Both of you hide away from the window. There was a black figure standing in the middle of Gabe's frontyard. It just stood there, pitch black in dark grass surrounded by a few trees looking at the window.

You guys ducked down to hide. You moved your head toward Gabe.
"Yo man, is there something you're not telling me about Kelly?
"Nono...she's just a commonly weird girl..."
"Commonly weird girl?"
"Yeah, she wouldn't–" *CLICK*
You guys froze. Looked up. The shadowy figure was throwing rocks at the window...What the hell?

"Dude we have to get out of here."
*CLICK* again...

A. Call the Cops
B. Grab Gabe's shotgun (His dad who goes hunting every often has a shotgun that is hidden in his room) and prepare yourself
C. Other: Suggest something and if I like it I will choose it!
I saw that some people have their like buttons activated for their profile and cover photos even if you don't have them added as friends on facebook. So even if I have no clue who the person is, I can like and comment on their profile or cover photos.
How is that possible?
A wins...

You grab the cellphone. You don't care a shit anymore. Gabe is a loser and he will be like this until he stops changing WoW for all his chances of scoring some nice ass. But for now you just want to enjoy the moment you are given.

What the hell you think. You open up the keyboard to text:
"Me too, I'm so excited right now that I'm willing to DEVOUR your cherry tonight sweetheart" *SEND*
You start laughing internally and await her response…

A minute goes by and still nothing.
You look behind you. Gabe is still in the bathroom. Good.

*BRIING* Suddenly you are exhaled by his stupid CoD ring tone as it vibrates on your hands. You blindly see Kelly's response:

"Ohh Gabe I haven't ever seen your kinky side before…"

Huh? You think...

*BRIING* Another text from Kelly… "Cherries aren't as good without the whipping cream…I'm VERY excited now"

You feel like a hero right now. You always KNEW that anything you said was always charming, even if it was intended as a joke or for the lulz. You can't believe how on top of the game you are at.

As you smile alone and continue to praise your casanova skills Gabe opens the bathroom door and looks at you. He's clearly weirded out.

"What's going on?"

"Kelly's going to devour your sausage tonight." You reply

"Nah man, it's not like that. There's something I didn't tell you…I think she just wants me as a friend" (You roll your eyes as you hear this nonsense)

*BRIING* Gabe takes his iPhone from your hands...

"What the ****…" He shows you the message from an unknown number: "If you touch her, I will ****ing kill you"

Suddenly you hear something out the window of Gabe's room. You look at out. You see a weird shadowy figure in between the trees staring towards the window you guys were looking through…

A. Ask Gabe what the hell is going on. What does he know about Kelly that you don't know…
B. Call the Cops.
C. Call Kelly and ask her if there's something wrong.
D. Get on your way to TGI's and to witness Gabe warming up, only 10minutes left to get together with Kelly, Brandon and Doug (they're all school friends). Who cares about the shadow figure, it's probably some loser trying to freak you guys out.
Party Poopers

I was planning to make this interesting...
"I'm not so sure I can do this..." Gabe said. He was scared to death, and you could tell by the looks of his cold facial expression.

"Dude, there are some people who do this AT LEAST 5 times a day. And I believe that's normal nowadays. Don't be such a pussy." You said.

"But they're obviously experienced. I mean, they probably started out very slow before doing it 5 times a day..." Replied Gabe, eyes looking towards the floor.

"You dumbass. Get rid of all that math and logic. It's very simple: 1 penis + 1 pussy = 2 Very Happy people. THAT's the only equation you gotta know. So now put on some clothes, get handsome, and let's all have a nice a dinner at TGI's Friday , and afterwards make me proud alright? This girl's been dying to get screwed by you for the last 2 months. I think this is your LAST chance, don't bust it up, alright man?"

"Fine...I'll be right back" Gabe nervously sighed. He grabbed some very casual clothes and went to the bathroom.

Dum duh-dum, duh, Dum duh-dum, duh, *you hear COD 2 Piano Intro song ringing (his message tone) on Gabe's iPhone and you stare to look who it was*

It was Kelly on WhatsApp. She had just texted Gabe something good for him: "I'm very excited for tonight...for just me and you "

Wow...Gabe is SUCH a dumbass for not nailing the target he had just 1 feet away for over 2 months, you think to yourself.

