Ok so to put simply to change the chords you just need to transpose the chords by the degree of the capo?

So 1st fret is half a step up C to C#?
6th would be 3 steps up? C - F? then reversed....
So if you were playing an F major chord with the capo on the 6th you would play a C major chord without the capo?

Does that seem about right?

Think the title may be spelling mistake city but I'm sure you get the jist.
Can anyone tell me a good way of transposing a song that has a play it open tuned?
More chord based songs.

Say you had a song. Chords were Em - G - C with a capo on 3, what would their open equivalent be?
Had a search and found allot on how to transpose it upwards but not the other way.

Hope that makes sense!
Thanks for the replies guys!

I have had a look through the list Alan and looks like a good start.
I have a good knowledge of bar chords, mostly from punk and ska songs etc.

I think I could do to work on open chords a bit more. I know the basics the major and minor of most chords A-G (same for barr chords) but I need to learn how to put them together to form a good chord sequence and then try and learn some different positions, only know positions around the first - second fret.
Any ideas on how I could achieve that?

Didn't realise how bad my scale knowledge was untill I wrote this post. Pretty much the pentatonic which covers alot, but I have forgotten the major scale! Now that is not good
Will have a sit down and try and work through a few scales I think.

Is there any good articles anyone knows of on how to find out what scale fits what songs/chord sequence? I have found a few but none of them are making it click.
Thats my major problem at the moment I think, simply doing the same thing in the same place I think has lead me to this rut.

To try and fit in with what \o/ said I have a line 6 UX2 hooked up to the PC. Think I'm going to start recording what I'm playing and listening to the bad bits...there are a few

Recently fallen into a usual rut in playing where I've improved a few skills, notably speed and been trying to get into some sweep picking but not gettign any further.

At the moment time is precious and I'm picking up the guitar and sitting for a while and just trying to decide what to play, going through Spotify think, nah don't like that, nah don't like that, could play that.
Everything at the moment seems to sound the same i.e I play the Em pentatonic and then maybe Am on allot of things even sticking to the 1 standard shape!

I want to learn some more theory and structure my time a bit more as I feel I'm wasting it at the moment.

Does anyone have any advice on doing that?
What are your practice routines etc?
How long do you spend learning chords? Scales?
How do you memorise them? I forget alot!!

More importantly HOW do you learn them?
Learning a couple of chords each day won't help if I can't put the right ones together, so how do you learn the appropriate ones?
I need to try and pick up some more scales, chords but more so learn why they work over certain chord structures and what makes things sound so good together.

Any help there?
Also does anyone know of any good places to pick up the material to learn bit like this. I have a really patch theory past so I know some things but not others!

Cheers guys!
Thats the one

Yeah made use of 2 AX7's for each overdrive channlel respectivley.

As I've just bought it they are coming to collect it and take a look, so hopefully its not just me

Thanks for the advice!
Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
turn the gain down
what guitar do you have (pups)
try a different outlet
is this a new problem
is this a tube amp
try a different guitar in your amp
subtract florescent lights, computers, cell phones, microwaves, pc monitors
make sure everything is grounded
stuff like that

Cool thanks for that.

I tried what you said and seems the problem must be the amp.
I can't remember the precise name but its not entirely tube, It has one I think on each overdrive channel.

I use a PRS Santana 2 mostly and now tried a Peavey Raptor with the same results.
The amp currently is in a bare room (i.e no other electrical equipment).

As for checking its grounded well that's something to do, but I've not had any shocks etc. There's a circuit diagram in the manual so will check that later.

Think I'm going to have to return this one

Does anyone out there have a Laney Lv200?

I've just got one and I'm concerned that there could be something wrong with it.
When I have the overdrive channels with a high gain 7 or over there is a quite distinctive buzzing in the background and a crackle and if I was to boost the gain entirely then its even more noticeable.

Obviously gain will add that which at first I accepted. But now if I was to lower the gain on the amp and say turn on my Satchurator there is a really really loud almost swishing noise in the background. Lowering the gain on the amp further doesn't make any impact to the amp.
On my old Amp I never had this sort of problem (although admittedly I have gone from a 30 watt to a 65)

I got new cables with it as well seeing as though I was pushing the boat and they seem fine to me.
I'm really not sure how much noise it would normally make but I'm concerned the amps maybe been dropped or something or battered while being shipped and something's not right.

There's not music shops for some distance around here so I can't take it to be checked.

What do you all think?
Oh great, makes sense now.
When it was mentioned to getr a 5 Watt amp it surprised me somewhat

I still haven't found an alternative though.
Does anyone know what the VOX VT's are like? I saw one of them in my price range. Again its got allot I won't use though.

However in writing the reply I've just seen this -

Its seems to be the same as the LV-300 but with the headphone input I want. Plus I didn't understand tubes before so surely a 65Watt Tube would be fine just for occasional jamming and bedroom playing (Addmitedly that sentence sounds wrong but im leaving it in )

It seems to have what I need at an acceptable level without paying for stuff I wont use
Quote by thenextkirk92
Is the Vypyr Tube 60 out of your budget?

