Hmm, Turns out I'm really bad at keeping up with these...

Dry fit.

I had to change the tuners, the Gotohs that I got were hitting each other when tested them.
I'll need to make the headstock a touch bigger, maybe 1/16"-1/8" all around.

Headstock with Sperzels instead.

Stringing up test.

Strap pin on the headstock.

And some shots of the finish so far.

I've found that they can each be as easy or as difficult as you make it for yourself. Perhaps a neck-thru can be more difficult in regards to creating the neck angle, and I've found that there is a fairly large amount of "waste" (though I rarely toss any cutoffs unless they're really small).

On the flip side, you don't have to worry about getting that perfect neck pocket.
Thanks guys!

Glued the headstock face and drilled and filed the truss rod access.

And then the pickups.

Recessing the tuning machines bushings.

The inner control cavity.

Cover rout.

Started the bevels on the front and back.

Yeah, I'm not expecting any drastic change in the balance, but I will be placing the strap pin in the top horn instead of at the heel.
More work, Finally!

Headstock bound and gluing.

Glued on and shaped.

Starting the neck.

Work it.

What I'm trying to do with the heel.

Waiting on a new router bit to come in so I can get the pickups routed. Once those, the bridge posts and control cavity are done, I'll finish the heel and start beveling.
I think I'll just put these right here...

Since I glued the wings on an angle, i was left with the middle strip sitting high.

So I've planed it flush.
Thanks Guys!

It appears I am terrible at remembering to keep this updated, so I have a large amount of pictures.

I hope thats okay with everyone...

Neck rough cut.

Fretboard being glued. Enough clamps?


The headstock shape and binding.

Wings gluing up!

Wait... I making a guitar? Never really looks like one till this step.
Where are you located? If you're near Toronto, Exotic Woods in Burlington stocks Nitro.

Check their website, LINKY

If you're not nearby, they might be able to ship.

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Grabowo - Step Toward the Grave

Blackened Celtic Death Metal

I use Seashore.

This is addicting.

Free verse spoken word

RoyalediT: @DonGlover: I know it's been said before, but i always read your name as Dong Lover.

I'm sorry.
Thanks a lot guys!

Quote by n1ckn1ce
Do you think having it neck thru will help the balance problem of SGs?

I'm curious about this myself. I'm also keeping the body a bit thicker than the standard SG, so that should contribute to the balance as well.

About to rout the Truss rod slot

And after

Wiring slot.

Headstock angle cut and planed flush.

Neck thickness rough cut.

Fretboard bound!

More sexy binding.

I really like how the fretboard has turned out so far.

More updates soon!
I like my music like women hate their periods: heavy and irregular.

Mahogany wings cut.

In order to account for the neck angle, Instead of trying to plane the neck down, I've decided to angle the wings of the body.

In order to keep the wings in place on the angle, I've inserted dowels into the wings...

...which fit into the core thusly.

I messed up on my original fingerboard, only allowing for 22 frets instead of 24 despite lining it up several times, so I had to go with another one.

The first one is still usable though, and will definitely go into another project.

The whole thing so far.

Next steps will be to route the channel for the pickup wires, and once it arrives, route out the truss rod channel.
Greetings fellow luthiers both young and old, to my second build thread!

This time, I will be taking a modern spin on an old classic: A neck-thru style SG shape.

As it is my first build for a customer, I shall spare no expense in documenting this formidable task, for I wish to inspire and amaze(and perhaps get another job or two out of this)!

And now, Luthiers and Luthiettes, the moment you have been waiting for:


Body Shape: SG
Hardware Colour: Chrome

Construction: Neck-thru
Tuners: Grover Locking 2 x 3
Nut size/material: Graphtech
String Spacing: 42mm
#of frets: 24
Neck wood: 5 piece maple/purpleheart/maple/purpleheart/maple
Fretboard: striped ebony
Scale: 24 3/4
Radius: 12" - 16"
Headstock shape: Cane Custom
Headstock Veneer: Ebony
Bindings: Fretboard and headstock - White
Finish: Tru-oil

Wood: Mahogany wings w/ Wenge accent
Contours: SG
Bridge: Schaller roller TOM
Tailpiece: Schaller Fine tune
Strap Buttons: Chrome
Finish: Tru-oil

Pickup Config: 2 Humbucker
Bridge: Bill Lawrence
Neck: Bill Lawrence
Switch: 3 way
Controls: 2 Vol
Control Cavity Material: Mahogany
Knobs: Black Metal Cap

...Okay, no one was actually waiting for that. But now the moment that you have really all been waiting for!


