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All tubes? If so, something in the filament supply has gone bad. Take it to a tech.

ok thank you. really stressed at this point. guess it comes with being a guitar player.
hey guys i have a peavey 6505 plus. i play it through 2 ORANGE cabinets. At last nights show everything had power but my tubes were not "lighting" up. So, nothing worked obviously. why are my tubes not getting power to them? (the fuse is good)
Peavey 6505+ 120 watt at 8ohms, with 2 16 ohm Orange cabinets
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I read in an interview magazine with Mark Morton (lamb of god) about his rig and he said (at the time atleast, I think this was pre-sacrament) that he uses a MXR phaser with the effect turned way low to make his solos cut through a little nicer. Its something I'm looking into myself

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Why can't you stack EQs? It's pretty much the ideal solution. If not ... get a boost pedal. They make them. For this purpose. They're called boosts.

ill look into them. any specific brand names. price is not an option
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i am trying to get the tripple post gone. my computer is being stupid. ^^^

you can stack EQ's, but if you run another boost into the front end to another boost it may not be the best solution. i would think the EQ in the loop would be better.

you can stack boosts, SRV did it most of his career with TS's but he was using the first into a clean amp and the second to distort the first which was over the clean.

boost+boost+high gain may not do the best. maybe a clear boost before could help, the input but you can only tastefully put so much into the input and get ideal results.

this is true. thanks for all the input. the only reason i didn't think you could stack EQs is because my bass player said he tried it( he's a guitarist as well for another band) and it just clashed. i have the MXR EQ (its amazing).
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Why doesn't the Maxon work for boosts?

well i leave it on all the time to give it a little extra "bight" i discovered this because of killswitch engage. in my head it helps me hear "that right tone"
I've been looking for a way to boost my sig when i solo. i have a peavey 6505 plus head with a orange cab. i run a MXR EQ, Maxon OD 9 plus, decimator, boss DD3 delay, Wah, an a tuner. Cant stack EQs. maybe another OD pedal?? thought about compression pedals but nothing struck my fancy and i don't know if that would even help. Input please. thanks
im so torn about the apogee gear. great reviews on the "ONE" bad reviews on the "duet 2." i have a mac book pro with garage band (pro tools 10 soon) and was wondering if this is worth the money? whats another great interface thats compatible with mac? I'm willing ti go the extra mile($) to get a good one.
I have a macbook and decided to use my "garage band" what type of interface would be recommended? Also, what kind of pro tools should i look into when i get my skills up? thank you.
ok so i found out that the t-rex tone bug reverb is sucking my tone. that really sucks cause i had really high hopes for it(and it was 150$). So, i decided to order me the decimator, MXR EQ, and the Maxon od9 pro plus to heal my broken heart. i went ahead and took the boss DD3 out as well and will pick up the MXR carbon copy later. ANY suggestions on a GOOD reverb pedal that won't suck tone???? Thanks guys

also, the MXR EQ, Decimator and Maxon do wonders for my rig! i just love my delay and reverb especially on my cleans.
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What he was suggesting was to connect a cable from the send jack to the return jack of the loop - basically just to short it out - no pedals, just 1 cable from send to return. If you still have the issues with the amp setup like this then you know its an issue with the loop rather than the pedals.

It will most likely solve your problem, that tells us that its the pedals at fault, the easiest way to remedy this is to put a true bypass looper in your effects loop - this will allow you to short your effects loop at the press of a foot switch, effectively doing the same thing as the 1 cable idea mentioned above.

Oh and this has an added bonus, it means you now don't have to switch in your pedals individually if you don't want to, you can simply click in all your effects loop pedals with one hit on the T/B looper.

Thank you very much for the details, it helps a lot. So, if its the loop and not the pedals what does that mean? can it be fixed easily? its a 1,200$ head it shouldn't be having problems in the least in my opinion. you know?
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Are you powering your pedals with batteries? If so, the batteries in one or more of them could be going dead and sucking tone.

Also, try running just one cable plugged into the loop (plugged into the send and return) just to make sure the loop itself isn't the problem.

Oh, and I'd also recommend moving the wah in front of the amp. Perhaps the tuner as well.

i moved the wah and the tuner to the front and that has helped but the delay and reverb is still in the loop. the "tone suck" has not been as bad but still acting up. i guess i can just run my lead channel dry and use the effects loop for my clean. it kills me! also, can you tell me more about hooking one cable up through the loop?
thanks guys the suggestions have really helped. Guess i got some tinkering to do, keep the ideas coming.
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Try connecting the FX loop with a single cable and see if that sucks tone too. If not, it's your pedals.

Great idea! ill try it asap!
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Alright so you're in drop C. Tonally I'm pretty sure your order is just fine. To be honest I would try going straight guitar -> line -> amp just to experiment. Take certain pedals out and see if they're causing some suckage out of the tone, though I honestly don't think it would be anything in your line.

I would strongly suggest checking your FX loop to make sure nothing is going haywire.

Also, this might be unrelated, but I have a friend who plays in drop C who put grover tuners on his guitar and put in a brand new nut to fit 12 gauge strings. He says it sounds way better to him, but he's probably used to the sound of his Soldano.

thanks dudster! i have a ESP LTD, locking tuners. i also heard that tuners and wahs don't need to go in the loop. any relevancy?
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How do you order your line? If I were you I would go Korg -> Wah -> Delay -> Reverb

EDIT: Derped on the order and fixed it.

Random question: Which guitar cords do you use, and how long are they?

ORDER: korg, wah, reverb, delay.

RQ: i play in drop whole step. your standard power cords. some "chuga chuga" and just normal length i guess lol. nothing to long.
Korg turner, BOSS DD3 delay, Tone bug REVERB, Mark tremonti wah. when i cut the effects loop "on" the tone goes down, i thought i could turn the volume up but its not just that the tone suffers and it makes me angry. so the pedals?
hey guys i have a ORANGE 4x12 cab and a peavey 6505+ an when i run my effects through the loop i lose tone. even if the effects are off and the effects loop is on i still lose tone so i don't think its the pedals or the set up. any suggestions?