hey i know this isnt dave but you should listen to benny goodman sing sing sing.
hey i remember thinking about my song choice for my solo for ages. I ended up choosing you know what they do to guys like us in prison by MCR as it has tremolo, harmonics , ranging dynamics, and a good solo. You should try and find a song with a range of technical parts and the dynamics as they are big on that. I ended up getting an A grade. Send me a message with the artist you like to play along to and i can help select a piece for you if you would like. Good Luck
some people are just evil, if you have their names report them to emad and he will sort it out.
okay, does any one know where i can download James Bond films and some Al Pacino films for free as i'm going on a 8 hour flight soon and i want some films to put on my i-pod.
Just because it might not happen doesn't mean that eugenic can't be debated. Just think, we could get rid of certain long term illnesses. Also it could be argued (looking at a social Darwin perspective) that getting rid of the welfare state would enable the principle of survival of the fittest to occur, thus the weaker species would die out. See it is possible to draw good points from the concept of eugenics, however the are some issues.
that is pretty damn good
The topic is eugenics. Do some research and put your views forward.
Basic info
Eugenics is a social philosophy which aims to improve the human race through selective breeding. For example intelligent people encouraged to reproduce to make an even more intelligent child. This is an example of positive eugenics.
An example of negative eugenics is lowering the fertility among genetically disadvantages such as forced abortions or sterilizations.

The main question is:
1) If eugenics should be put into practice? (give some examples of situations)

But feel free to raise various points up.
Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without the moon and stars.

A Short pencil is better than a long memory.

They are both Confucius quotes, he is very insightful, you should look at some of his quotes.
thanks, how stupid of me to not how to do it.
I just want to know how to change my text message tone to a wave/mp3 file on a nokia n73. It wont let you do it like when you change your you ring tone
i really like its man. Keep up the good work. If you had some lead doing some slow legato slides it would be super cool.
How the hell do you change your little picture to the left of your messages left in the forums.
to download Garage band software on a windows xp laptop. Because i want some free software so i can record songs on my laptop.
I was just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a free mp3 to midi converter that actually works.
I love 80's pop/electro/rock music so much. And i was just wondering what 80s songs u ppl love the best.
My top ten is:
Howard Jones- Like to get to know you well
Abc-how to be a millionaire
Bonnie Tyler-Holding out for a hero
Whitney Houston- so emotional/saving all my love for you
Chaka Khan- I feel for you
Go west- Don't look down
Kate bush- running up that hill
A flock of seagulls- Space age love
Planet patrol- Play at your own risk/cheap thrills
Laura Branigan- Self control

I could put so many more but the list would be endless.Any way post your favs and maybe you will find that the 80's is without a doubt the best decade for music. If you disagree then also please let your feeling be apparent.
I know i probably sound like a retard but can someone please give me a step by step for how to send off my xbox 360 for repair to microsoft. Thank you
Thanks everyone thats been really helpful. I will start practicing asap.
I really getting angry. Ive been trying to sweep pick for ages and can't seem to nail it. Does any one have any tips of where the hell i should start and also any easy-ish tracks to learn sweep picking techniques. Cheers you guys
dude it depends how many hours you are putting in. When i started i dedicated 6-8hours a day to try and get better. And it did work. To help with rhythm make sure u learn songs you know confidently (you can imagine what that sound like/ the timing of in your head) then u will get rhythm. Also don't go straight into barre chords, just stick to the basic opens until u get them down comfortably. And finally don't stretch yourself. Luckily when i started playing my main influence was green day and MCR which are pretty straight forward. Hope that has helped. Let me know how you get on
Im not telling you what to do, i was just wondering if any of you feel like ppl should vote for tabs more?
Look only one question mark
....that no one seems to vote for tabs on UG anymore. It means people who make pretty good tabs are not getting rewarded for taking the time to work out and type up tabs which sometimes take a couple of hours even a few days depending on the song. I'm making it my new aim to vote for every tab i use on this website and you should too. If any of you agree (or even disagree) express your feelings bellow.