Lets make a story (Y)

Add three words each post and make a stupid story. Always fun.

I'll let someone else start..
what do we all recon?
Skip School Start Fights.

What do we all recon?
Quote by hrdcorelaxplaya
Those both look like incredible rip- offs. What genres do you play? What amp do you have?

Play In 2 bands, One being a Rock/On the verge of metal, the other punk rock.
My amp,.. Marshall AVT150 head, 200 watt marshall Cab.
GIBSON les paul Custom, Or Epiphone Lp custom with EMG'S ??

The gibson being over £2000...
The Ep with emg's being £650....

never actually herd of the song, but i like it lol. good work
ive been playing bout 4-5 years, and its still a pretty hard thing to do. I started by just using three note arpegios. Easier further up the neck 'cus the frets are smaller, so theres a bigger stretch available with your fingers. But DON'T try to go too fast to start with, gradually get faster
sup dude, its me again. just wondering, if you dont mind me asking, how much was your Les Paul?? im thinking bout one
wow thats awsome dude, yeah..what equipment you using??
And nice guitar by the way