I went to see Excision and Downlink last night live and me and my friends rolled a few blunts and joints to smoke there, and we ended up smoking them in the crowd, It was so much fun smoking a joint and just hoppin around to dubstep in the crowd, will do it again. soooooo much fun.
Drug thread! I know many of you guys are fans of dubstep, well I am seeing Excision with Downlink this friday and I want to know if anyone else has seen anything like this live?

what am I in for? what should I expect I guess?

My ears love this, Im also so high I cant stop listening. D: soooo awesome.
16 inches of snow and still coming down, I think im gonna smoke bowls in my car outside while it snows, I dont think anyone will be able to see me. XD
This snow is never going to stop!!!!!!!
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Counter protesting Westboro Baptist Church tomorrow instead of going to math.

Ventured in here super ripped, and ended up watching this whole video, god damn those people are assholes!

Go counter protest them dude! hell yeah!
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waketh and baketh

this is what I have done this morning, feels good man. xD
I finally learned the trick to using my MFLB....

Yeah if the laws were decided by UG, we'd be smoking legal weed already. :p
do you guys use the term "DUB" around here?

its the same as an 8th from where im from but other places I hear its different?
So your worred about lung cancer because of just weed?

or cigs and weed?
Is waffles any good? I download a lot of music and shit, lookin for new good sites. haha

EDIT: If anyone would like to PM me an invite to either of them thatd be great id like to look around and download some shit today.
Yeah but most people probably growing in PA are just random people, in california all the weed is probably grown by people that know what the hell they are doing. XD

Im probably not right but thats probably why. XD
If I got to hear that song and visit that ladys tits I probably would too....

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south park has happened to the world.

people actually thought that would work? XD

that episode was the shit.
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yes and get a frosty!

dude Im pretty sure im gonna get a frosty now lol.
I have an urgent question to ask the drug thread, should I make a trip to wendys?
The Launch box is pretty awesome Ive had mine for a month or 2 now.
Do your guys parents know that you smoke weed at all? My mom knows and just lets me do what I want but whenever she sees things about teens and doing hard drugs on tv she always tells me she hopes I dont get into those things..

just cause I smoke bowls doesnt mean Im going to do heroin. :/
Thepiratebay still exists? they were getting sued for the last year or so lol
Im just hoping the cop slows down all the assholes that speed like crazy on the road I live on.
Well apparantly my new neighbor is a much for the hot girl next door eh?
I went to work today and all the computer shit we have didnt work so I sat around with all my coworkers for an hour and a half talking/watching tv until we went home cause they couldnt get them working today.

I am so happy omg, must smoke a bowl in celebration.
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I burp up smoke a lot...but I still get high so it's not like I'm not inhaling it. Like as I'm inhaling or while i'm holding i might swallow or up my esophogus too keep from's kinda like..a reflex haha...but it doesn't happen as much as it uses to.

I think its usually when im about to reach the end of my lung capacity I will suck in shorts spurts to kinda like force the smoke deeper in my lungs? but when Im really high I usually just end up swallowing smoke and burping it out. lol
You cant be bored when your baked. :p
I think your supposed to use nutella when you make those? it has more fat so more fat for the thc to get absorbed into I think.
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Ordered my launch box

I still use the two batteries it came with they recharge really fast it seems and I never run out of using them, xD just make sure the batteries you buy dont have the stuff around them it has to be the bare battery to fit, the launch box is tiny dude you'll see it and go wtf no way.
kief bowls.....

they murder me, murders meh.
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Sweet. Have you got one/has anyone here tried one? Reviews?

Yeah I bought one like a month ago now, it gets me super super baked it just had kind of a learning curve I never have batteries die on me and it works all the time, only thing I did was chip the tube that you suck out of while cleaning it. xD

its ridiculously small and worth it I love this damn box wouldnt trade it ever. xD
The time will be thrown off pretty much the cmos battery keeps the clock going while your computer is shut off.
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It is not very risky if you follow a guide correctly.

But if you really want to use linux, use Linux Mint as I've suggested in your other thread. You can test it out by downloading the iso and booting it. Since it is a live CD, you can test out the system without having to install it.

If you just want to use Windows, then I suggest Windows 7.

You can do all of that with Ubuntu also, Lucid Lynx is a badass distro..just be prepared if it breaks its kind of involved to fix things and install things..
A friend of mine gave me some nugs to last me til I get payed..

what a good friend. XD

that song is trippin me out, but its so awesome man. xD
did you see that video of the guy who was talking on his phone and got hit in the nose like half way across the field? xD