Yeah im afraid so
That's the first one I thought thats perfect! but then looked at the price and it was to much, which then lead me to the other Vypyr amp I listed.

Unfortunately the blackstar ht-5 is out of my budget to but I will check out the Marshall. I've never had a tube amp before so that might be a nice change.

Thanks for the ideas though guys!
P.S just one more quick question while im here, why is the Wattage of the Tube amp much lower than that of a solid amp?
It looks fairly hefty so how do they match up?

Birthday is coming up and my current Marshal is packing in so I'm looking at getting a new amp but don't know where to turn.

I've got about £250 to spend but could go a little higher but not over £300.

I've had my eye on 2 amps for different reasons:
Laney LV-300
Peavey Vypyr 75

I likes the Laney because it seems to sound nice, has a dedicated effects loop which I would really like + the footswitch for changing the amp sound reverb etc.

But I liked the Peavey because it had the USB interface on it, MIDI in and out, 4 channels and I really like the Vypyr I footswitch that you can get for the amp with the changeable pedal at the side.

My issues is If I was to go with the Peavey it has far to many presets I will never use (i have some other effects boxes that are good enough for my needs) and looks very very fiddily, doesn't have the effects loop and is smaller than my current amp although not by much.

Yet the Laney doesn't have the USB out and I don't gig so 120Watts its probably a bit to big for me, also it doesn't have a headphone socket which is essential as im living with a few people who don't like guitar playing at 3am. Someone did suggest however that if I got this then I would be set for gigging if it came to it.

So can anyone suggest an amp that would bring the 2 qualities above together?
Doesn't need to be huge so I don't want to get a huge cab and head to fill my room...yet, as long as its over or near 80Watt .

I'm into Satch lead stuff (alas I can't afford his combo amp) and other technical bits but want good room for variety as I have yet to find my true calling.

Any ideas would be awesome
Probably Les Paul. Epiphone, Vintage most are good. Nice beginner guitar, can be suited to a wide variety of styles...job done.
Wow thank guys,
I didn't get any notifications for responses and forgot I had this open so its taken longer than usual.
I actually got them in the mail last night and its actually quite nice. Its pretty thick and nicely rounded metal and play cool to.
I do agree with Roc8995 thought as after a while of playing I was back to the normals. The pack actually came with 1 metal pick and 4 of his sig picks which are also pretty neat.

The metal is more of an experimental pick according to planet waves. I played about and you can make some really cool sounds, quite exotic. I put a load of chorus on and slight delay and high gain from my Satchurator pedal with the "lead" enable. It made this really cool thin wobbly sound. Sounded awesome.
But yeah not for normal plaing.

Plus I haven't managed to break my finish yet so its all good

This may seem like a newb question but are metal guitar picks good for your strings and guitar?
I've recently been on a Satriani quest to get his tone and notice he had metal picks. But I was just wondering as to how good they are for your guitar?

I mean people play with pennies etc and use metal slides but picks?

Any ideas....
Thanks guys

I'm not looking for anything to heavy, I'm not going to try and play death metal with it just something with some crunch. I mean like I say the amp will give some dirt so that should solve the heavier areas.

Quote by NakedInTheRain
And sorry mate, but I doubt you'll get much for Behringer pedals.

I know what you mean here . I bought them all simply because that's what I could afford at the time and being young the sound quality wasn't as important, just as long as it sounded heavy and loud. But now i need something smoother and I like different sounds.
But he's looking to buy them back at £20 each, so £20 X 4 = £80, which leave me spending £60 which is fine with me.

Good times!!
Hey Chaps

I have a box of really terrible Behringer pedals that I finally want to get rid of. They are driving me mad!
I want to get a nice distortion that can be fairly heavy but can also be set to a fairly low level so it just makes you sound a bit rough on the edges.

I really like Joe Satriani so though why not get his pedal. I was also going to get the Original Cry Baby for a nice bit of Wah soundage.

In total they come to £140 for the pair. Is there in your minds alternatives that maybe cost around the same but maybe offer a bit more?
Im not a fan of multi effects and really only use a bit of distortion so things like Chorus and phase etc on multi effects would go unused.
Also I do have distortion on the amp but its to rough and doen't offer very much range.

I know theres probably a few of these thread but one more can't hurt right

Oh and one more thing, I think my house mate might buy my old pedals, but if he changes his minds does anyone have tips of places to sell them off? I have all of the boxes and instructions, even the original staples used to close the boxes!!
but Ebay seems a bit weak for sales, and want to get a bit of money back.

