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flip the standby switch and try again.....

Ah now why didn't I think of that....
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Are you using the correct output for the speaker cab? Easy mistake like. And try leaving the amp on standby for a while to leave the tubes heat up, my ht-40 stays silenbt for around 30 seconds if the stanby switch is in the "on" position when turned on.

Yeah, I though about that. It's currently in one that say 1x16 Ohm, which is what it was like when I got it so I assumed it to be right. I tried changing to 1x8 Ohm, but still didn't work. Also, no sound comes out of the headphone output, where you would think that the speaker output wouldnt matter.

And yeah, I've tried leaving it on a good few minutes, still nothing.
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make sure the cab matches on the head?

It's a combo.... if left the speaker cable in the slot it came in (1x16 ohm).
Soo, I won one of these in battle of the bands last night () and tried to play it this morning, and, well, no sound comes out. Lights are on, the tube I can see is lit up, standby is off, speaker is plugged in, nothing in the fx loop, all knobs halfway, tried different leads guitars etc. I'm running out of ideas.

Any thoughts?

Edit: Oh and tried the headphone output, nothing from there either.
Depends if the are active or passive monitors probably. Actice will amplify the sound, passive need and amp (I think)
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Compared to the SM57, the NT1-A is amazing. The SM57 was never really a vocal mic in the first place and I never really liked it on vocals

Yeah probably, just thinking it might be more ecomical to buy them one at a time if you know what I mean.
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ehh really any free sampler will do fine, and there are plenty fo places to get free or fairly cheap drum samples. Basic samplers are the easiest VSTis to make so there are tons of free ones, including some that are designed for drums, check out KVR for a massive index. Now of course if you want features like the ability to chop samples in the sampler and other deep editing features, or a step sequencer, then yeah you aren't going ot get very far without dropping some cash.

Tbh, these days I bypass the sampler altogether and just whack the audio clips straight into seperate tracks, that way you can chop and edit to you hearts contents without "dropping" any cash.

If you use a combination of chopped up breaks sampled from songs and layer some one shot hits in you can get really realistic sounding drums without having to shell out for ezdrummer .etc. The only thing is you can't treat it just like playing whatever beat you have in your head, you have to work with the limitations and make the best of them.
Yeah, anything that is a VSTi (virtual instrument) you will be able to use inside cubase, just assigning a MIDI track to it to program the patterns. eZdrummer and addictive drums included. There are some free ones, and you can also use samplers as well if you know what you are doing.
Looks nice. I have heard the SM57 is okay for vocals as well, so I wouldnt buy the NT1-A at first, then if you feel you need it you could but it later.
the beat is really buried by the bassline, you need to sort it out so the kick and snare at least are punching through a bit more. Also the bassline has a bit of a fuzz (caused by distortion) that makes it a bit softer sounding, and isn't very pleasant, maybe try and EQ that out. Some really nice musical ideas and sounds in there though.
Most of those are way too tenous, and could easily have been a coincedence, if you think how many songs there are in the world, yet only 12 notes in the western scale system.

And even if it's not coincedence... *insert that picasso quote here*
Hey man, I made a drum programmin thread that was a sticky back in the day, its well buried now and probably out of date, but if you want to steal anything useful for this thread, feel free.
I don't think its a high-frequency related problem.... If I'm playing on the high frets, so basically all really trebly, you can still hear the difference from the B string to the E. I guess I'll have a look at the height of the pickups. Thanks for all help!
1st string generally refers to the high E.... and yes it is electric guitar.

I was wondering if the pups need adjusting, but you'd think then it would affect more than just the one string....
In my experience, its less likely to be the MIDI controller, but the software your using that is taking too long. Are you using ASIO drivers? If you aren't, you definately should be. If you are, try making the buffer size smaller.
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How did you get a free version of Ableton?!

