+1 for yoyodunno
Great seller and shipped my pedal quickly!

Here's the thread link
My offer of $65 shipped still stands for the Metal Muff
Bumpity bump

Found a Bad Monkey, still looking to buy a Metal Muff!
If anyone has a Bad Monkey or a Metal Muff with the Top Boost they're looking to sell, PM me!

I've got a cheap Ibanez amp, 10 watts.
The kind you get in the starter kits.
PM me if you're interested, and we can work something out.
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For $500, you can easily get an Agile 3000/3100 and a case
^ No problem man

Looks like I'm just gonna have to send her back.
Thanks guys.
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what is the pencil trick?

Power up the amp, tap the power tubes with a pencil eraser.

If the tube is microphonic, it will make a sustained ring/squeal
Quote by GNRjungle87
It could be the power tubes. You basically have three choices:

1. Replace the power tubes and hope that it starts working.
2. Send it back, and get a new one (or different amp if you don't want the Blues Junior anymore)
3. Take it to a tech to see if he/she can fix it.

I personally would just send it back and get a new one. It's not worth the trouble to do the other things IMO.

Also (I assume you did this before changing tubes but...), did you try changing cables and guitars, and plugging it into a different outlet and all that stuff?

Yes, I tried two guitars, multiple cables, and a different outlet. :/

I tried the "pencil" trick to see if the power tubes were in fact dead, but there was just silence when I tapped them. No squeal or any sound at all.
I didn't want to revive my dead thread, so here is a new one...

After owning my Blues Junior for a week, one of the ,I believe, preamp tubes went out.

I put brand new pre-amp tubes in, all three.
The amp will play now, but I have to crank the volume to even hear anything. There is also an annoyingly loud hum now.

Is it the power tubes?
This is upsetting me, I might have to send Wendy back

Possible trade for a Schecter C-1+ with a hard case?
Or how much would you sell it for?
This thread is almost a year old guys...
^Thanks man.

I tried switching them around, multiple combinations.

I don't want to sound cheap, but I didn't expect to buy any new tubes within a week of owning the amp.
I guess I'll call and see what they say.
Quote by Flying Afros
Why does a metalcore player use a Blues Junior?

I'ts an old name...
My music taste and style has changed.
I didn't want to make a new account with 0 posts and without being on the good traders list.

Do I really have to answer this question every time I talk about my amp?

Seriously guys.
Quote by justinb904
tube went bad sounds like
just buy a replacement tube

if that doesn't work get a tech to look it over

Yeah, but any idea why it would happen all of a sudden?
The amp wasn't moved or knocked over while I was gone or anything.
I just plugged my amp in, turned her on, and the tube wasn't glowing.
So I bought my Blues Junior NOS about less than a week ago.
One of the tubes came lose, put I popped her right in.
Everything was fine and dandy, sounded awesome.
I went away for the weekend, I come back and now one of my preamp tubes won't light up...(the one that came lose)

No sound from the amp, I tried two different guitars and a couple different cables.

It's definitely the tube, I don't know what happened...

So...any way to fix it or will I have to call and get a replacement? (Anyone know if musiciansfriend will do that?)
I might me able to take this off your hands by next week.
I'll keep you posted.
Yeah **** this guy
Scammed me out $50 >_<
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I believe thats a flying "M"

+1 That's the first thing I thought.
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YOU PEOPLE ARE RETARDS............If I get the Mex Ill save for a 30 watt vypr, i can just borrow my doorman's MG30 to play on, im looking for the guitar as the option

Wow, nice way to be a dick. They're giving you helpful suggestions and quite frankly I agree.

+1 to buying a good amp first. It will do tons more for your actual tone, a good guitar will sound horrible through a bad amp. However, a cheap guitar could sound great through a good amp.
Intonation is how well your strings are in tune, as you go up the fretboard.

I think he meant to say action, your strings might be a little low and are buzzing against the frets. Or you might need some fret leveling.
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XD Glad to hear it then.

Well, it seems that the Ultimate threads setting is rather good once you begin getting tube amps(especially from the same brand that the artist you want a tone of), so here's what they say;

Low 10 (full)
Mid 7.5
High 5

Just adapt that for an amp that goes to 12 I guess. If it doesn't work, try adding a bit of treble and cutting the bass to about 8.5.

I've gone from straight in to every single pedal I own being in the chain, and it still sounded good if thats what your worried about.

Sounds good, thanks man

How do you like your TS9?

I need a good OD pedal for bedroom volumes and an extra boost.
Quote by necrosis1193
...Why does a Metalcore slave have a low-gain US-voiced Fender amp?

Nice, I like the tweed(though not as much as the black personally), especially since it's lacquered. I'd ask how it sounds, but I already know since, well, *points to sig*.

Depends. What kinda tone do you want off it?

It's an old name :P
I've since seen the light.

But mainly a good smooth SRV tone, kinda like in Lenny.

Do you run any pedals?
Haha tomorrow morning will be filled with crankage!
But thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.
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No offense, but your username and the amp you have kind of makes me laugh.

Sexy amp though. Congrats!

Quote by kckyle
ahahaha your user name and ur new amp doesn't go

edit: oh damn someone beat me to it

Yeah I know guys, thanks

But in all seriousness, It's old.
I used to listen to nothing but The Chariot, Norma Jean, and the such. lol

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Thank you!

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Or thunderstorm warnings, whichever you like.
Power keeps flickering, but it seems to have stopped
Ill see if I can't get some up tomorrow

Hurricane warning in my area, so im afraid to plug her in for too long
So after waiting countless hours for the man in the brown truck...

My Fender Blues Junior NOS arrived!!!

It's my first tube amp, and man can she sing.
She's sexy to boot

EDIT: Any of you Blues Junior owners have any sweet amp settings I can try?
^Most of the time.

Except for my Blues Junior :P
If you look in the back of the amp you'll see a line of tubes

Like so

Get a new amp definitely.

Maybe a used Peavey Classic 30?
Then run around $400 used I believe or $600 new.

Just make sure to go tube.
Ill raise your offer and give $125 shipped to GA
How much for Fallout 3?
And maybe the Halo headset.
Another -1 for Pizza_the_hut

Same thread as the one DIFTWOOD posted...

Sent him a check for $50 and only got one reply saying he hadn't recieved the check.

That was a week after I sent it, multiple PMs sent and a week I am out $50.