I haven't been here in FOREVER but I must say, excellent job expanding on what we previous had GC Shred Off! Kudos.
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Dood, um... forgive me for coming into your forum and the first thing I post is
You're a DICK, man. Your post IS the most retarded thing I've ever read, and you obviously know very little about music, musicians and their instruments. As a matter of fact, Kurt played MOSTLY cheap crap. That was the sound he liked. Crappy old made in Japan Fender Strats and Teles, and a bastardization of the Jaguar and a Mustang called a 'jagstang' ... old Guild, Yamaha and Cort Acoustics... Maybe a little more than your 300 buck list, but not much.
Usually, if he was doing a show, he'd use one of his modified Martin D-series guitars, all modified and holes drilled in it with toggles. Which is my point. Why waste a couple grand on an acoustic guitar you're gonna F*** up with holes and switches and crap and then smash at the end of a show?
Cobain was also famous for smashing his guitars at the end of sets. He would sometimes use cheap Fender Strats during those performances that would be pieced back together for him to trash over and over again.

a) wow, thanks for talking trash on a post that was made in 2006.
b) So you say Cobain used cheap crap yet.. u end with saying he used a modified Martin D-series guitar???????
c) MIJ Fenders are GREAT quality guitars btw. Even though they're old, they're built from quality materials.. definitely worth more than the MIM crap nowadays.
d) You really should have made your first post worth more than this.
e) Welcome to the forum, redeem yourself and please be useful to this community.
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A solid top acoustic has a solid piece of wood for the top (the piece with the sound hole) as opposed from a top made from laminated pieces of wood. Supposedly the sound quality is better. Also it's supposedly stronger, but can also have it's own problems.

A solid piece of wood is softer than laminated wood. So if you're looking for a beater to take to the beach, campfire, house party.. take a laminated guitar b/c it's far less likely to get broken.
Yamaha FOR SURE. That's a great deal on an FG730s!
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Impressive, solid spruce top for $129. Can anyone vouch for the playability of this guitar?
the percussive slapping that John Mayer uses is another level you can try to accomplish
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How can the Martin D100 Deluxe be 100 000 dollars is this a typo? I could buy a small house for this amount.

-->The Guitar

Wow, where do you live? Houses in Vancouver are like $600,000!

Oh and for $100,000.. I'd buy this:
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It's not a price thing... Martin has some crappy HPL guitars that cost more than their solid mahogany D15!

Anything in their "X" series should be avoided.

I second the Martin D15 as a good starting point.
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Well.. I suppose no one else ever looks at any electronics for acoustics. Looks like I'm the only person alive to ever look at, want or buy anything here.

Oh well...

Cost: $319.00 USD
Pros: Sweet acoustic amp with everything you need to get that sound out to your audience
Cons: None

One of the sweetest acoustic amps around. Its a British amp, so you already know the Brits can make some great amps.

Its a 2 channel 65W RMS amp with 2 - 8" speakers and a 3" horn tweeter. Has both XLR ins (for a mic) and outs (to run to a PA) and both passive and active inputs (¼"). chorus, reverb, parametric EQ and RCA ins to plug in a CD player.. or whatever.

In a price vs. performance comparison, this blows Fender out of the water.

Check it out if you can.

Here's a link:

How about the 30watt version? Is that one as good, just not as loud?
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I am looking for a good quality, sturdy acoustic guitar under 300 dollars that can be convenient to travel to festivals and to jam anywhere I go. My father gave me his Epiphone, but I can't trust myself to take it wherever I go, that thing is very old.
Also, I really only want a plain acoustic at this time, not an acoustic-electric.

I should really put a disclaimer or something on the front page re: why there are no acoustic electrics on this list.
LOL I think you may have come up with a new way to insult a girl Jim. Anyway, in other news, I won the Luna guitar off of ebay for like $400, will be getting it in about a month-ish? I'll let you guys know how it is.

Now here's a Gibson (?) played by Jack Black!
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Thanks, now what are the basic stuff I need to buy?

Tuner, Capo, soft/hard case, picks.
I'm actually looking to sell my Martin D15 because I like the neck of Takamine's better. I'll probably get $900 for mine, was wondering what Takamine's I should be looking at around the $1000 level.

I'm looking to get away from the deep booming bass sound of a D15, looking for something balanced so that when I strum chords and decide to change a note, you can definately hear it.

Thanks in advance guys!
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If $100 is your max budget then id recommend a used guitar with a solid top as opposed to a new guitar with a laminate top.
Ive heard of Washburn D10's going for as low as $70 (US) on ebay.

They would be B-stock.. which means there's some sort of defect wrong with them that prevents a store from selling them in perfect condition. The trick is to find one with very minimal imperfections (Small crack that doesn't affect sound) or something like that.

Put another man's skull THROUGH your guitar?
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The most beautiful Quilted Honduran Mahogany. Ever.

I think picture #3 is meant to be a subliminal guitar vagina.

Thoughts? Comments? Fail?

And a new regular one:

From, I found out this is a sister company of the popular Dean brand, which kind of makes me doubt the craftsmanship and playability of the Luna series.. but damn they look GOOD.
Regardless of what materials are used, this thread should be just for aesthetic purposes.

Takamine G Series EG531SCDR

Takamine EG523SC

Takamine Limited Edition LTD2008 NEX Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Martin 000-ECHF Belleza Bianca Acoustic Guitar

Cole Clark FL-3 (headstock especially)

Gibson Elvis Costello Century of Progress Signature Model Acoustic Guitar

Luna Henna Paradise Cedar Folk Style Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar

Parker PA24 Intrigue Series Acoustic Guitar

For me, less is more when it comes to guitars.. you?

AND not a guitar but a really kick ass kite:
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Hey now...its possible. I accidently bought my 12-string. and an ipod at one point.

See, you put in a ridiculously stupid low bid, and then you end up winning. And evidently its bad e-bay juju to tell them that you don't want it and you didn't buy it on purpose. haha.

That's a love-hate situation right there hahaha. Wish that would happen w/ the blackberry I'm trying to score!
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can anyone suggest me a good acoustic-electric around this price? my birthday is coming up to soon so my parents will buy me a new acoustic electric around $300-$500

I'm sure most of the guitars on the front page have an acoustic/electric version that may be under the $500 cap. Happy hunting!
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well well well!

Brad Clark himself replied to an email i sent him. what a legend.

Holy smokes, I'll definately consider an FL now.. that's insane!

Pick a guitar that fits and u can usually negotiate all your accessories for almost free. I got pick/capo for free, hardcase for like 75% off and tuner for 50% off.
Lets just say there are no Ibanez's and Fender's on this list for a very good reason.
You'd have to watch out for feedback, otherwise, it actually sounds decent!
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ok so if i were to get another amp in addition to my spider which would yall suggest?

Fender Blues Jr
Didn't he play a Cole Clark way back when?
Oh god, do not buy an Ibanez acoustic.
Well if you're looking at the Loudbox vs. Loudbox 100, the main difference is about 750W.
Actually it depends on what kind of pickup you have. I remember seeing some info that matched the A/E electronics to it's appropriate amp style. Definately worth searching for! (Might be in the acoustic electronics thread..)
Although I would prefer an all-laminate guitar over a solid wood guitar ONLY when the situation calls for extreme durability, ie. camping, beach, bonfires, hard-reckless jamming.. Laminate guitars are MUCH more durable than all solid guitars and do not require you to keep it at an optimal humidity.