All the guys are like brothers to me, met them in freshman year in high school, been a band since then (I'm a freshman in college now), I really enjoy working with them, very few arguments go on and we're at our strongest point since we began, I couldn't be happier being in a band with those guys right now
They're really good, their solos are amazing, all that tapping, and sweep picking. i think thats wut it is.
Anything by Bury Your Dead.
I basically started on classic rock, but my friends got me hooked on slipknot which really got me into other metal bands.
Dry Kill Logic
Eric Clapton
It just what everyone says and thinks. Anyone to which offends them a lot.

I mean their old stuff was way better. Their new stuff is shit.
No Compromise (It is a band)
Album: American Idiot (I don't know how its racist but that's what everyone says, and thats what I say)

DVD: Bullet in a Bible
Since this the ONLY Grenn Day thread, I'd like to take the oppertunity to say

They can go fuck themselves for being racist and anti-catholic. They suck.
AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, and Van Halen.

Those days are long gone. Slipknot and Mudvayne got me into metal. Devildriver.
They're ok. Used to like em until I got obsessed with Metal.
American Green Day Fans.
Too many s's.

Shadow's Fall
Behringer guitar pack at Musiciansfriend.
New Found Glory.

Don't like em. Just the only thing I could think of.