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I think it is one bro.

This is a brown recluse, and it looks very similar.

Dont let that spider bite you, ts. If you do your skin will end up like this.
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thing is, I don't live in the states and it's way too big to be a recluse.

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Wait. Did you just say you share your toilet with it?

What I meant was,. it was living in the corner my toilet for a while.
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how big is it? If it's too big to be a recluse, then it's just a huntsman

Around 2.5inch from one end of its leg to the opposite.

It fits the description perfectly. thanks for the info.
^ no I haven't named it yet.

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Your "baby" could probably take on the Xenomorph from Alien AND WIN AND FEED IT'S ACID DRIPPING FLESH TO ITS YOUNG.

hmm somehow that's turning me on.. CP wincest comes to mind.
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Kill it. Kill it now !

naw! it's my baby
I've been sharing my toilet with it for the past month or so and I'd like to keep it as a pet.. it's not venomous or anything right?

also what should I feed it with?
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i buy old ladies' coats from thrift stores. but i'm not a hipster. probably.

step one to cure is to admit you have a problem.
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i wanna rape him.
good song.

Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh
^ ^ old song. never heard.

^ like it

Blind Guardians- the Bard's Song
I always wondered if Mrs. Potato Head had a vagina.
drogba hat-trick 3:0
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its fathers day, whatchu guys doing for your dads?


because it's not fathers day where I live. Though if it was, maybe I'd get him a Martin Simpson cd.
Heard her version of Hallelujah on tv. Good singer.

Martin Simpson - Louisiana 1927
amazing guitarist.

Blind Guardian - Valhalla
^ good band .

rusty nails - xjapan
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Believe it or not, any song ever written on guitar can be played on one. Start there, tiger.

+1 .

OT. how bout some easy zeppelin songs.
never heard them.

resurrection- lamb of god.
like the song.

mouth for war - pantera
Never heard of it.

the eleventh hour- mistical
watch toy story 3. and porn.

edit to lochness monster avatar: I remember yours.
congrats and happy NGD.

i thought zero was kidding about the aboriginal woman
a burger with the juiciest pussy meat.
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Ed, Edd, and Eddy was the best. Ever.

pretty retarded stuff
Which riff/intro do you like better? Enter sandman vs master of puppets.
The x-men series was pretty good.
japan making a good effort
go azn countries :P
sorry never heard it.

dream theater- deja vu
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i can see my soul reflecting off that body
^ just listened to tiger bomb. they sound great.
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Anyway, I have no idea what this thread is about, I just felt like randomly being a twit to someone.

bueno trabajo amigo
^^ New World Symphony - 4th Movement is the shit.

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Judas Priest- Delivering the Goods

good song.

Gustav Holst - JUpiter
i jizz when i see the head of a prs guitar.
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Exogenesis on vinyl is officially the most amazing sound I've ever heard in my entire life

have you tried listening to sounds of jupiter in a dark, rainy night?
its a beautiful city I believe. Would like to visit