You begin to doubt whether Gabe is ready to get laid or not. You also think maybe it's a better idea if you screw her instead. Nobody loses as opposed of letting Gabe interact with her, which EVERYONE loses. A total loss...Gabe doesn't f"ck. Kelly won't either. And niether do you **** or at least get your helping pride satisfied. A GREAT potential night gone straight to the shredding machine...

Many things come to mind...

A. Reply to her: "Me too, I'm so excited right now that I'm willing to DEVOUR your cherry tonight sweetheart" (then delete Kelly msg and your whatsapp messages so Gabe can't see what happened)

B. Reply: "Sorry, I have to level up on COD, I think your best friend (You) can stay with you later on if you wanted to do something after dinner. (Obviously delete the messages afterwards)

C. Don't do anything. Just let Gabe handle the situation even though you know he'll handle it terribly.

D. Reply for a quick conversation: "What are we doing tonight, babe ?"

Another example of good music today is John Mayer...

And if you need a legend to approve that John Mayer writes great music then here you go:

And another musical giant, Billy Joel, invited John Mayer to play in his last concert.

And if Stevie Wonder is such a great musician and like any great musician he wouldn't want music to go to the garbage, then why did he play with the Jonas Brothers if they're so awful?

Yeah, 'cause they aren't sh!t like people think they are!
Quote by sk8board3r
There IS good music today, a hell of a lot of it. But it is NOT the Jonas Brothers, they're not even remotely close to great. Just because it sells doesn't mean anything. Ke$ha sells, Bieber sells, Selina Gomez sells. Selling = / = great

Well, try writing a song in the pop world. I know the artists you mentioned don't write their music, but remember the guys who write the music are professional musicians who studied music, know all their scales, their cadences and all that musical stuff. The ones behind these best selling artists are talented people. Put yourself in these guy's shoes, and pretend you have to write a song for Kesha's album. Try it. And then you'll realize why the Jonas are good. They don't need other people to write their songs! They can do it themselves.
Hey I'm not an obsessed fan girl who'd scream her and wet her pants on the sight of a Jonas Brother.
I'm a guy, guitarist and songwriter. However, I never really payed attention to the Jonas Brothers until a few months ago. Everywhere I'd go though, I'd realize there are thousand of haters who hate them for the stupidest reasons ever. Saying they're gay and that their music sucks and they don't write their music and all that sh!t. In my opinion, it's all jealousy. The Jonas Brothers are extremely talented and if you can't see it, it's because the filters you see through have conditioned you to think of them as just a good-looking boy band that became famous ONLY because of their looks.

I'm here to let you know otherwise, and to start respecting what we should respect NOW, in the present. Forget about the past. Queen, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Police, The Beatles, AC/DC, Metallica, Van Halen; yes they were all great and inspirational bands. But can't you see they are the past? They all have over 40 years old, some of them have over 60. Of course their music will keep on living because they are f"cking great. But we shouldn't just focus on the greats of the PAST if you want to be an artist TODAY. If you're an aspiring musician, then you know WHAT it is that is selling TODAY. There were different rules on how bands and artists became recognized 30 years ago. The rules have changed now! And when the rules change, the music changes as well. It doesn't mean it changed for the worse. You can take the Jonas Brothers for example. Try to sing like them. Just try it, I bet most of you can't. They have great voices, they are naturally gifted singers.

Let's be more specific now. Joe Jonas, even though he doesn't play any instrument, he can sing like no one else does. And he's got an extremely charming personality. He's got pop soul in him, and his vocal range is freaking wide.
Nick Jonas, he's basically the main songwriter in the band, probably the most talented, he writes incredible lyrics and music. He's been singing broadway since he was 7 years old!
Check him singing when he was just 12 years!
This little guy was definitely going to be somebody a few years after!

And if you don't believe they don't write their songs check their albums on wikipedia:,_Vines_and_Trying_Times

Scroll down and go see who the writers of each song are. Well, yeah in some songs other professional songwriters have participated, but 90% of the album was all written by them...

Check Nick's solo album

Again scroll down and see that 80% of the album was written by him.

The guy is a prodigy. Writing songs at such a young age. He's not like Justin Bieber, or One Direction where non of them write the lyrics or the music. The Jonas Brothers are something else.

Here's a little song you probably heard somewhere:
Beautiful melody, well structured and the lyrics are as meaningful as the music itself.