Not quite a demo, it was a free lite version that came with my EMU interface. It used to be really cut down and rubbish, only 4x4 grid max in the session viewand wouldnt play mp3s, but it kept giving me updates and when v8 came, suddenly it was loads less restricted
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The lamest of the lame.

MacBook, the white plastic one, running UltraMixer Free.
|-> M-Audio Fast Track -> stereo out.
|-> Sennheiser HD280 Pros as a monitor.

Considering my no gear, I'm pretty damn impressed with myself.

Is Ultra Mixer any good? I've yet to find a free dj software that is any use. I use my free version of ableton atm, but I'd like to learn to beatmatch....
I just put drum sounds straight in the track, it isnt too hard and there's way more editing capabilities then in a sampler.

And for people looking for a sampler.... Loopazoid is a good simple one I used to use for drums, there's one called shortcircuit which is good if you are trying to make a playable instrument out of sampled sounds. UVI worstation is meant to be abit like a cut down Kontact as well, not really had much time to mess about with it yet tho.
Should havce one of these

for R&R, with less emphasis on the forbidden, more just useful big threads for people to go for.

In it could be links to the VST amp sim, that drum program thread I made that used to be sticked (probably needs updating if anyone can be bothered), links to all the various DAW threads, etc......

- Song of the week/month? One for each sun forum, would just need an nominations thread and mod to run it and sticky the chosen song.
- The FAQ maybe needs updating
- The contests forum is really dead, which is a shame because contests are great. Maybe just have one "official" contest running at a time, in the main forum, which would get more attention and such.
Well, in terms of getting raw tracks for songs, this website has a lot of vocal acappellas, mostly hip hop and the like but not all, it would just be a matter of digging around finding one from a song you like. You can find other ones floating around the web as well, I have one's of Muse, Bloc Party and others. And there are remix comps, NIN release all their stuff, etc.

Apart from vocals, quite a few songs have breaks where the guitar riff or something plays on its own, or you cut little samples, hits and things. It's not ideal to be having to get "creative" in this way, but all we can manage.

Doesn't have to just be "rock standards" either, could just be songs people might know. I just thought it could get attention becasue everyone likes to hear and rate covers, its just interesting in some way.

As far as lagality goes, tbh, unless this thing REALLY takes off I highly doubt anything will happen. There are loads of bootleg remixes around. We wouldnt be selling it so it's fine.
Speaking of Genre albums, I think it would be a good idea to do a Remix album of like, popular(ish) songs, maybe all guitar/rock standards.... I think it would be good because all fellow UGers would probably be more interested. Just gotta be careful about slaying classics tho....
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Also, to, we have no track from you. I might have deleted it thinking it was some random soundcloud joe. We get a few of those, maybe once a week. Which is part of why we need the info!

I will try again then.... look out for it!
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All right, guys, make sure when you submit we know who you are here. Three out of four succeeded. Those four are Kid Thorazine, chocolateTeddy, and xaviergray. Who's the other from?

I submitted a track called Super Disco Breakin' dont think I remembvered to say it was from UG. Did it get there?
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Dance leads, like saws, that type of sound.

I tried the one with trance in teh name, the link wouldn't work

Superwave is prabably worth checking out, it's got like 8 oscillators or 8 waves or something and you can detune them to ****, so good for trancey saws and stuff. It's on that massive list!

Also, are remixes cool for the albums? I whacked a beastie boys one in that drop box.
ugh furterwuh

never thought Yoo-gee
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Hey guys. I've done Music Technology at A Level for 2 years now, so I have a pretty decent understanding of the basics of Electronic Music. I have used Reason and Logic Pro to do this in my course. At home, I have just got a REAPER and I'm wondering if anyone else uses this? I'm finding it pretty difficult to start off with.

Also, can anyone link me to good freeware VSTi's? I really need a good synth and drum machine.


(Also, on my profile my "space compostion" is the best MIDI track I've created. It's supposed to be a piece of music that represents an adventure in space.)