I think its shocking beyond belife :P
I was going to say G# Pentatonic seemed to be working well along with the previouse suggestions of C# works in place but E doesnt seem to work but D# does.
Ah ok then would that be Blues or Minor if you can remeber? Im guessing its not major? unless my ears is screwed up

Does any one know what key brothers in arms is in by Mark Knopfler? I'm looking into improvising for it but nothing seems to fit. I know its minor but that's all. I though blues but it doesn't seem to work.
right ok ive had a look at the screw and it hasnt done anything wahtso ever with the padal it still springs back just as much and also when i had a look at the bypass adjustment and turned it with ascrew driver it snapped straight off and so i thik imm just going to send it back and get a hafl decent one, cheers for the help
o i didnt know you could actually change the resistance but yes basically when you put you foot on and take it off it does just spring back to were is started. It says on the box for the pedal just looking that it does has a changable resistance but it doesnt say how you change it, there is a little hole on the botton with a switch labeled bypass timer adjustment and the option for it to long or short and is currently set on long is this it or something else?

erm well everything pretty much the volume on the acoustic modeller is still a birt low but im guessing that because its clean so its the wah then imguessing from that :P. Also something to ask why is there a delay between the sound of the wah and it returning to the origional distorted sound is it just because the pedal is cheap?
the boost on the wah? so have all the pedals attached to the noice reduce then that fed to the wah and then to the amp of am i totally wrong?

Ive recently bought 2 new effects pedals ot go on my board a Behringer Hellbabe Wah pedal and an Acoustic modeler. I also have a Digital Delay, Ultra Chorus, Distortion, Overdrive Distortion, Blues Overdrive and a noise reducer to get rid of background Buzz all made by behringer ( i dont have enough money to spend on expensive ones so dont critisise) powered with 2 Sound Labs power supplies. However when I came to play with the wah pedal and modeler the volume isnt high enought to hear with just the Wah and A.M alone there needs to be another one of the distortion pedals on at the same time. However when you turn on another of the pedals eg the Blues overdirve the volume increases dramatically. Ive got a boost switch on the side of the wah pedal and when that is on and the wah pedal is pressed the volume shoots up and you can hear a crackling sound in the background as well a some of my guitar, and when you lift your foot off the volume once again decreases and you cant hear anything. I would love to be able to play a part with the A.M and then turn this off and be able to play without a volume increase/decrease with the Blues overdirve which i what i use most along with the Wah. So whats going wrong i ask because i have no idea. I have tried all the pedals seperatley annd then disconnected them and re built the chain one by one testing each, i have fiddled with the settings on the side of the Wah and have swapped numerouse cables. The chain was working fine untill i introduced the wah and A.M and so i am really suck is it because the Wah doesnt work with the others of the A.M (acoustic modeler btw) is just to quiate to be switched between.Also do the pedals need to be in a certain order eg wah pedal at the beginning. PS ive got the noise reducer currently first with the pdals plugged into and have tried with the wah at the beggining and the end.

I really really need help ?!?!?!?

Thanks link to behringer website for the pedal specs.
yer i supose theory would be a good start. Im trying to grade 5 electric guitar atm (im being forced to dont mock :P) so i suppose il pick up stuff form there. I also learnt some metal traits eg the tapping etc but im struggling with sweeping my finger get all muddled up do u guys know anywere i can get some tips of videos to learn it

im getting really annoyed at the moment. Ive been playing and noticed that everything i play allways sounds the same and that bluesy. Its like i love the blues and im glad i can play it its just i want to vary my style eg play some metal or some happyier stuff but it allways sounds lonesome and bendy if you get my drift. So how can i vary my style and have the option to move away from blues. Ive tryed scales but my fingers just automatically bend the srtings and slide between frets and it once again sounds the same. PLEEEESES help

well atm ive only got a small peavey practice amp but i have ordered a marshal 300 watt cab but still deciding on the head so many to choose from, but ye thanks for the help guys Great advice

I am looking into buying some good quality FX pedals. What do you guys think are the essentials to blues and metal and also to sound like Joe Satriani (rock god )

Also how do you make a pedal board or were can you buy one. Ive only really seen a behringer board which as i have behringer pedals is perfect but its kinda alot of money.
However im getting a Wah pedal for crimbo and it wont fit in the slots. So what do you think

oh great il have a look at thos songs. ALso does anyone knoew were i can get some good backing tracks because all i can really find are songs made by artists eg Joe Satriani or some blues ones that dont really sound like elevator music. Some site would be great

lol i would blast them with metal but if i said that the combines age of the room will prbably be about 400 years old (just kidding thats to young ) but yer thanks guys this is loads of help


Its not normally the sort of music i play but ive been asked to do some guitar playing in the background at a function while people eat (why they can use a CD i dont know) but they said nothing to fancy (no metal or blues )

so what can i play??. Ive heard people playing in bars etc and it sound good but what do they do?. someone said improvise which i like doing but whats the best scales and what will sound soft and smoth sounding because everything i play always sound either blues or metal which i need to work on so any suggestions of:

major or minor?
Anything will help (within reason)
Oli T

PS somewere that does lounge music backing tracks to jam to would be brilliant