(go to youtube and go look for more info on these guys, all of what you thought they were will be replaced by respect if you get to know them a little bit more)
And here's Nick singing one of his songs live. Yes, he can sing:

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Go on and start listening to what catches the audience's attention now a days. If you're too stubborn and still say all popular music now a days is BS, then I feel sorry for you, because like I said the rules have changed and the music has changed. I don't think you'll have a big chance in the music industry. I hope you know what I mean. If you still say it is sh!t then try writing a simple catchy song. It takes A LOT of talent to write simple songs, trust me.

Be smart and aware. Today's music is different. It's not bad at all. It's just different then what the past offered. But you can't ever go back to the past. So be in the present and look towards the future. Write music for the present or else no one will listen.

Hope someone got the point!

/puts on flame shield
Quote by darkstar2466

That's okay. No one remembers you anyway.

I concur
Am I the only one here who doubts that TS has a girlfriend?
Loved it. You got some subtle harmonies going on the guitars in the background after 1:30 which are awesome and keeps the song fresh!~. The original song is really mellow and your arrangement maintained that soul. You dressed the musical piece very well, I love your rhythm guitars, you kept lowering and lifting the energy of the song with your rhythm guitars changing palm mute to strumming in pure distortion and then playing little backing melodies, and your lead guitar hit me in the proper place. I don't feel the lead G is out of the mix, I just feel the volume is just a little tiny bit higher than it should be, but nevertheless the song is mixed really well.

What program do you use to record?
Quote by ali.guitarkid7
Depends on my mood. I'm a dreamer if I'm in a good mood, realist if I'm in a bad mood.

What this guy said. Being a dreamer is not a bad thing, all of those you see as successful people, not necessarily famous, but successful and recognized were dreamers and still are. They couldn't have made it to the top of the mountain if they hadn't dreamed about making it.

A realist usually sees the world as a shitty place, where your own success is very limited. The way you see the world is the way you feel inside, I'm probably going to get into a fight in here, but i just can't keep it to myself: if you are a pure realistic person who never dreams, you will probably end up with a very average life. Then again, many dreamers end up frustrated and depressed, but this is because they don't act upon their dreams. If you dream, and act upon that dream, and you water your little plant every single day, you will end up with a beautiful product of nature. But if you fail to water it everyday, the little plant with intentions to be mature and healthy, thick and maybe fruitful could die or not grow as healthy as it could be. Your dreams will remain dreams if you don't act upon them every day. Dream with joy that it will come true. Stay positive because this is the force that will keep from falling on your knees. And those who have tripped, just let the past be past. Focus on the future, if you dreamed and became frustrated, it doesn't matter, as long as it didn't kill you, your fine. You still have a future ahead. You still have another chance to make it right this time. You still have a reason to keep going. But remember, don't forget to water your plant everyday, because this is what will make your dreams come true!!!

Good luck to you all.
merry christmas to all those who deserve it
Quote by nincompoop
Not really. The general concept of a soul, the way I see it, is the way people who like and adhere to magical thinking attempt to differentiate themselves from the other animals by saying we have a special magical force inside of us. People like to pretend we're better than the other creatures, but there really isn't anything that makes us objectively better--sure, we have advanced intelligence and self-awareness, but bats have sonar, birds can fly, cheetahs can run at super-speeds and bears, lions and other beasts can kick our ass.

This is one reason that I become enraged by animal abuse... some humans like to pretend that they aren't life. It's sickening. To me, this is where magical thinking becomes dangerous. I'm no hippie, and I love technology, but I think on some level we need to come back to respecting nature and our biological cousins. After all, we are nature.

To use 'soul' metaphorically is superfluous. Why not use one of the many other words that don't have silly connotations? Sentience, consciousness, personality, identity... etc.

wait, who said animals don't have souls?
Deep inside of us, there are dreams we all wish for every once in a while. These dreams are really intimate to us, we barely talk to people about them, and if we do, we are on the urge of tears of joy because pursuing your dream makes you happy, or frustration because you sadly believe that dream will just remain what it is, a dream.

What is it that keeps you from accomplishing your dreams? And why do we sometimes choose a more "secure" path, and abandon our dreams? Why do we believe we can't fulfill them desires?

