone. alt f4
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Ok so reading around people get BFs on him to do crazy team fight damage with SoF but you still need some way to survive getting jumped on... Linkins maybe? Phase-BF-Linkins?

EDIT: Drums too. too squishy otherwise

browns>wand>bfury>phase>linkins I think is what I would go, I don't think a drum is necessary that build, it would just hold back your item progression because you're planning on going linkens so you still get stats at a reasonable timing.
had a chen tell us about how his midas lets him get a fast mek, as opposed to just getting a fast mek once before.

laughs were had.
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I guess alch also is but they did the same thing with lion. Like before he looked all repulsive and shit, which was what made me like him because he went against what most video games do and make everyone look perfect, then they gave him this new head that doesn't fit his body at all.
Like he goes from being an ugly evil wizard, to an evil wizard with a generic face + fat nose and random bits of glass stuck in his skull, but still has man tits and shit.

I don't think the lion change counts as disneyfication, or the storm change, they probably just want some similarity to the other spirits.
ogre magi is chubby too.
about time, I've been thinking of reinstalling HoN or LoL, but still this game is in dire need of more heroes and game modes.
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i've just got this sense that if you've decided an early orchid is worth skipping bloodstone that delaying another almost 1000 gold on mediocre (if versatile) stats and meh attack speed just isn't so wonderful. i dunno. storm is the kind of hero i have a blast with though. zaaaaap

assuming i remember i am not a right clicker and zip in and out of team fights instead of trying to do right click damage

shed: I have never seen a storm that wasn't mid

Orchid is a million times better of an item on storm, it's so cheap for the mana regen, solo kill faster and are able to silence a priority teamfight hero is great.
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Stealth jets are really unbalanced, the F35 and J-20 are absolute shite whith their initial setup. Whilst the SU-50 tears them both a new one.

However, I've noticed of the attack jets, which are insanely fun and powerful now, the Q-5 fantan is bugged. Nevertheless, in the advantage of the pilot, it does way too much damage when another jet is in a turn. So what I mean is if you have 100% health and turn and I hit you from the top it will almost be a instant kill. This is not the case from any other angle.

By the way, really weird playing BF4 when you've been playing a ton of Arma 3.

Yeah it's absolutely stupid how the russian stealth jet can 180 almost immediately and then jump back on you, the stealth jets need to be removed or reworked so they actually do something apart from dropping a bomb on a quad bike every 30 secs.