BlackFalcon17 Thanks for the advice. I've been working on my guitar tones, but kind of ignored the bass here. I'm hoping to buy a bass in the future, as the MIDI isn't ideal. 
I thought the vocals were great! Really fit the vibe of the song. The lyrics weren't bad either. I think the guitar could have been a little more present/louder. The leads sounded good, but the rhythm got a little drowned out. 

Feel free to check out my track at
Not bad! I liked the little ambient bit in the middle, and the lead before the outro breakdown was excellent. My only crictism is with the first parts of the song. Whilst technically proficient, not a whole lot stood out in them. A lead/synth/vocal would help make it a little more memorable.

Give my tune a suss over here if you'd like:
That was pretty neat. I liked the arpeggio based riffs and the vocal tone. The unconventional rhythms give it a unique vibe. Was waiting for an ambient section or a solo at the end. Very well done.
Wanted to test out my new piece of gear (two notes torpedo captor), and wrote a song combining some modern and earlier sounds. Let me know what you think!
Thanks! I've already replied to your thread.
I revisited the mix for a song I wrote about 4-5 months ago. Let me know what you think!
The sound is definitely unique. I got a very industrial vibe from the track. I was waiting for some crunchy guitars/drums to come in for a final chorus, but you proceeded to dash any sense of expectation. Almost in a very "code orange" way. I dug that! I also liked how it ends on the fading drum loop. The synths are nicely arranged. I feel the chaotic part could have been more extreme; really build the layers synths and the vocals. The main vocal melody is sung really well. Interesting stuff!
Thanks! I'm a sucker for delay/reverb. They were programmed. I don't have the resources to record live drums, and my playing isn't really up to scratch for the guitar music I like to write. I'll give your track a suss.
Sounds pretty good for a demo. The vocals are great, and I second the "creep" Radiohead vibe. I like the synths that come in towards the end. The only gripe I have is with the distorted guitar; it obscures the vocals a little rather than supporting them. Overall pretty good though
Thanks! I can see how the harmonics can seem a little piercing. They sound fine to me, but different setups and all. I kind of had a CHON vibe in mind with the main riff. 
My "as I listen comments":
Nice Guitar tone, fits the vibe super well.
Growled vocals are pretty neat, personally would have them a little brighter in the mix
Solo is cool, could be slightly louder though
Higher black metal styled vocals add to the variety
Awesome tension building with the lower vocals
Cymbals sound great, but the kick could be a little clearer

Overall, pretty neat! I found with my own mixes, the way to achieve more clarity is with low/high pass filtering. GHi / GLow are the free VST's I used for this. I legit only discovered this 20 mins ago, but give it a crack.
Hello UG! Not only did I not think that anyone would care about my procrastinatory songs, I didn't think anybody would actually like them! Now that exams are over, and I'm waiting for results/uni offers, I thought I'd try and develop some mixing skills. I took the file for Very Independent (the cleaner, math rock song) and fixed up the very rough mix a little. You can actually make out the parts now Let me know what you think!
I like the 70s/80s pop sound. The synths really suit it, and the change around 1:16 is pretty neat. The echo on the vocals is a little dramatic I think. It sounds fine when the distorted guitar kicks in, but in the intro part gets a little annoying. Overall though, the production is great.
aaron aardvark Yeah, it's a midi bass. I took the bass from GP6 and ran it through BIAS FX. I was trying to do something a little prog with this one. The looseness can be explained in that I recorded it in about an hour or two. Thanks for your kind words.
Overall, I'd just echo what else was said above. The vocalist clearly has some skill, and the clean guitars sound pretty good. It could just benefit from a little cleaner production.
It's ok. I'd try and fix those recording issues. A decent mic and a working kit would definitely improve the overall sound (it lacks the punch needed for a rock track IMHO). The lyrics are fine, and the singing isn't that bad. A solid backing to sing over would probably also give you a bit more confidence.
I gave Subhuman a listen. It's pretty good! I wasn't sure what it was going to be like, but I liked the little punk tune it turned into. The chorus and bridge are solid, and I like your melodic vocals. The soloing is nicely done, and I like how the bass/riff has the little fills. That end minute and a half or so is excellent. Great work!