And if you are pursuing your dream and vision and trying to make it true, is there anything that is making you frustrated?

Just curious, as this is a very human topic.
Quote by KiLLSWiTCH-KnoT
You come to a point where you realise everything you've done thus far is to satisfy the Ego, then you realise how pointless everything is, then you realise thats what makes life so f*cking beautiful, then idk what cos I'm not there yet.

And if you keep this lifestyle you will never be satisfied. The Ego wants more always, and each time you satisfy it, a new list of things to collect are formed by the Ego.

On a side note: With those who have a sad ego, you will always have it if you don't cultivate your self-respect. And self-respect doesn't come from other people's opinions of you. It comes from the "self", it comes from YOU. You need to respect yourself as a human being. Accept who you are and how you manifested in this world. If you don't, you will never be happy, and no one else will respect you, because no one can respect someone who doesn't respect himself. You don't gain respect by others, the only way to gain respect from others is to first respect yourself! It's the only way.
Treat yourself with respect and love. Take care of your body, don't damage it. You only have one body in this life time so treat it well.

You as a social human being are treated by others the way you treat your own self. That is why it is important to respect yourself and treat yourself nicely. It's not the other way around. First comes what you think of yourself. But if you respect yourself well enough, people will start to do the same for you.
Teach others to treat you well by treating yourself well.

To add up to all this, Remember that the way you view the world is a reflection of how you view your own self. If you think the world is full of hatred, greedy and manipulative people, then deep inside you feel sad, manipulated and robbed. And by viewing the world this way you will always feel the bad.
Start changing your point of view, because there ARE good things happening in this world. It's not all bad. You just have to change the way you look at things. Trust me, the minute you change your point of view, you will start noticing all the good and loving things that happen in this world, And you will start to feel better. In fact you should be the change you want to see in this world, if you are, you will see the world happily. If you do this, it doesn't mean you will be an ignorant of all the things that are happening. It means you will stop feeding that evil source in this world and will give good more power. You will choose good over evil. People will see your change, you will inspire them to be good even if it is on a low level. It is still worth it.

Respect your allies and love them. Send silent blessing to enemies and then never think of them again. Start doing good things for this world. Show a lonely person that s/he is not alone. Do things detaching yourself from the outcome. Don't expect anything in return when you give. And to those who aren't grateful when you do something good to them, well they aren't grateful because deep inside they feel terrible even if on the out
side they think they are so great. They are actually terrified by the world, they feel pretty sad and lonely and they think you have to be manipulative and greedy to be successful in this world. So send them a silent blessing and hope they will change.

Have a nice a day everyone.
I think you should get your balls checked first
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I have perfect pitch! Ask away.

pm sent
Quote by amaranth_todd
According to wikipedia, I have perfect pitch.

I guess you can pm me if you want.

just sent you a PM
Well I appreciate that Tanglewoodguit spoke to me, but it's clear he doesn't have perfect pitch, he's got really good relative pitch but it's different, as it's not perfect pitch.

Just for your information so no one becomes offended, PP and RP are different skills. RP is an intelligible musical skill whereas PP is a sensible skill.

Well but anyway, I need a candidate with real Perfect Pitch I can talk to. I have some deep issues that concern the subject of Perfect Pitch and not relative pitch. It won't take much time, thanks!
Quote by Tanglewoodguit
If you want to interview me get it over with. I wanna go bed

Are you still online? Do you prefer I ask you the questions here on this thread?

Quote by Tanglewoodguit
I've added you!

oh sorry thought you had fallen asleep on your keyboard.
Quote by Tanglewoodguit
If you want to interview me get it over with. I wanna go bed

great I just read your pm...don't go to bed yet I need to ask you some quick questions, it won't be much, please bare with me I've been wanting to get these answers for a while now...thanks!
Quote by Tanglewoodguit
Pm me if you want.

I have perfect pitch to an extent (i can pitch every note from C and sight sing)

That sounds like relative pitch though. If you awoke one morning without having heard any tone as a reference, could you think of a "C" out of thin air and sing it and correctly check it on your instrument? (just trying to make sure it's perfect pitch).
Sorry for this thread, but I would really like to ask someone with perfect pitch a few questions. It may only last just a few minutes. If you can send me a message to my inbox or wall, or here or w/e

Thank you very much.
Quote by theogonia777
the Pit is not your personal blog, and i don't think anyone will read more than a line of that.

