It's a 2x12 but it looks massive (plus I saw another guy post with similar cab):

^ill also consider trades
I am selling an ebony Gibson SG Special with black hard case for $650. I am the original purchaser of the guitar. The SG has not been modified and is in good overall condition. There are some smudges and scratches, especially near the “arm rest” area, due to regular play; however, the cosmetic damage is minimal. Please contact me if you are interested.

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I believe Slaughters is the right term, I absolutely love them, I cant wait to go to Cali and try one.

dont make the trip to CA, i called one of the stores and the guy said the singlecuts are not even in any of the carvin locations
^nicely done! wonder how the warpig is in the neck. i do like my nailbomb but it doesnt sound so good when used with the ceramic warpig bridge.

btw, im gassing hard for the new singlecuts
if you can get the old halfback cabs with the c90 and ev12l speakers get that but for current mesa production cabs the traditional cab compliments the mk iv better than the recto cab. earcandy and mills both make great cabs as well.
sweet! i like the other songs you did too, good taste
i have my mark iv in my dorm room. the quarter stack is bigger than my mini fridge + microwave hahaha
check out Stephens Design pickups as well.

the redhouse set and the mojos are fantastic!
stephen's design pickups are great, give em a look
the carvin cts are great guitars. im thinking of getting one myself. i really like my dc727 and have played several cts and other models as I live in LA and go to the carvin store every once in a while. i think you should be ok without the locking nut unless you plan on doing a lot of insane divebombs. the wait is pretty painful but well worth it in the end. make sure to post pictures when you get it!
the legacy and v3 are quite different and neither sound like a dual recto or jvm. i hear this one guy, a killer player, demoing the legacy and he sounded very close to joe satriani and steve vai. the leads sounded pretty good and the rhythm was nice but nothing like the recto. the V3 has a solid rhythm tone but can get fizzy with leads (can be dialed out tho). search harmony central for V3 clips as ive heard a few there and also check out the carvin site if you havent (including the forums)
new mark ivs are $1849 new in the US. I bought mine new this past December and have been to the boogie store a few times since and still believe that is the price. Check out the mesa boogie hollywood site and email the guys there if you have questions. They were quite helpful when it came to my purchase of the mark iv.
sounds like a line 6 vetta to me
maybe you could get a 1x12 thiele with EV12L speaker or a 2x12 cab for home use with your mark iv. I use my mark iv w. 2x12 in my dorm room. sure its way too powerful for the room but its way better than the marshall mg i once had. maybe you could sell the vox and get the thiele cab.
carvin's are great, not for everyone, but are still high quality. a trip to CA, perhaps LA, San Diego, or Sacramento would give you a chance to try a carvin out haha. There is always the 10 day trial period that the company offers.
my dc727 is killer. wanted to replace the pickups but thats it. ordered from the hollywood store, paid a bit under $1250, and has been worth the $ ever since. PM me is u have specific questions as I have played several models at the store. im even planning on going this saturday
Damn nice! Brand new, just how I got mine
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Basically, if you had $1000-$1500 USD to spend on a new 7 string and you play mostly rock ala neil zaza, dream theater and steve vai - what would you get?

I've been seriously considering the Jeff Loomis signature schecter, but some may think it looks too metal for my style? Also, i have been looking at the Carvin 7 strings and the Schecter Blackjack... I have no idea what the Ibanez ones feel like so you would have to tell me about those..


I had a similar choice over 6 months ago and I went with the Carvin Custom. Cost me $1250 and had to wait abit but it was worth it. The Ibanez ones are pretty nice but I didn't love the necks. The Carvin neck felt a lot better to me. The Loomis Sig looks awesome but I haven't played it yet.
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I wouldn't mind one myself, but in white.

o you mean something like this?!

that is NICE!!! you'll love it with warpigs. I really dig my CWP in the bridge, its a monster. Happy NGD, enjoy
ill join a BKP group!
its usually nice to get a pro setup when you get a new guitar, especially when you are not familiar with the floyd rose. after a pro setup you can manage to do string changes, cleaning, etc, without too much trouble but for the first time I'd get a tech to do it.

