i got lots of pedals, strings, cables and my hamster lol
get some Winger in there
....are u a furry?
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You must have taken down several walkers, blown up at least 2 death stars, and of course..incest.

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When she DOESN'T want to trade you a holographic Blastoise in perfect condition.

once i climbed up to the roof of my school to get a paper airplane...then i jumped down and there went my foot was a fun month though...
Blue Oyster Cult, Nirvana, Boston, Creedence Clearwater Revival
didnt come up on search, my bad
post your most epic dream ever

Mine was, I was getting laid and my penis was hooked up to amp and while i was having sex I was doing some nice shred with it...
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Cannibal Corpse - F*cked With a Knife

haha. indeed

Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison
I'd go with Naomi
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I regret nothing

you are a hero lol
hmm... would be interesting, but I wouldn't be very fond of it.
6th Grade King was made by record company, I'm so sure.
they are just plain horrible.
that was horrible! shows how far record companies will go to make money...
i call vice presidents dog.
omg...that was the funniest thing i have ever seen. That was just horrible.
hmm ipod?

or a zune, up to you.
One by Metallica

like those lyrics...
power to the leaf
dave mustaine
myfirst***teacher (porn)
ive been with you from the start man
getting to your house, and forgetting your keys...
goddamn, those wasted hours
Waking up to late to take a shower, so you just have to deal with it and hide it for the rest of the day.

dude yeah!!
this happens to me like 2 of 7 days of the week, every week
lol didnt make it to 3 pages
goddamit jared. stop ****ing with my thread

screw u yesse

The feeling of wood on your teeth after you've eaten your popsicle.

totally agree
ppl who dont know when to stop posting