If it's the same 10k guy, I think he joined a band and they won a Marshall endorsement for a year or so. Dunno what happened to them though. They were called Sons Of Icarus.
I was the one paying for the wedding. I'm the one living with her. So I saw no purpose in getting permission to marry her. I would have gone ahead with it anyway.
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Give this a caption!

"That stinks man"
Chicken Triple
Salt n Vinegar Walkers
Irn Bru
*** Solved for me ***

In Firefox I run the NoScript add-on. I had disallowed content from and amongst others.

Allowing content from and caused the Favorites to return.
You could try for the tolex. I've never bought tolex so I don't know if they would be considered expensive or not.
Sorry for delay. I have cleared cache on my account, logged out and back in. Favorites haven't returned. This image is what I see on this computer - on the other computer it is ok so I must be missing something on this computer?
I played one. I preferred the tone of the Yamaha THR10 I also tried the same day. I found the Vox hissy on the HiGain settings, and a bit flat sounding on the Blues and Crunch settings. The effects were OK. I wouldn't recommend this amp.
Thank you, I will do. I know I have favorites, I can see them on this computer but not on the other which was recently reinstalled. I'll report back soon.
What software do I require on my computer to view Favorites? I have access to two computers - one is working fine (this one) and the other seems to be fine except when I log in to UG I can't see any of the tabs I have favorited. I presumed I needed Java so loaded that up but no difference. I tried in both Firefox and IE and both had the same result. What am I missing to view favorites?

Thank you, apologies if this is in the wrong forum.
I have the red Satriani one. Fair enough sound, got me through when I was amp-less. It does require reasonable headphones to sound it's best, I used some Sennheiser phones.
If you don't have AV, how do you know your system is virus free? It might be sat there logging your keystrokes when you go to the bank website etc.

I use AV, Noscript, AdBlock, firewall on PC, firewall on router. PC backs up to non-MS based NAS running separate AV. I'm as virus free as my Kaspersky can tell.

I've dealt with infections before for others, and know people who've lost money due to keyloggers so I'm maybe a bit more paranoid than the average computer user.
Make an A record for "www", point it at the IP address of the web server.
Not sure if it's comparable, but I had a G-DEC30 which had a hum and tiny vibration. After opening it up I found it was a transformer that was humming and vibrating a tiny amount. Not knowing that much about such things back then I wedged it with a piece of card between it and the case and it cut it down a bit but didn't cure it.

Knowing a little more now I wouldn't recommend a piece of card wedge.
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like she would jeopardize her career for some high school dick.
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And we have a winner!

Great how it works on two levels.
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I want you to think outside of the current UG setup. Is there something that we don't have but would be actually helpful and useful? Something that would save your time and make your learning process more effective?

Something I would like is a backing track to play over alongside the tab so it saves me having to go find one.
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Does anyone know how to remove a program that refuses to uninstall itself, and I am unable to access in a folder? Java is refusing to install itself on my system, and I believe this is because I can't get rid of an old version called Java 7 Update 9. Uninstalling it through the Programs bit on the Control Panel does nothing - it runs through the uninstallation process and then just stays there. I can't manually delete the program because I can't see the damn folder. It's in C/Windows/Installer/*programname*.msi, and when I enter the Windows folder in the C partition I can't see this folder. Anyone got an idea for a fix?

This software works:

I always get to llama threads too late to last!
Virtualbox can connect to USB devices. It requires an add-on from the Oracle website. Windows 7 runs inside a VM the same as linux can. you can either install it from ISO or from the DVD. You will still need a legitimate activation key. Note that the host machine may need certain hardware features enabled regarding chipset etc. You will need to either read the Virtualbox guides or google.
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[This was posted on Tomshardware a few weeks ago, but nobody seemed to know wtf is going on and not a lot of people even bothered to read it. ]

TL;DR I don't have multiple operation systems but my computer shows Vista and 7 (original OS was 7). How do I remove Vista?