Thing is dunno if its a big deal or not but in the light the ebony fretboard looks weird and has this sort of whiteish cracks (as you can see in the picture) you think osme lemon oil will fix that up or are all ebony fretboards like that(cause i see your guitar and the ebony has no lines or cracks,its just flat black unlike mine ) is this normal?

That's looking sharp and nice price too!

The ebony does get a bit dry and even dust and crap makes it look dull and damaged; however, you can use a fretboard cleaner/conditioner and it should take care of it. I took the pictures of my guitar right when I got it and its been some times since and now my fretbooard is starting to get a bit dirty and whatnot. After you clean and condition your board things should be good.
BKP's are definitely good but pricey. Even tho you have a cheaper guitar you can really bring it to life with a great set of pickups. However, there are a lot of other good brands. The SD Blackouts look interesting. I haven't tried them but have heard they are a solid alternative to EMGs. Similar to EMG pickups are Adder Plus Pickups which might be able to wind you a 7 string set if you ask. They are not well known but their products look pretty damn good. Hell, Brad Paisley uses their tele pickups and his tone is fantastic (but not metal haha).
[quote="'[ktulu"]']haha dude i remember seeing your guitar in another carvin thread and its freaking awesome!mines the exact same oppositte(ill post a pic tomorrow) of yours lol.when i save im gonna get some bkp on my carvin(after i buy a good amp) whats your set up on that carvin?yay!pictures tomorrow of mine.very simple though.heh nvm just saw the sig.what do you think is a good versatile comobo of bkp?are your versatile or more for metal?

post pics ASAP!

The NB/CWP is more geared toward metal. The neck pickup sounds pretty damn good clean and for leads while the bridge is just a riffing monster. Another combo people seem to like is the Cold Sweat/Nailbomb bridge. The CS is an amazing lead pickup, still sounds good clean, and matches up well the bridge in terms of output (unlike NB/CWP). The NB bridge is pretty high output but also good for soloing and some cleans. If you want something more thrashy/80s metal for the bridge the Miracle Man is a nice choice.

the stock carvin pickups are pretty plain. the neck pickup is significantly better than the bridge which sounds too thin for metal. The BKP are definitely fuller and have more balls. I don't want to sound like a queer or anything but I like more balls

im also a memeber
$50/hr from studio/pro musicians in my experience
^yeap, i made that thread months ago the guitar and BKPs have been going strong since- my playing, on the other hand, not so much
actually the HRD isn't too big or loud for most dorm rooms. one of my residents (im a RA) had one and I only bitched at him to turn it down when he left his door open since noise travels all the way down the hall but with the door closed you could hardly hear anything. I have my mark iv in my dorm room but i do have my own room. it's plenty quiet for dorm room play. still, if you want a smaller amp a modded Epi VJ with seperate 1x12 cab would be awesome.
^damn, i thought u had a customer for a second haha
the pickups are great. the USD/GBP exchange rate sucks for US buyers so you'll be paying a ton for a set of pickups. There are some other good companies to check out.

adder plus pickups
bg pickups
differences btwn mesa long and short heads off the top of my head haha:

some switches are on the back of the short head instead of the front like on the long
ability to rackmount short head

they are basically the same thing. i liked the long head because it fit better on my 2x12.

btw, the mark iv is awesome
ooo looks good erock, solid price too
since you're in the UK you might want to look into Bare Knuckle Pickups instead of Dimarzio. For amazing leads the Cold Sweat is a great neck pickup. There are soundclips on the BK Players forum. It's definitely a smooth lead pickup that can handle a bit of gain for shred and other fast playing.

since you aren't going to be gigging and don't want an amp thats too loud, maybe you can look into matamp. they have some lower wattage models that can handle heavier music. i dont know too much else but everything ive heard has been good.
evh 5150 III for chits and giggles
erock503 is selling some of his ibanez guitars if you are willing to go used. he does take really good care of his stuff so keep that in mind. i think he has a 1570, 570, and 320 for sale. PM him to make sure.
some of my favorites:

robben ford
eric johnson
john petrucci
steve lukather
david gilmour
very good! love opeth stuff and you did a fine job covering it. save up for good recording gear. im sure you can make some awesome recordings since your playing is solid and the current tracks are well put together.