I AM REWALLY ****ED ON UP E, WHACKE d, oyut of my ****ing tree e5 pills at onve now i'm ****ing up
Come On Somebody Talk To Me Pleaseeeeee
no, im really fuked up on bombs ecstasy whatever you wanna call ti
hey guys
sorry for makin g stupid thjread
i just wanted to chill
i'm gonna get abanned
oh noes
i'm too ****ing happoy
sorry everytbody all of UG
Holy **** Holy **** Holy **** Im So ****in Whcaked Omg Holy **** Holy **** Holy****ttttt I Lvoe Yoyua All
Soooooooooooo ****ing Whacked Holy **** **** **** **** **** **** Snortin Bombs In Teh Way To Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ug Ftwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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Oh to be young.

Some years from now you will relish cherished memories of having nothing to care for but having to do an essay for school.


This is my last year, and I'm already starting to feel that way
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The Ghost of You - MCR


I don't know what it is about this song, but it always gets to me for some reason. Always. And I'm not a fan of MCR.
Just made the room, it's called "Ultimate-Guitar."
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Mentlegen, your expertise plz...

A while back, a few friends and I went abroad. For the last couple of days of the trip, one of them went a little weird, progressively getting more and more paranoid, following trails of "Clues" he thought he was onto, finding metaphors in almost anything said, and finally actually being scared for his life. This lasted about 4-5 days.

Shortly before this, he had been off with a few shady characters in a cheap pub (Aggressive while still being friendly, asking their friends to hit them in the face and such). Do these sound like the effects of anything weird he could have taken with those guys? Or even had his drink spiked or anything? Thx homies <3

To me this sounds like the effects of ecstasy with speed. The pills we get here are just called "bombs" (I think it's short for meth bombs) and they do exactly that. Aggressive while being friendly, asking people to hit them, etc. Actually, one of my good friends does that almost everytime he gets whacked. Last time he wanted me to burn a lit cigarette into his arm (I didn't do it.) I'm no expert on drugs, but it seems like a possibility.
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Two things benadryll is perfect for are allergies and falling asleep. Why don't you recommend it?

Pop 20 of 'em and you tell me.
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I had an idea for a homemade pipe today, would it work if you took a glass beer bottle or something and broke a hole in the side, put aluminium foil ontop and indented a little covering the hole with little holes in the foil so you light it and breath through the other end? Or would it pretty much be the same as smoking out a pop can?

I think it would work but unless you burned a hole through it you'd have a hard time making one without breaking the rest of the bottle.
A negative I'm pretty sure.
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do you have ADD or anything like that?

one of my friends does, and he acts like this on coke and other uppers to some extent. he'll just walk up to random people and say whatever the hell is on his mind and not think twice about it.

he doesnt do coke anymore

Haha, I'm fairly sure I don't have ADD, but that was one of my main problems with ecstasy. I had a habit of walking up to people and just saying hi and letting them know that "Hey, I'm on bombs. See you later!"

Needless to say, I got a lot of weird looks, and my friends often had to calmly reassure me that what I was doing was gonna get the cops called on me. Luckily, they managed to chill me out.

But thanks for the advice. I'll try not to do this in public anymore, and if I do go at it at a friend's house or whatever, I'll set some limits for myself, and keep them this time. Better to be stuck in the house than to be held up in the jail for the night. Thanks!
Guys, I have a weird problem.

I'm scared of what I do when I'm high.

Not on stuff like dope or shrooms, but stimulants like coke and ecstasy (might as well be a stimulant here, it's all cut with speed.)

Usually when I'm high, I can control myself pretty well and maintain a reasonable profile in public, but on coke and ****, I can't control myself at all.

Are there any ways to make myself chill out a little more and enjoy the high, rather than act like an idiot and possibly get myself arrested?
Export A Gold's
Number Seven Reds
Canadian Classic Silvers

In that order.
Eat a green one and the yellow one together, then have the other green, and then the purple. Combining skittles is the ****. It's like an acid trip in your mouth.
Ocean by John Butler Trio!
Ocean-John Butler Trio

Noodles. Lots and lots of noodles.
Wow, this is pretty sick. Thanks for sharing.
No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep by Dissection.

Not originally by Dissection, but I can't remember the original composer's name.
Blackwater Poop-Opeth
Tomb of the Poop-Cannibal Corpse
Gallery of Poop-Cannibal Corpse
Onset of Poop-Necrophagist
Effigy of Poop-Suffocation
Poopbreeder-Children of Bodom
Billy Poop II-Billy Talent
Storm of the Light's Poop-Dissection
Two Poop-Wolves in The Throne Room
Blood Sugar Sex Poop-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ashes Against The Poop-Agalloch
I wish I could do this.

I've tried so hard, offered so much help, but still no success!

Aw well, it probably wasn't meant to be anyway.
Ah, I've got it. Thanks for the help, Pit.
In "To Kill A Mockingbird," what does this quote mean?
Peanuts make me sick, but I'm not allergic to them. I'm only really allergic to fish.
Usually I like it, but this year I want something more.
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Realizing marijuana isn't bad at all, and neither are most psychedelics.

Feb 18th:John Travolta
I lol'd at "Jesus balls for the first time."
Not at all.

Why should I be ashamed? I think it's pretty natural.
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I was bored.

I'll start:
24:00, Octavarium by Dream Theater
17:04, The way of all Flesh by Gojira
19:00, Blackwater Park by Opeth
13:35, Rime Of The Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden