i found this one good for basics if anyone else is interested
Hey does anyone know of any good websites to learn guitar theory? im thinking modes, scales, keys, and notation. ive been playing for 6 years now and learning theory is long over due

any free websites or sources would be rad
Gretsch white penguin is the best looking solid body guitar on earth
So much smoker hate, i smoke sometimes just for the social-ness. A lame reason but i never buy them i just join the fun
free advice slick,
everyone on this site is a jerk as long as you can deal with that you will be sorted

good luck
So i am looking into getting a synth, but i dont know anything about them being a guitar player

so can UG help? looking to spend about $500 any brands or models i should get/avoid

and lastly how are they powered? and do you use a guitar amp or what?

lend me your wisdom UG

yeah seconded, i played a tele of this series and it blew my balls off,
trust me New Zealand is hicks vill, if you want a guitar that isnt a gibson/ fender or some other ultra mainstreem brand its the internet or nothing
what do you mean Nelson ? is there a shop in Nelson or something
14 sheep and 2 18kg units of kiwi fruit (also wtf are pounds as a measurement)

final offer
i was looking at these new ones they look rad

and as a new Zealander i am willing to part with no more than 13 sheep for this guitar
thanks, pounds! the exchange rate will kill me haha
OK so i have been trying find on the internet a site/ company to buy 2 gretsch guitars
1. a gretsch rancher acoustic
2. a gretsch duo jet solid body electric

my problem is no site ive found either has stock of them or ships outside the USA (i live in New Zealand)

what would UG recommend a site?

eBay as an absolute resort because international eBay is a pain in the ass

also any other gretsch guitars for under $1000 or so that are good??
So UG i have been lurking on here for years but only just made a profile and got into UG for real.

However it is way to hard to make friends here.

so add me and add each other in this thread??

become friends and bond over guitar/ music
get a delay pedal and set it to a long delay, then pic in between the notes to 'fill them in' ala the song "big sur moon" then sweep on a wah wah slowly. this is what ive been doing lately. its not the hard core dubstep if you want that get a digitech whammy pedal set in an octave below ala " seven nation army" then wah wah fast to get that grimy dub step sound

sort answer get effect pedals and mess shit up
that was rad, really liked it.

what mixing program did you use??
pentitonic scale is bases for so many songs and riffs, learn it and love it.

although it is popular and maybe over used so try learn a weird one and be original when you get the basics down
Quote by rocknroll93
as a newbie in blues? learn how to play a 12 bar in E. E is easy to start with, it teaches you the progression. as for artists, check out these guys..

Freddie King, Muddy waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa (my fave muso), ry cooder, taj mahal, john lee hooker, T Bone walker...

these are just a few, there are plenty out there.

thanks man i love John lee hooker's tone and sort of phrases then sings a bit then plays a phrase eg Boom Boom
love it Les Claypool would be proud
Ok so i am just getting into the blues but am wanting to know the best guitarists in the bizz

the obvious choices would be Robert Johnson, BB King or Clapton etc

what does UG think older or newer ? eg Son House or Jack white.

also what songs should a learn as newbie in the blues game
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High and Dry - Radiohead is a nice song.

Brother - Matt Corby
You and Me - Lifehouse
Los Angeles - The Audition
Drops of Juptier - Train (Boyce Avenue version) Look it up on youtube

i bet the guy from Boyce Avenue gets so much pussy its not even funny
the brands "Vintage" and "Cort" have some really quality stuff for a good price check out their websites for a model you like
if you want a subtle phaser the MXR phase 90 is the way to go. Also its a beautiful orange colour
check out Paul Gilbert

this isnt traditional but there is tabs around for it its a good jam to impress the ladies
great relaxing song well done