I use Reaper, I only converted to it about a month ago but I got used to it pretty quickly and I think I'm in the swing of things, if you want to ask anything feel free and I can try and answer.

Also, a good synth is loads of good synths here

I can vouch for one called Rez, Triangle, Iblit, Synth 1, I have a few of that list.

Also about the rave sound you speak of, you could post some examples?
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When I heard yours I was really confused. I googled your DJ name thinking you were pulling a prank and sending in a famous song everyone knew, because it was that good

Ah, praise indeed. Well, when I am a famous producer (and it WILL happen ) I will submit a track to UG Electronic Album Disc 18 and be all like look guys, its good old sam i am, now I'm famous!
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Why is it that every time I try to look up electronic music I never like it, but I love it when it comes out of UG?

Cos it may be electronic, but it's coming from the mind of guitarist so can you relate more. Or cos UG is awesome. Either way....

Thats why I like electro house and drum n bass.... electronic but still got big riffs!
Nice, my track is one there. Suppose I will have a listen then.
Sorry guys, I don't come on UG much these days so I haven't been maintaining the drum thread very well, good that the R&R forum is getting cleaned up tho, it's been sorely in need of an active mod.
I doubt drop tuning increases the amount of sub-bass much.... most of the character if distorted guitars is in the higher frequencies anyway./

Get some dubstep on haha
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Hey people!

First of all Sam, great post, i must say

I downloaded mysrumset and reaper, i put the files in the reaper registry and I can open it, no problem... but i cant really do anything.

I mean, how do i actually write the beat? im used to writting in GP5 it was a lot easier, i know this will be harder but i cant even get started, I was wondering if anyone who has figured it out could explain it to me

If this question is already answered in the thread then apologize, i jumped a few but couldnt find anything

You have to open a MIDI file in reaper, get it in the right track and away you go.

You can write the drum track IN something like GP5 and export the MIDI to reaper and whack tha in, but you may find the MIDI notes used in GP5 don't correspond to the right note for my drumset. With a little bit of fiddling you can fix it tho.

The other thing you could do is just write the patterns in reaper. I couldnt figure out how to open the MIDI note editor without importing some kinda of blank MIDI track first.... so maybe try that.

Sorry I can't be more specific, it's much easier to use these VSTis in other programs that reaper, but you have to pay for them, which is why I have suggested it to people.

However, seeing as I don't actually use Reaper myself, I can't explain to people very well. If someone wanted can do it and wants to make a detailed tutorial, that would be just great.
What's wrong with prgramming MIDI? If you know what you're doing you should be able to make EZdrummer sound realistic.
Just sampled some bits from the original track and did the rest myself with synths and samples and the like.

will return any comments, just leave a link
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I dont want a distorted bass though =/

Where do I put the low pass and high pass? Any EQing tips? I'm not sure what slam it means. Thanks Ryan

The high pass and low pass where only for distorting - so you get the high and mid freqencies of the fuzz but then still get the clean bass and sub bass.

And I think, however crap your bass is, it will probably always be better then pitching a guitar down and octave.

Maybe try using a frequency analyzer, and compare it with the kick, make sure the two don't have too many competing freqencies. I also like to high pass everything but the bass and the kick at about 200hz to leave plenty of room down there.

If your sruggling to get a good bass tone, you could always go with the "bass should be felt and not heard" and just have it there as a kinda bassy presence to fill out the sound, without much mids or treble. Perhaps try using a low pass filter for this.
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So if I exported the GP drum tracks as MIDI, and import it into MyDrumset then I could replace the sounds with my own kit without having to rewrite the whole song or some ****?

Yes. but you might have to tweak the MIDI track a bit, make sure all the right notes line up with the right soun etc.
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So much for "Don't scoop your mids!".

Well it's less scooping mids, more scooping everything but the bass. Or not really scooping at all.
The latest Bloc Party album - Intimacy... Sound really clustered and muddy, way too compressed.