Initial Mockup

Maple and Purpleheart


Mock-up with wings
Yes, just putting the oil on it now.
And some obligatory artsy shots.

Thanks again to everyone who looked at and commented on this.

Till next time.
Well, here we are. The final chapter in a grand story that seems to have gone on far too long, as the teller has gone quite senile with age, and began rambling about half way through.

Here are the final Pictures. Some are touched up slightly to try and show the actual colour.

Tried that and it worked. Ended up taking it to a local tech who pointed out that the volume pot's bottom was on backwards, and was shorting out the poles. I got it from stew-mac that way so i guess it must have been a machine error and freak chance. It's sorted now.

Thanks again.
Thanks James, I ended up figuring out the rotary switch a couple days ago. What a pain lol.

As for the latest issue, yeah, the jack is a stereo jack. i've got the ground connected to the sleeve and the hot connected to the tip.

I've also checked that the wires are not damaged, and that all the parts are working, and everything is working according to my multimeter.
This is really bothering me. It's a basic 2 dimarzio hums, 3 way switch to volume wiring. I'm positive i've wired it correctly, but I can't seem to get any sound. Here's a picture of it.

I figure someone here might be able to see something I'm not.

4 coats of oil on the neck

And Together!

Now, I've got the back cavity cover made up from leftover ash. Should I leave it natural, or stain it, or what? I'm kind of leaning towards natural. Opinions?

I did a bunch of stuff, took pictures, and forgot to post them. So I'll do it all now.

Body sanded to 320

Grain filled

Body stained over the grainfiller

And after 8 coats of Tru-oil

Quote by james4
the rotary knob is controlling a single humbucker then, yes?
I can try to sketch something up for you in a minute

Yeah, the rotary is just for the bridge humbucker, which connects to a 5 way switch.

Hey, having a bit of an issue wiring up a humbucker to a 4-way 4-pole rotary switch. The rotary needs to switch the humbucker as follows:
1. series
3. north coil
4. south coil.

I've had no luck finding anything on 4 way rotarys on searches, and anything I try to take from a 5 way doesn't seem to work. If someone can help out, I'd appreciate it.
Hey, so I'm doing some wiring for an HSS strat, and I want to make sure that I've got the wiring correct.

The owner wants to be able to switch the humbucker so that it uses just the north, then series, and then south, on a 3 way switch.

If someone could let me know if i need to fix something, that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there.

I, uh... I guess it's been a while.

No, I haven't forgotten about you! I've just been busy with work recently, but now it's just you and me.

Here, I got you some Pictures:

Rough shaped the body contours.

Control cavity, and a bit of a patch job below the bridge from using a drill where a drill press wouldn't reach.

Neck fretted.

I've scalloped frets 15 - 24 from the first to the fifth string, something inspired by a Daemoness build I saw a while ago.

And the colour finalized. Had to tilt the piece to show how it actually looks.

Getting some more tools soon, so I should be finishing the neck and staining the body in the near future.
Quote by moleman_1991
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Oh, hey there. Its been a while.

Got something in the mail the other day.

My order of stickers finally came in!

And they came with some extra accessories too.

So after several failed templates, I finally got the pickup routes completed.

And they fit!
Yeah, the line is going to be visible. I think next time I'll either try the scarf on the neck, or avoid the scarf all together.
^Thanks guys!

So while I'm waiting for the pickups and some parts to come in, I got some work done on the headstock.

My headstock was a little too thick, so I decided to recess the holes a bit.

I think it turned out okay.
So I decided on the pickups, and ordered a Crunch Lab/LiquiFire combo.

Getting the depth at the first fret and before the heel.

After the rough shaping. Kutzall files cut ridiculously fast.

And after a bit of sanding. still some rasp marks to get out.

Also routed out the neck pocket.
Some updates today.

First off, because the blank headstock wasn't quite wide enough, I had to do some careful cutting with the coping saw to add to the spots that needed a little extra. After gluing those up, I cut out the headstock roughly with a coping saw, and sanded it down to size with some drum sanders on a drill press.

The (almost) finished result, aside from a few minor details.

After that was shaped, I glued on the fretboard.

I managed to only get about 1/16" slippage, and it was even all the way across, so it worked out, but i'll need to come up with a better way, so that next time there will be none.

Finally, I cut out the neck taper with a jigsaw, and sanded it down flat.

Thanks again to anyone checking this out, the feedback and comments mean a lot to me!
Man, I had a difficult time trying to find 7 string parts, even in Canada. The best I can suggest is Carvin or Hipshot. I dont really know their availability in Australia though.