To manipulate the Vista/Windows 7 boot entris you need to make use of bcdedit. Here's a link to using this:

Take care - get this wrong and you'll not be able to get your installations easily and will require repairs etc.

Best option would be to backup what you need, then reinstall Windows as mentioned above. Perform a Custom installation and format all drives to make sure they're clean.

For info, the hidden partition is created by the Windows 7 install process. It creates a 100Mb or so hidden partition which it uses to hold boot configuration information.
First car I owned was a Ford Fiesta MK1, mine was blue:

Then replaced it with a Ford Orion, mine had white bumpers/sides:

Then got a Ford Focus:

Then another:

Then got an Audi:

Then currently drive an Insignia:

I've driven some pretty bad cars in my life.
Sounds fair to me. I'd be charged more than smaller/slimmer people. I find it annoying that enormous people get the same baggage allowance as me, when they have more weight than I. I get charged if I'm 1KG over, why shouldn't they pay more for being fat?
I found this website which is good:

It lets you scroll around a massive panoramic picture of London and zoom in.

It's got some odd things in there where the pictures have been stitched together. Like this bus:

I remember it. It was great as it was free, if you don't pay for the TV license.
I preferred their old name.
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Does anyone know why my outback SCREECHES like a demon in heat on a bitter cold start? (about 0 Fahrenheit)

Loose alternator belt?
From a quick google, it appears the Rotinom worm sets the attributes of the files/folders to Hidden. To remove this you can use this command to do everything on the drive:

Start a command prompt (Start > Run > CMD > OK button).
Type the drive letter of the external drive e.g. J: and hit enter.
Type cd\ to make sure you're at the root of the drive.
Type attrib -h *.* /s /d and hit enter. This will process every folder and file on the drive, marking it as not Hidden.
Wait for it to complete.
Try viewing the external drive via My Computer (Win XP) or Computer (Win Vista/7)
I care when it saves me money. For example, my latest car is one of these fuel-efficient things with Stop-Start built in. True it's not as eco friendly as a Prius but I could not drive that monstrosity.

Likewise with light bulbs and such, if it costs me fewer pence to run then I'll use it.
What you've heard of is a manufacturer recovery partition. Not all computers have it. If it does there ought to be a prompt before windows starts loading to allow you to enter a recovery procedure. The exact method varies between manufacturers.

If that option isn't available you will need an installation dvd of the version of windows the computer is licensed to use. Use that dvd to format the drive during the windows install. Use the license key for the computer.
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How strange. No one posted all of the threads that have been done on this subject in the past.

This. It's almost like be nice day in the pit.
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I'm only using a single internal hard drive and it's not in a RAID config.

Do you have the controller software which will tell you the status of the RocketRaid? I've been reading and there should be a battery backup on the controller. Perhaps the battery has failed.

I signed up to the website to look for this error code but can't get support as the product needs to be registered.
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I'm having a bit of trouble with my IDE controller and random restarts. I'm getting a code 39 on my IDE controller. I've tried uninstalling it, restarting, and reinstalling but none of that worked. I also tried going to the manufacturer's website, but it looked like it hadn't been updated since the 90s and I couldn't find the driver I was looking for.

According to the Highpoint website you should be able to install software which will interrogate the RAID controller and tell you what's up. Are you using it in a RAID config? If so, has one (or more) of the drives failed?
From what I've read in the Gear subforums, this is usually due to dirt/corrosion in the pot. This thread may help:
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Do you think this freezing/black/green screen is a youtube problem, or a problem with my PCs?

It's probably a problem with Flash/Shockwave (I forget which). I had it on a PC a while ago, here's what I did to fix it:

1) Right click on youtube video.
2) Click Settings
2) I get these tabs: Display, Privacy, Local Storage, Microphone and Camera.
3) Under Display, I UNCHECKED the 'Enable hardware acceleration' tickbox.
4) Refeshed and works fine now.
Not as much as I'd like to.
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Do you think if I used a slightly magnetised screwdriver to unscrew my laptop's body off it would **** things up?

Not had it be a problem when I've done it. Just keep it away from the HDD if you're worried.