I don't care, I feel much better even if no one has read this or not. I had to get it off somewhere. I feel much better I wrote it all down. You know what I mean?
It's nothing really important, but I felt I just needed to write about this because I feel pretty sad right now.

Before last year, I used to think perfect pitch was something you had to be born with and this was accompanied by no explanation as to why. But then my older brother showed me this extraordinary program with incredible insight on perfect pitch, and how it CAN be developed by any reasonably talented musician. The program is David Lucas Burge's Super Course on Perfect Pitch. I was incredibly excited by it, and imagined myself applying this "party trick" everywhere I heard sound. I was over joyed by the fact that it was possible for me to have this holy grail for musicians and surprise my fellow compatriots with my astonishing ear.

Well, I started the course, did everything it said, and immediately grasped the concept and went to my instrument to see it for myself. I did, I heard differences, little things I have never heard before. I was so excited for this, I couldn't believe my ears. Days past as I completed sessions the course led out to me. My ear was growing. I could hear things I haven't heard before. I could hear music more clearly and training and refining my ear was a pleasure. It felt as if my ear was once closed, and it was opening up like a flower, slowly, but surely.

The program tells you to be patient, that you will obtain Perfect pitch in about 6 to 12 months if you practice every single day for just 15 minutes (the program explains how you can't skip a day of perfect pitch training or else it will not happen). However after 2 months of training the ear every single day, I started losing my passion. I started losing the fire I once had about developing perfect pitch. The bad started to happened. I started doubting my capability of developing perfect pitch. I don't know why I started thinking this way because only 2 months had gone by. Because of this, my ear would close unintentionally as a practiced the exercises, I couldn't hear the differences as well as I would always do. I started to panic. I felt stressful, out of control. And I made a stupid decision. I quit the ear training and left the course behind my shadow.

Recently, about 3 months ago, I decided to start the program once again. I felt the passion again. And as gay as it sounds, I actually cried that I had quit that other time, maybe I could have developed it by now.
The same things happened as the first time I started the course. My ear would open up incredibly, it was surprising and exciting. Hearing music was a beautiful pleasure, I could dig the notes profoundly and hear incredibly subtle things happening in music which I never thought were there.

But the same thing happened again, this time after the 3rd month of constant training, my ear just closed out of nowhere. I started struggling with the ear training. Joy wasn't involved anymore. My ear couldn't dig deep in the music I heard anymore. And now, for the second time in my life, I am doubting my ear and the possibility of me for developing this ability. I am facing my shadow again, which will always be cold and dark. But I don't want to give up, I can't give up, it's only been 3 months.

I am sure the ability can be gained. During my training I would sometimes correctly identify notes out of hearing songs. Almost everyday, I would sing an A without external reference, first hearing the color inside of my head, 90% of the time I would get it right. One morning, I awoke with a note sounding in my head, the color I heard was that of a C#, I affirmed it was a C#. I told myself, this HAS to be a C#, I can hear it clearly! I sung the note and it crawled out of my skin and into the instrument. It was a C# sharp!

But now in this mist and foggy atmosphere I am experiencing I can't do this anymore. I try to imagine the C# again, but I can't do it, it's hidden again as it used to be. I try hearing the note in the instrument to remember how the color sounded, but it dug itself back in the ground and I can't shovel it back out.
As I listen to music right now, I feel nostalgic about the deepness and clearness I used to hear just a few days ago. How can this happen? I could have sworn I would have developed it in just a few days more. I was close.
Listening to music was beautiful, and as I played my guitar all the notes would bleed into each other so beautifully, these experiences were one of the most pleasurable experiences I could have with my instrument. The depth of sound is so profound it touches the deepest level of the heart. These deep qualities of sound are the soul of music. That is why I am so obsessed with it. I was slightly touched by it, and now I know musical enjoyment enhances when one has perfect pitch.

I am not writing about this to quit, I am not going to make the same mistake I did a year ago. I am going to continue this quest to find the treasure of music, a beautifully and refined ear. I won't give up. I am bleeding now, but the more I bleed in peacetime the less I will bleed in battle.