Give anything over here a look and let me know what you think:
This so unlike what I'm familiar with, so I can only really hint at possible ideas. I'd be curious to hear what it sounds like with bass and drums. Maybe a piano as well. It would probably come out kind of bluesy I'd think (based of No Reprieve). The playing is pretty solid, although I think it could be mixed a little cleaner. It['s hard to make out the little nuances when there are both vocals and guitar. Overall, It's pretty interesting.
cobain42 Thanks! I didn't think the tone was anything special. I did have some kind of mathy influences going into this one. I wrote the main theme after playing FCPREMIX by The Fall of Troy in a different key. I'll give your song a listen now

Thanks! That song is 100% natural. I sat down with a guitar and wrote all the riffs in order haha. Mixing isn’t my greatest area, and clean guitars are easier to mix. I had more reverb before, but it got a bit messy I’m some of the faster parts
I gave it a quick skim. It's got some great riffs, and intricate soloing. Are you going to have vocals? Because of the length, some vocals might be help make the parts stand out.
I had an experiment trying to write without distortion. Give it a listen, let me know what you think!

Cheers! Mixing dirty guitars is something I need to work on. I’ll have you know, the song I’ve been working on now is 100% clean (well, not dirty)
Thnaks for the kind words on my last one UG. Here's a more conventional track I've been working on. I think it would suit vocals, but I'm a horrific singer. So here's the instrumental. Enjoy!
The instrumental is great! Awesome lead hooks, synths, and the lower vocals really suit it. Guitar tone could be slightly crunchier for my liking, but isn't bad. I read that you had a cold recording vocals, and that could explain the strange sounding mid vocals. Overall, a great tune though.

Check out my stuff over at:
I like the quirky kind of lyrics (even if I disagree with the message they're saying haha.) The chord progression is neat (that change around 40 sec is cool), and the harmonica adds alot to the vibe. Mix wise, IMO the acoustic could be a tad lower and cleaner, with the vocals a bit more present (to make the vocals shine.) Otherwise, a neat little tune
lungfruit Cheers. I didn't have access to a real bass, so it's pretty dodgy MIDI bass. I took a clean WAV track from gp6, and ran it through BIAS FX for the bass tone. Drums are EZX Progressive, and the guitars are all my SG into BIAS FX (Orange model for rhythms, Marshall cleans, 5150 Leads.) I've never tried vocals myself tbh
Not usually my style, but I thought it was good. Really well produced, and that main synth line is pretty catchy. Vocals could have been slightly stronger in my opinion (as in pushed harder in the mix), with a little less reverb. Lyrics were a little difficult to make out, and they seemed to be a pretty key part of the song, that's all.
aaron aardvark Thanks. I need to work on mixing distorted guitars. I'll give your tune a look now
In procrastinating studying for my final exams, I wrote another. Give it a listen, FFO: Arcane Roots, The Contortionist, Chon, Periphery,ect.
Cheers. I did do the mix pretty quickly, I'll give that another look when I find some time.

Not too sure if any vocals would suit it. Have a guess at the artists who inspired it. Wrote it all this morning, tracked it thoughout the day, uploading in the late afternoon. Let me know what you think
I'm not sure if this is any good. I went in with a few influences, but tried to make the end result unique. Tab isn't perfect by any means: I'd like to re-write the solo, and there are a  few rhythmic/dynamic issues in some of the more complex parts, but it give a pretty accurate idea.  Let me know what you think.
My Sentient sounds great for a lot of the cleans/leads in Dance Gavin Dance songs. Your amp is less then ideal though. A nice amp (I use a Blackstar Studio 20) goes a long way to improving your sound.
I've had some luck looking for vocalists here, so I thought i'd try again. I'm looking for an aggressive vocalist to perform over an original song of mine, It has a Code Orange like metal/hardcore sound to it. I'll attach the midi (from guitar pro) to this thread. I'll be recording my own guitars/bass and programming drums.
I'd like some thoughts on some original music I've made. I recorded guitars, bass, and programmed drums, and vocals/lyrics are by a fellow UG member (Friesanos0900). Let me know your thoughts
Joshua Garcia I deleted my post because I realised it was bad. Btw, I'm indebted to you for all the Rise Against, DGD, and Silverstein Tabs