Ahh, writing all of this reminded me of the happy experiences I had with an opened ear. I feel much better now, I will make a thread if I ever develop perfect pitch. And I will be happy to help anyone. I just hope what I am doing right now is worth it. I hope so.
All I know is that anyone who entered this thread has to suck my ass.
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I work like 16 hours a day, so I take a shower between jobs. I get sweaty.

Are you a gigolo?
Quote by jetfuel495
I was getting over a respiratory tract infection when I decided to sing along to some old school Rise Against on the way to school, and I stupidly thought that maybe if I tried to sing louder I could hit the higher notes. Then everything just went kaput. Pushed too hard, all of a sudden my voice went hoarse and I lost all pitch control.

These days I can sing a little better than after I first blew it out, but my range is way more limited and I can't put any grit in my voice anymore. And I can't sing loud. Feels like part of my vocal chords are blocked off, if you know what I mean.#likeaboss

Man I'm sorry, yeah, go to the doctor as before as you can. I'm not sure, but from what you told it seems to me it isn't "permanently" damaged. I've read a lot (other people's experience and stuff) and you can heal a damaged voice with guidance, it could take quite a while, but unless it's an extremely damaged voice, you can get everything back to normal

Good Luck.

Quote by Butt Rayge
Well, when you can you should do it, just for comparisons sake.

Alright, tomorrow is a pretty busy day for me, but I'll try to do it.
Quote by Alkaline 64
Record yourself singing the same thing but how you normally would.

I did that before, I had pitch issues, and my voice sounded forced at some points. I deleted it out of embarrassment. The weirdest part is I find it hard to sing that song now, when i was sick it all came so easily, I could nail it 100% every time I sung it. It was a strange but great experience that's why I wanted to post about it.

I can't record anything right now, its pretty late and my parents room is next to mine.
Quote by sglover34479
I'm so not downloading from megaupload to hear your sing while sick. Put it on soundcloud.

I just did that, thanks for the site!
Quote by Trowzaa
But I don't want to suck your ass

I warned you...
First of all I'm not a singer, I'm a guitarist. However since I write music and lyrics I always wished I could sing my own songs to give my full expression. I never had a teacher, and my singing experience is very little limited. I recorded myself several times and I just didn't sound good, I had pitch issues because my voice wasn't so easy to control, and my vocal volume isn't that powerful. So singing would always be out of the question.

However, one day after becoming ill, I realized the volume of my voice was louder than usual. My low range was quite powerful. I decided to try singing that day.

I realized several things:
1. It had never felt so natural singing than it had on that day.
2. My range was quite outstanding actually, the low ends and the high ends had widened up.
3. I could control the pitch with ease, and I could sing in tune 99% of the time with little effort.
4. I could sing in a higher volume than I have ever had before, and it didn't feel like it was forced.

I had never felt these things before when singing, but somehow, being sick made my voice much more powerful. This lasted for several days until my minor illness was healed due to time. After that, my voice was back to normal, boring, volume less and hard to control when singing.

This struck me because it was the first time I actually sounded good at this. I'm not saying I had an incredible voice, I'm just saying I had a pleasing voice to listen to, something to back me up as a songwriter, to give the full expression when I write my own songs. I am fully aware I am not going to be a "Singer".

Since this was not my usual "healthy" voice, do you think I can train my voice to sound like this with a vocal coach?
Have any of you ever been to a vocal coach? Is it any good; did you improve your vocals? Or is the singing talent something natural that can't be trained? What about my case? After all, the one singing on that day was me.

Here is how my singing sounded like when I was ill:

Voice by itself:

Voice with studio and guitar:

Thanks guys! I appreciate all the comments

I'll go see your covers now...
I heard your cover before, but I hadn't heard the original version until now...and damn, after comparing both I love how you made that piece of music your own.

Also, sweet tone.
This is a really good cover. Great Tone, great playing and great hair
Hey guys, I decided to make a cover of one of Joe Satriani's best songs of all time with my bro!

Hope you like it
Always With Me, Always With You
Probably most of the people in this world are not sure what they should be doing and have little idea of what they're capable of which makes the quest to find your purpose harder.

So I have some simple questions for you. Did you find what you're meant to be doing here on earth to live a fully successful life?

And if you think you did why did you choose it, and do you still doubt the purpose you chose?
Giving your seat away to a girl (unless she's elderly, or has physical or sexist problems) is stupid in my opinion. But holding the door for her is a gentlemen thing which every man should do.